Sunday, October 01, 2023

Misery Junkies Mainlining Chaos and Anarchy

There are many aspects of the modern left that cause average Americans to lose sleep at night. Hidden in the sanctimonious rhetoric, there always seems to be some Trojan horse designed to inflict maximum damage on working-class people who are just trying to get by. One can conjure up an image of woke fiends huddled around a dim, flickering fire, gleefully rubbing their hands together and cackling malevolently as they put the finishing touches on their next blueprint for middle-class gloom.

This phenomenon partly explains why more Americans are now choosing experiences over things when making their purchasing decisions. What’s the point of investing in the future when these nutjobs can crash your hopes and dreams with the swing of a bat or the stroke of a pen?

Unlike other periods in American history when the country went off the rails, there is a real sense of fear that all avenues for change are blocked. In 1980, if speech that opposed the left’s narrative was silenced, and the election was rigged, imagine an America that endured a second term of Jimmy Carter, and we never experienced the Reagan Revolution that ushered in almost three decades of prosperity.

These are the circumstances we now face, and ordinary Americans are terrified.

The Misery Junkies

It’s impossible to understand the psychology behind it, but the left seems to gain some sort of perverse pleasure from inflicting pain on non-believers. More often than not, it seems like they relish the agony they create, even more than achieving a radical policy objective.

Just look at the tactics woke zealots use to negatively impact those unfortunate enough to cross paths with them: They block roads, and they deface fine art. They burn down buildings. They harass people in private neighborhoods. They disrupt entertainment and sporting events. They assault innocent bystanders.

Recently, a group called “Just Stop Oil” brought the Rugby Premiership final in London to a halt when they dumped orange powder on the pitch during the match. A few self-righteous halfwits ruined an otherwise spectacular day for a stadium filled with 75,000 people who just wanted to have a good time.

If this relentless pummeling was limited to the streets, that would be bad enough, but it has metastasized into the government as well. Besides the desire to instill fear in the citizenry, how else could you explain the passage of a bill, signed by Slow Joe Biden, that mandates hiring 87,000 new IRS agents to scrutinize middle-class tax returns? Gas prices have unnecessarily increased 65% since Biden took office, and rampant inflation is a direct result of his reckless spending entitlements for drug addicts, deadbeats and illegal aliens. Why would a president knowingly cause such a calamity for working class families unless it was malicious?

These people crave the high of wreaking havoc and causing misery because their own lives are so empty and meaningless. Without the satisfaction of knowing you’re hurting; they find life has no purpose. Without some bogus cause to justify their moral turpitude, they are hollow inside. Your misery jacks them up, and the piety they wrap themselves in during the process only enhances the high.

Mainlining Chaos

For the addict, the thirst for a better high can never be quenched. In fact, increasingly more potent drugs are needed to satiate the habit. For woke leftists, it started with protests, escalated to violence, and now they’re directly mainlining chaos and anarchy.

Every day, there is some new horror thrust upon the innocent by deranged leftist psychopaths acting alone or in mobs with ill intent. Over Memorial Day weekend alone, three marines, our nation’s finest, were beaten by a mob in San Clemente. In New York, a woman was stabbed on the subway in broad daylight. In Chicago, 53 people were shot.

These stories have become so routine, they hardly have any impact anymore. In light of this perpetual societal deterioration, what is the left’s solution?

Defund the police…

Clearly, no rational person would advocate dealing with a significant escalation in crime by reducing the presence of law enforcement, but that is exactly what is happening, and the reason is very clear.

The left wants chaos and anarchy. It’s the needle they stab into their veins to get the rush they need to feel alive. When your soul has been hollowed out, and the mind is bereft of any moral compass, the only thing left is the thrill of danger and the imposition of your will over another.

There is something very wrong with modern leftists. I’m not speaking of traditional liberals, who, although misguided, generally share the same desire for health, happiness and prosperity as everyone else.

No, these woke insurgents are a different breed entirely, and we better understand where their motivation comes from before we find ourselves at their mercy. Because if that ever happens, God help us all.