Wednesday, July 24, 2024

A 1930s Style Dust Bowl Would Lead to Leftist Authoritarian Control

Imagine walking outside your house to the sight of a dust cloud that spans hundreds of miles wide and thousands of feet high as it barrels down and heads right for you. As it moves closer, the sun is blotted out from the sky, and day becomes night. Drivers pull off to the side of the road and remain in their cars for hours while people in the affected area hunker down in basements, barns and tornado shelters.

The ferocity of the wind-driven debris is extreme, and some people are permanently blinded. Respiratory issues are so severe, those who are exposed for an extended period are affected for a lifetime. Birds, mice, rabbits and other animals unfortunate enough to be caught up in the dust storm try to flee, but most don’t make it. When the event finally ends, you will learn that 300,000 tons of topsoil was displaced.

A generation of affected people would remember where they were on “Black Sunday.” For decades, it would be known as the climate event of the century.

Now, imagine if it happened today. How would the climate change lunatics react?

The Great Plaines Dust Bowl

That apocalyptic scenario actually occurred in the Great Plains on April 14, 1945 during what is known in the annals of history as the Great Plains Dust Bowl of 1930-1939. It was a climate catastrophe unparalleled in history that lasted for nearly a decade and caused immeasurable hardship on the residents in five states.

The primary drivers of the Dust Bowl were scorching temperatures and a lack of rainfall. In fact, the heatwave of 1936 produced record temperatures in the 90s and 100s that still stand today. As if the extreme temperatures weren’t enough, rainfall was almost non-existent.

The official explanation for these extreme and persistent conditions was “atmospheric variability,” which essentially means the area was subject to unusual weather conditions over an extended period. It is important to note that despite the attempts to blame the cause of the Dust Bowl on human farming activity, parched top soil would have eroded regardless of whether crops or prairie grass covered the affected area. The proof of the true cause lies in the fact that conditions in the Great Plains returned to normal in 1940 when summer temperatures dropped and normal rainfall patterns returned.

Wiping the Dust Bowl From Memory

The Dust Bowl sits as the most devastating climate event in North American history, but since it occurred outside the generally accepted timeframe for modern climate change, it cannot have been affected by human fossil fuel emissions. As a result, the Dust Bowl is being erased from human weather history, as evidenced by the EPA, which changed its web page Climate Change Indicators: High and Low Temperature and simply replaced it with a new one that omitted the data from the 1930s. Without the Dust Bowl, the graph creates a far more compelling argument for human-caused rising North American temperatures.

When historical documents actually do reference the Dust Bowl, they tend to employ revisionist history to explain the event. The real causes, drought and temperature, are downplayed in favor of blaming white Americans who were supposedly called by God to spread democracy and capitalism across the land. Allegedly, their poor farming techniques, which worked very well before and after the drought, left top soil exposed.

One Modern Dust Bowl Event Away From Authoritarian Rule

Imagine for a moment if a scenario like the 1930s dust bowl were to happen in the Great Plains during the 2020s. It would be a climate zealot’s euphoric dream. Instead of natural climate conditions, which meteorologists reluctantly admit were the cause of the 1930s event, we would be reminded relentlessly that the 2020s Dust Bowl version was the result of human activity. As the years dragged on, the crops dried up, and people died from the heat and lack of rain, woke leftists would scream at the top of their lungs and demand ever greater Draconian measures to limit our access to fuel, electricity, transportation and most other modern conveniences. Their dream of shared misery for everyone could come to fruition.

Trust me, the Dust Bowl is the exact kind of persistent, extreme weather event they are hoping for, and unless we get this human caused climate change theory squelched now, we’re in an extremely vulnerable position should any part of the country experience severe weather over an extended period.

Our argument is simple: Show us a single experiment that confirms climate change is real, and I don’t mean some manipulated computer model or anecdotal evidence like melting glaciers. To justify the trillions in investment and the erosion of American freedoms, we need a specific experiment that proves climate change is human caused in the way the torsion balance proves gravity.

If we allow this idea that human emissions are the cause of climate change to persist, we’re on a countdown to the one extreme, persistent weather event the climate radicals need to justify authoritarian control.