Saturday, December 02, 2023

Climate Change Radicals Weaponize Science

How many times have you heard this: “Climate Change is Settled Science”?

Declare the issue is settled and then lock out dissent. That’s one of the smug, condescending methods woke leftists use to stifle debate on contentious issues that in reality, are anything but settled. Today, we face one of the most clever and insidious assaults ever unleashed upon our sensibilities, freedoms and lifestyle.

The woke left has weaponized science.

Since the 17th century, scientists have relied on a process known as the “scientific method” to confirm, modify or reject theories and assertions. Every new discovery was scrutinized through the application of these simple steps:

Systematic observation



Formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses

Perversion of the Scientific Method

No matter how beneficial the scientific method has been to humanity, it stood in the way of Woke’s agenda. Therefore, it had to be modified or abandoned completely. For the first time in modern history, the method has been shuttled by the broader science community, which is under enormous pressure to provide the “right” verdict on human caused climate change.

Therefore, the method has been altered to accommodate woke science. For example, a NASA project called Oceans Melting Greenland  (OMG) was a six-year study of Greenland’s melting ice designed to better understand and predict rising sea levels. While the authors of the study claim to adhere to the scientific method, you’ll notice they conveniently leave out the most important step: verification based on experimentation. It’s almost as though the authors knew the conclusion they were going to write before the study ended.

“Scientists like Willis write up the results, send in the paper for peer review (a process in which other experts in the field anonymously critique the submission), and then those peers determine whether the information is correct and valuable enough to be published in an academic journal, such as Nature or Earth and Planetary Science Letters. Then it becomes another contribution to the well-substantiated body of climate change knowledge, which evolves and grows stronger as scientists gather and confirm more evidence.”

See how that works?

You conduct a study at the taxpayer’s expense and submit the findings for peer review, which is essentially a rubber stamp for pro climate change conclusions. Then you publish the paper in a leftist publication, where it becomes part of the “proof” of climate change.

Scientific Theories Ultimately Proved Wrong

Throughout history, the scientific community has developed theories that were considered “settled science” at the time but were ultimately proven false. Many of these theories persisted into the 20th century. Here are a few of the most egregious examples:

Global Cooling: In 1971, a NASA researcher, Stephen Schneider, published a paper that suggested the impact of dirty air would result in an ice age. The theory was embraced by numerous climate scientists until it was ultimately debunked by Schneider himself in 1977.

Flawed Model of the Atom: In 1913, famed physicist Niels Bohr predicted the correct frequencies of the specific light colors absorbed by ionized helium. As a result, a model of the atom emerged, where electrons orbited the nucleus in perfect circles. Bohr’s model was so compelling, Albert Einstein commented that “the theory of Bohr must be right.” Over the subsequent years, particle collider experimentation proved that electrons have no orbit at all and do not even adhere to concepts within human perception.

Fleischmann-Pons’s Nuclear Fusion: In March 1989, two University of Utah scientists, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann, claimed to have created a nuclear fusion reaction at room temperature in a jar. Unlike nuclear fission, cold fusion is highly desirable because it can theoretically create a limitless supply of energy without any associated radioactive waste. Ultimately, other research facilities were unable to duplicate the Fleischmann-Pons experiment, and the theory was discredited.

The point is that so called “settled science” is not proven science. Woke has done a masterful job of obscuring the difference in meaning between the two terms.

Human Caused Climate Change Remains a Theory

Ask a climate radical to provide a single experiment that confirms human activity is the cause of climate change. Expect to wait a very long time because the truth is that there isn’t one.

Think about that for a minute.

In 2021, the federal government earmarked $555 billion on programs specifically designed to cut fossil fuel emissions. That does not include the economic cost to consumers and businesses that are forced to comply with Draconian restrictions on automobiles, appliances and air conditioners. The price tag for a foundational shift in how we use energy will cost trillions and inflict extreme hardship on the American people as they deal with the transition to an all-electric world plagued by blackouts and skyrocketing costs.

All of this suffering is in the name of a theory that can’t be verified through experimentation and might ultimately be proven false. As it relates to climate change, researchers have conveniently removed the experiment phase from the scientific method for a specific reason. Like everything woke, the goal is not to save the earth because the earth doesn’t need to be saved. Climate change is just another convenient smoke and mirrors effort to advance the left’s goal of authoritarian control.

When you can’t afford a car, your clothes won’t come clean, you’re sweltering in summer heat without air conditioning and the power shuts off for a few hours each day, remember the trillions that were squandered in the name of woke sanctimony. Our resources would be much better spent mitigating the effects of climate change instead of futilely trying to prevent it. Ask a woke zealot how they would stop a new ice age if conditions beyond our control presented themselves? If global temperatures continue to rise, we’ll regret our failure to invest in desalination plants, nuclear power generation plants, natural gas and oil production and anti-heat sink measures for large cities.

We are squandering our chance to deal with climate change in a meaningful way just so sanctimonious woke zealots can feel good about themselves.

It is a travesty, and our children and grandchildren will pay the price.