Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Nine Outcomes When Morons Control Government and Media

WRITER’S NOTE: The world is run by morons. The media is too lazy or too partisan to ask certain questions or to report certain facts. People who work in government and legacy media are too stupid or too sheltered to understand certain things…or maybe they do understand, and this is all part of some elaborate plan? 

If the bureaucrats, the politicians, and the opinion-makers who hold the most sway over the public did their jobs properly, instead of act like morons, they would either ask about or tell you the following:

• Remember The Beverly Hillbillies? The way liberals in California and New York feel about Donald Trump voters in Flyover Country is not dissimilar to what Milton Drysdale’s uppity wife thought of having Jed Clampett and his family as next-door neighbors.

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• Only the media and the political left would spit on and tarnish successful black men with impeccable characters like Ben Carson or Clarence Thomas….and then celebrate the life of a violent and drug-addicted felon like George Floyd. What kind of message does that send to young black men who need role models? 

• A lot of people say that what transgenders/non-binary people/drag queens do is none of our business. That’s a reasonable position. But when public schools teach this stuff to children, when corporations and the media force feed this garbage on the public, and hard-working and valuable employees lose their jobs for using the wrong pronouns at work….well….it kind of becomes our business, does it not?

•  U.S. Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said this past week that, under President Joe Biden, Americans pay 20 percent more in groceries. The establishment media, however, does not provide wall-to-wall coverage of this problem. They do not profile the plight of lower and middle-class Americans who struggle financially under Biden. The reason: the White House is currently occupied not by a Republican but by a Democrat. 

• The Southern Poverty Law Center recently released its latest list of supposed “hate groups” throughout the United States. The list includes several chapters of Moms for Liberty, who want to prevent teachers from passing down the divisive Critical Race Theory (CRT) to impressionable children. How come the political right never fights fire with fire and publish its own list of hate groups (like Antifa or the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence)?

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• Every reporter who has access to any politician who votes to add to the national debt should ask the following: (1) What do you have to say to a person living in the year 2071 who hates you because you forced him to pay for OUR bills? (2) Don’t you think that people 50 years from now will judge you for this just as harshly as you’re judging people for things that they did more than 100 years ago? And if no, then why not?

• The Flash underperformed at the box office this weekend.  Movie analysts blame a variety of reasons, including burnout with comic book movies, problems promoting the film and star Ezra Miller’s repeated run-ins with the law. But no one points out that audience members have far less money now than they did before Biden’s policies drove us into inflation? Shouldn’t Hollywood want more people to have more money to pay to see their films? If so, why did members of that community work so hard to elect Biden to the White House?

• Televangelist Pat Robertson recently passed away. Radio talk show host Howard Stern used the occasion to call Robertson “a monstrous animal filled with hate and filth.” In 1999, Stern joked on air about the Columbine massacre. According to one media report at the time, “on the air the day after the killings, Stern jested about why the killers didn’t sexually assault a few girls before committing suicide, and said that if it had been him, he would have done so.”

• The two groups of people who must witness up-close-and personal the devastating consequences — and the outright carnage — that Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Great Society programs brought us are police officers and public-school teachers. Their stress levels are off the charts. They must tolerate the highest levels of disrespect from the people they serve. That’s why fewer people wish to work in those professions anymore (and, granted, there are bad people in both professions, protected by unions).  Address the root of the problem. Thanks to LBJ, fathers no longer have an incentive to live with and raise their children due to the safety net of government welfare programs. Without a father’s guidance, children behave like savages and then turn into adults…who behave like savages.  

The world is run by morons.

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