Saturday, December 02, 2023

Disney’s Disturbing Mousetrap Is Being Set For Our Kids

Wow, Forest Gump had to have Disney in mind when he uttered those iconic words, “Stupid is as Stupid does.” I feel terrible for Walt Disney, he has to be spinning as though he’s on a rotisserie in his Forest Lawn resting place.

I live in Florida, so I can tell you that Disneyworld has gone from the so-called happiest place on earth, to not only a woke mineshaft, but also one of the stupidest places in the universe. The people that are making the decisions in the rat hole’s boardroom have one goal in mind, corrupt as many children as possible.

There is no such thing as accidental wokeism, but in Disney’s case it has now gone beyond being drastically, deliberate and disgusting. Here’s the thing, Disney is supposed to be in the KID business. It’s bad enough when companies like Bud Light, Target, and countless others, embarrass themselves with mentally disturbed people like Dylan Mulvaney. Disney should never even be on the list of the woke and perverted, far less be leading this pack of deviants.

Disney has been on a losing streak for awhile now. Attendance is down at their parks; their streaming shows have turned off millions of parents and their movies have lost almost a billion dollars. So unless their undeniably evil agenda has to be advanced no matter what the cost, how can their latest partnership be explained?

In spite of all the horrible publicity and financial losses, Disney has now partnered with a “gender fluid” man, to sell clothes to little girls. A TikTok clown by the name of Seann Altmann, likes to think of himself as Minnie Mouse and in a video he appears in for his 700,000 TikTok followers, he dresses like her.

In the video, which is truly stomach churning, Altmann claims “Minnie is Me.” He then announces, “let’s get dressed! Today we’re looking at the most iconic friend group, Disney’s Mickey and Friends, and the character most like me is Minnie Mouse.”

Altmann then proceeds to put on a petticoat, a dress “with little Mickeys on it,” a “fun collar,” a cute little belt, “space buns” for his hair, and lacey white gloves. He then adds bright red lipstick, to “be as bold as Minnie” proclaiming, “It’s a classic and it’s so pretty.”

Altmann wasn’t quite finished. To complete the nightmare he added black tights, a large red bow, and pumps. Then posing he stated, “I’m just like Minnie Mouse!”

No, not quite.

Altmann is an obviously very deranged biological male. Minnie is a fictional female mouse that isn’t real. She sprouted from the imagination of Walt Disney along with Mickey and the rest of his friends to delight children, not to sicken and disillusion them.

Yet, current day Disney hired this loser and the only people that are being punished are the children that have watched it. As an adult, if you haven’t seen the video yet, my advice is don’t and absolutely keep it away from your kids. This is unmitigated perversion, sponsored by a company with a huge social platform. Sadly, they are using it to violate a sacred trust.

This isn’t the Disney that we, or our parents grew up with, and any parent that loves their children will not make this version a part of their lives.

Being woke was never about being inclusive or progressive. It has always been subversive and evil. Disney, is now demonstrating that evil in an even more blatant and obnoxious manner.

Boycott isn’t a strong enough word for what needs to happen with Disney. Their goal is to play a huge role in the destruction of America by using the minds of our children. Disney’s plot needs to be exposed and obliterated. They represent the worst of the worst.

It’s time for the lights to go on America. The fake smiles that Disney executives hide behind can no longer be allowed to shield them. There was a time when very little was bad about the mouse house, now nothing is right about Walt’s kingdom.

It’s no longer a “small world” for Disney, they have bigger plans and they need to be stopped.