Sunday, December 03, 2023

City’s Name Which Means “Narrow Passage” Also Applies To Its Government’s Minds

Let’s face it, everything about the radical left is disturbing. One of the more grating aspects of their agenda is the total disregard for the rule of law. They simply do not care if they violate a person’s or a group’s civil rights. In fact, they revel in shattering the principals of justice.

The reason why they can so smugly trample on the rights of others, is because too many governments are leaning so far to the left they are almost horizontal. In a recent case, Quebec decided to throw its hat into the ring of civil ignorance.

Last week, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), announced that it would be representing the Harvest Ministries International in a lawsuit against the city of Quebec government, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Quebec City Convention Centre. The lawsuit alleges, among other issues, a breach of contract for the Faith, Fire and Freedom Rally that was scheduled to take place at the Convention Centre in Quebec City from June 23rd to July 2nd of this year.

Get this. The reason these self-righteous prima donnas canceled the event, was because they “ass-sumed” that the rally would include pro-life messaging. Which, as we all know, would still not justify the cancellation of a contracted event.

The groups’ legal representatives released this statement last week:

“Harvest is claiming damages for ending the rental agreement without notice, and for the unconstitutional and unjustified infringement of its Charter freedom of expression and its right to be free from religious discrimination.”

The name Québec comes from an Algonquin word meaning “narrow passage” or “strait”. The name originally referred to the area around Quebec City, where the

Saint Lawrence River narrows to a cliff-lined gap. Now, it obviously also refers to the narrow minds of people elected to the city’s government. Listen to the arrogance and condescending attitude these Marxists display in their statements.

Caroline Proulx, is the province’s Minister of Tourism. I’m sure that she did nothing to enhance the city’s reputation when she stated that the event “was against the fundamental principles of Quebec.” Which is interesting because based on your statement, the city appears to have no principals whatsoever.

Next to chime in was “The Minister for the Status of Women,” Martine Biron. Which is an aberration, since based on her statement, she only represents a segment of the female population.  

“We are a resolutely pro-choice government. I’m all for freedom of expression, but at the government, we have principles and we’ve decided to be consistent.” 

Someone needs to inform Biron that being consistently wrong is not something to brag about. Especially when she is speaking about the government’s principals of being incompetent.

Premier Francois Legault, then openly displayed his level of ineptitude with this statement:

“we’re not going to allow anti-abortion groups to put on big shows in public places.” 

Hmmm, something tells me that snowflake Francois would never say that about a pro-death abortion rally, or anything that involved a rainbow flag.

According to the complaint made by JCCF in defense of Harvest Ministries International:

“an audience of around 1,200 people a day was expected to attend the Rally, which from Jun 23 to July 2, 2023, would feature large-scale prayer meetings, musical performances, and other artistic and cultural presentations around the themes of faith and reconciliation between the founding communities of the Canadian federation. The Rally was not an anti-abortion event; there were no items on the program relating to this particular theme. Although Harvest “defends” its pro-life views “and intends to continue to do so,” the legal battle “is not about the merits of Harvest’s views on abortion, but rather about the fundamental rights of Harvest, its members and followers, to live out their faith, to express themselves politically and to assemble peacefully without state hindrance.” 

Probably sensing either guilt, or more realistically, fear due to the lawsuit, the venue’s CEO offered to help the organization to find another location for the event.

The left has the very rare and unique ability to totally overstep rational boundaries, then to proceed and overstep those.

In a display that not only demonstrated the smug pomposity of this group, but the absolute hatred for conservative values, the “Minister of Tourism” re-entered the fray and eliminated any doubt that Quebec is not a tourist destination.

In one of the most obnoxious statements that I have heard a public official make, Proulx vomited out this despicable comment:

“there will be no support from the Convention Centre for the event to find another venue. Let me be extremely clear about this. The CEO had made a mistake in previously stating that he would assist, as it’s against the fundamental principles of Quebec.” 

There’s Proulx talking about nonexistent principals again. It takes a rare type of egotism for a nothing burger like Proulx to climb up on a soapbox and attempt to justify unjustifiable intolerance.

After the unjustified cancelation, the Christian group:

“actively searched for alternative premises to host the rally, but to no avail.” It reportedly was “turned down by all forty-three of the establishments it contacted in its search.” Some venues stated that the reason for turning them away was  “for fear of the controversy knowingly stirred up by the defendants.” 

Did you catch that? The controversy was stirred up by the defendants. Apparently everyone in Quebec lives under fear of the city government and refuses to speak the truth. Fear of retribution? With this sinister, despicable group, I would say, … absolutely!

JCCF released the following in a written statement:

“In a sequence that combined a show of authority with orders issued under the watchful eye of the cameras, the Minister, the Society, the Minister for the Status of Women, and the Premier himself singled out Harvest for popular vindictiveness because of her religious and political opinions, allegedly contrary to the fundamental principles of Quebec.”

If you have even one conservative bone in your body, I recommend that you run, don’t walk away from Quebec. The elected officials from the “Premier” on down are rude, arrogant, egotistical, and unrepentant snobs. The government that represents this city is a travesty and the people that live and work there deserve better.

Narrow minds are inevitably angry minds, since they don’t allow for the enlightenment of truth.