Thursday, June 08, 2023

Off Target! Retailer Starts Offering Transgender Clothing For Babies

Target stores are now selling a “pride” line of clothing and products. As you can probably guess, “pride” in this case is synonymous with LGBTQ. In Target’s case they have even included products for infants.

I’ve never been a fan of Target stores. I can’t really point at anything in particular, they have just always seemed cold and generic for my taste. So avoiding them isn’t a challenge for me. That said, I’m sure there are a lot of people that enjoy shopping there. For those of you that do, just consider the fact that corporate officials have made a conscious choice to enable not only unconventional choices in lifestyle, but the abhorrent idea of assisting in the grooming of children.

The company seems extremely proud of their woke products. Stating on their website that you should, “Take Pride, Being true to yourself and your community is something to celebrate all year long.” Which is an ironic when you consider that transgenderism, essentially means ignoring your biological reality and entering a fantasy state of mental illness.

Target is making a clear statement on their website. When you enter Christian clothing in the search bar, no clothing is available. What is shown are a variety of books, some of which are debatable as having anything to do with the Christian faith. To me, by not having any Christian clothing, Target is telling Christians that it’s ok if you go home and privately read about your faith, but we don’t want you openly promoting it.

It’s a totally different story when you enter transgender clothing in the search bar. There you are offered shirts with sayings such as. “Queer, Queer, Queer,” “Here Queer and Without Fear,” “Queer Joy,” “Queer Todos Los Diaz,” “Super Queer,” “Queers Take Care Of Each Other,” etc.

When it comes to openly grooming infants and children, Target again didn’t shy away from brazenly promoting their intentions. Under the infants and children’s section they have infant body suits with sayings such as “It Takes All Kinds,” “Bien Proud,” and others covered with rainbows and rainbow-colored hearts, with “Be True To You,” emblazoned on it. They also offer “Be Kind,” jumpers and In case the message wasn’t clear, they also have bibs in rainbow colors and some with the “I Am Proud Of You Always” message.

For young children they provide “Bien Proud,” T-shirts, “rainbow tutu skirts,” “Just Be You And Free The Love,” T-shirts, and a variety of other things such as bike shorts, one-piece swimsuits, sandals and even brightly colored “Pride Socks.”

On their website, Target also offers four pages of transgender and queer books for you and your child’s reading pleasure. So after you exploit them publicly, you can sit them down with a despicable book to further the brainwashing and grooming experience.

Target is rolling the dice that since their stores are diversified and sell a wide variety of products, consumers wont hold it against them that they have “snuck” in such a controversial line of products. Unlike Bud-Light that is so forward in the minds of consumers, Target is playing the odds that their reputation wont take a public relations hit.

In my humble opinion, they should not be allowed to slither off of the hook. Any large corporation that folds to the left on any of their disgusting ideals, needs to feel the wrath of the rational American public.

This isn’t about pajamas, bodysuits, t-shirts, dresses, or socks. This is about using those generic items to promote and instill unnatural lifestyles into the minds of infants and children. Since infants and young children are not choosing their own clothes, parents that dress their babies and kids in this type of clothing, are clearly indoctrinating and grooming their children.

At some point this madness has to stop. Unfortunately, these morally corrupt corporations only care about money. If these types of items weren’t readily available, the mind melding of these young children would be deterred.

Target needs to have a clear and direct message delivered to their bottom line. I encourage you to consider buying elsewhere until that message is delivered and these types of products are removed from their stores.