Sunday, July 21, 2024
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LGBTQ Goes Worldwide, Per Joe Biden

President Joe Biden has transformed American foreign policy to elevate LGBTQ ideology.

This, even though it alienates other countries and disregards the divided opinions of the American people.

This is according to a report that members of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council (FRC) published Tuesday

“The Biden administration’s ideological colonialism sometimes strains our relationships with other countries and diverts U.S. attention from focusing on human rights issues,” according to the report.

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“LGBT-identifying persons are already (rightly) protected by international human rights treaties by virtue of their personhood, not their sexual orientation or gender identity. Pushing LGBT-specific policies around the world is a coercive attempt to change foreign cultures and laws from afar and displaces human rights like religious freedom.”

The FRC report said Biden promotes the LGBTQ agenda worldwide in the following ways:

• In 2022, exactly 132 U.S. embassies released Pride month statements. Ninety-nine flew Pride or Progress flags. Exactly 49 had staffers who marched in Pride parades.

• The State Department has criticized 67 countries for allowing conversion therapy, 48 countries for not recognizing LGBTQI+ persons, and 154 countries for not having legal gender recognition.

• The Biden administration devotes millions of dollars to LGBT programs through USAID and the State Department and efforts like the Global Equality Fund.

American foreign policy, according to the FRC, “had dramatically shifted away from its post-World War II moorings.” The earlier policy pursued American national interests.

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“The commitment to that postwar, liberal vision for American foreign policy was definitely on the wane in the Obama administration,” the FRC report said.

“The Trump administration represented an intermission in the trend, and Secretary Mike Pompeo’s dedication to pursuing religious freedom for persecuted peoples harkened back to a more traditional vision for American action. The Biden administration’s aggressive expansion of gender ideology in foreign policy moves it well beyond those initial steps the Obama administration took in this direction.” 

The FRC, according to its website, informs the public about family issues that affect the nation from a biblical worldview.

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