Friday, May 24, 2024

Pride Month Put Us on the Train to Crazy Town

Pride Month is here…again.

Corporate executives foam at the mouth with delight as they advertise Pride Month merchandise to that LGBTQ demo. Leftist media and Big Tech think Pride Month matters more than Christmas.

Average people try to go about their day. They end up fighting off a swarm of rainbow colors harder than they’d fight off a swarm of mosquitos.  

Eight years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. Chief Justice John Roberts, in his dissent, partly foreshadowed how this change would destabilize society.

“This universal definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman is no historical coincidence. Marriage did not come about as a result of a political movement, discovery, disease, war, religious doctrine, or any other moving force of world history—and certainly not as a result of a prehistoric decision to exclude gays and lesbians,” Roberts wrote in Obergefell v. Hodges.

“It arose in the nature of things to meet a vital need: ensuring that children are conceived by a mother and father committed to raising them in the stable conditions of a lifelong relationship.”

Essentially, society keeps certain laws in place to keep society stable.

“The Court invalidates the marriage laws of more than half the States and orders the transformation of a social institution that has formed the basis of human society for millennia, for the Kalahari Bushmen and the Han Chinese, the Carthaginians and the Aztecs,” Roberts went on to say.

“Just who do we think we are?”

Do-gooders are on the prowl for the next civil rights frontier. With every new victory, they itch to push the envelope farther and farther and farther.

If you give an inch, they’ll take a mile.

In 2015 a lot of people on the right were unhappy about the court legalizing gay marriage. They assumed — falsely — that once gay marriage was legalized that gays would live quietly. Society could move on to more pressing matters.   

That didn’t happen. Every day, people push the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable sexual behavior. They try to get away with more and more…and they’re succeeding.

Public school teachers adorn their classrooms with LGBTQ décor and convert their classrooms into gay nightclubs. Teachers on TikTok brag that they coach preschoolers about gender and sexuality.

This week a teacher in California instructed students about sex toys and anal sex. An Idaho high school banned a senior from graduating with his class. His crime? He said “boys are boys, and girls are girls. There is no in between.”

Dallas City employees must use preferred pronouns on the job or else risk termination.

Worst of all, public schools offer graphic pornography to children and promote pronouns and puberty blockers.

We don’t know the long-term consequences of liberals remaking society. But between 2017 to 2022 the number of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria tripled. They’ve only just begun.

These leftists who enable this belong in straitjackets. They are taking us on a one-way trip to crazy town right along with them.

Society keeps certain laws in place to keep society stable.

Happy Pride Month.

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