Saturday, May 18, 2024
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GOP Voters Will Go Vigilante in 2024, Media Warns

As 2024 approaches, the left warns that heated political rhetoric could prompt conservatives nationwide to turn vigilante.

This is according to a new article on the British-based Guardian news website. This signals a new media narrative for the left to parrot to try to reelect U.S. President Joe Biden.

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Left-wing story author Adam Gabbatt said he fears Republicans will broadcast too many “tough-on-crime” political ads.

“With the 2024 election season ramping up, experts are warning that Republicans stoking fears of crime will actually lead to more violent acts by inciting their followers to take matters into their own hands,” according to Raw Story, which aggregated the Guardian article.

The GOP put out ads in 2022 that troubled Gabbatt. A “dystopian vision of cities ridden by murder, robbery and assault, and of Democratic politicians unwilling to act” was the phrase Gabbatt used to describe his presumed GOP strategy. He warned Republicans will broadcast the same message next year.

The article quoted Princeton University professor Udi Ofer. Ofer called the GOP’s tough-on-crime approach “a bit of a kneejerk and, quite frankly, lazy attitude.”

Murder rates recently increased in big cities that tend to vote Democratic. They also rose elsewhere throughout the country, The Guardian said. The article quoted the left-of-center and New York City-based Brennan Center for Justice. The center said red states had some of the highest murder rates of all.

But many supermajority red states, like Tennessee, have large cities that vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Two examples, Memphis and Nashville, have massive crime.

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As RVIVR reported last year, members of the Memphis City Council advocated for Campaign Zero. Members of the group said they wanted to abolish and/or defund the police. Memphis had several high-profile killings last year. Someone carjacked and murdered a United Methodist Church leader. Another person killed a community activist. And a Memphis man livestreamed himself killing four people and wounding three others. 

In March members of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) published crime victimization statistics for the nation’s 22 largest states between 2017 to 2019. The three most dangerous cities were either politically purple or blue.

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