Saturday, July 20, 2024

Maui Bursting Goes Far Beyond What Mockingbird Will Tell You -Part II-

The real story behind the fires in Maui most likely will not be the story the mainstream Mockingbird media tells us. From a general standpoint, the government has lied to and bamboozled Americans enough over the years that this should be the default stance when anything even remotely whispering “false flag” occurs.

Read Part I of this two-part story here. No, the Mountain Dew can does not at all have to be a part of the thinking here, even though it will be in some circles, and one of the points I want to make is to say that is A-okay either way.

Remember that the purpose of today is not to take the research, analyze it, and offer a clear opinion necessarily. There will be an opinion, but it will come mostly in a generic sense right now before I start dumping photos, links, and screenshots. What patriots who balk at anything conspiratorial have to realize is that there are infiltrators in the movement pretending to be truth tellers and pushing well-meaning people away because they present the silliest of all evidence first. This is tactical and meant for the sheep to continue to be sheep. “Don’t question the man. And certainly don’t listen to that conspiracy kook over there.”

A great example is if someone would hit you with Directed Energy Weapons and Mountain Dew “Maui Blast” right off the bat, claiming that this is formidable proof that the government burst Maui into flames.

In addition, the person might not even mean to be insidious at all. He or she may not in fact be an infiltrator. It may be a situation of an individual meaning well and trying to spread truth, but not understanding how the human mind and cognitive dissonance (not to mention a good ol’ fashioned bullshit meter) work.

All of a sudden, when this happens, Maui fires become the result of sci-fi lasers, become we never went to the moon because NASA is only presenting movies to us, become the Earth is flat. Given what I’ve seen over the last three years, I wouldn’t place any of these completely out of the realm of possibility, but there are some things that you just don’t need to research. (At this point in my growth and learning, I’m going to go ahead and believe that the Earth is a globe and that lizard-people don’t in fact trudge the tunnels below us).

Moreover, truth tellers must understand exactly how cognitive dissonance is healed–and that is through a person’s acquisition of slow, organic information. I discussed this some after the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict last year–celebrate small victories in the truth movement and go sloooowly as you breadcrumb listeners through different levels of the truth.

Also different will be each person’s emotional response to truth associated with tragedies like Maui because there are varied levels of background knowledge all around us. Not everyone is going to “get it” like everyone else.

That is why I will start my dump with something most of us can understand fully–Go Brandon’s inane incompetence or, his sheer lack of humanity.

I want to include a short passage from a 2022 article I will link last in the list. The article is, generally speaking, on 9/11, nothing to do with Maui, at least on the surface. But I include this for you to consider the distinct possibility that you could interchange the names and places of tragic events and the analysis might all stay the same:

I realize it is a lot to take in mentally, but really, think about it: Is it really that out of the question for everything we’ve been fed in the last 21 years since that pivotal day has been one well-orchestrated lie? Santa Claus says hi. Group-think is a powerful thing, and if Americans as one big test-group have come to believe that impeachments and Russian disinformation and Covid and Monkeypox and vaccines and climate change and FBI raids and and and and are all utter bullshit, why shouldn’t we at least open the conversation to the possibility that the 9/11 narrative we’ve been fed is also complete and utter bullshit?

Is the story Yahoo and the rest of the Mockingbird media already feeding us about Maui BS as well?

Rather than squabble about stupid things that divide people who actually agree overall, rather than divide ourselves while Mockingbird stays united, try to concentrate on the right things. The right things are what RVIVR fights for, what patriots fight for–the end of the corrupt American government and the execution of evil Deep State globalists trying to steal our lives and our children. If you start there and stay there, you can see why all of this stuff–even some of the things lower on the list perhaps–is food for revolutionary thought….

The Short List

America Last: Biden Regime Sends Another $200 Million in Aid to Ukraine, While No Comment on Maui, Hawaii

What Is Wrong With Joe? New Video Shows Smiling Biden Again Refusing to Comment on Maui Fire While on Delaware Beach Vacation

Joe Biden to Travel to Ritzy Lake Tahoe For a WEEK This Friday While Ignoring Dead Americans in Maui

Conservatives Alarmed After Report That Current Maui Police Chief Was Incident Commander During 2017 Las Vegas Massacre

(Here is the Twitter/X Link to the above few screenshots for those of you who have an X account)

Hawaii Digital Global Summit, September 2023

Maui – Plans for A High Tech Prison Island? (a lot of links inside!)

The 15-Minute City

What Are “15-Minute Cities” and Why Are Conspiracy Theorists Worried About Them?

Chemtrails: The Root Cause of the California Wildfires (2018)

California Wildfires: Role of Undisclosed Atmospheric Manipulation and Geoengineering

Aluminum Dust from Geoengineering Fueling Super Wildfires According to Author

Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan

(I think to myself of all those photos of chemtrails in my phone–not photoshopped as some assume the online photos are. I realize I’ll finally have to write that article one day; I also remember coming across something where someone of military influence wrote several Congressmen about the purpose of the chemtrails and he received a different email answer from every single one of them. I can’t remember where I saw that–need to keep an eye out….)

Hawaii Wildfires Spark Conspiracy Theory About ‘Directed Energy Weapons’

Maui Fires – Directed Energy Weapons and Geoengineering

Anything Charlie Kirk and Charlie Kirk Show on Real America’s Voice and Twitter/X

World Economic Forum Discussions Could Make Conspiracy Believers of Us All

Beware the U.N.’s ‘Agenda 2030′

Trump’s Words About 9/11 Parallel This Chilling Interview on the Day of the Attack


In no way do I expect everyone to go through all of that fully and faithfully. But at the very least, the headlines and quick screenshots should give you a working idea of what is more than a national conversation–it is a national war, a civil war General Michael Flynn calls fifth generation warfare. It should also show how much work goes into what some people dismiss as mere conspiracy theory. Is not all of this material at least worth a look? Is it so out of the realm of possibility that the fact-checkers and Mockingbird clean-up are already in full force without even going through the investigative process?

It is exactly their quick move to discredit, demean, and destroy a person that fuels the conspiracy theorist/coincidence noticer/truth teller/citizen journalist’s belief that they are on to something, and more, perhaps directly over the target. This is why I, you, and so many others don’t trust the mainstream media. So let’s get on the same page with the process of locating and delivering the truth.

Ignore the Mountain Dew cans if you must.

Ignore the Directed Energy Weapons from a drone if you must.

Ignore the chemtrail stories if you must.

I will present something to you as a very last thing that is going to make the Mountain Dew can as evidence look paltry–

Ignore that if you must too, because quite frankly, I don’t believe all of it either. But I don’t have to. And you don’t either.

What we all need to realize is that whoever is behind all of this diabolical, Earth-shifting activity, they want us isolated and confused, pointlessly squabbling over unknowable things like soda cans. They want us concentrating on meaningless possibilities so that the real truth is eliminated, and thus, never known.

It is time to live as Christ taught us, to love our fellow Americans more than we despise the prince of this world. It is time to block out the noise from wherever it is coming from and fall back on a simple truth: Evil is real and it is on the move all over the planet. But God is on our side if we place ourselves on his. Let us all remember this as we fight for America and for the people of Maui, and before we start a personal civil war with the person at work who swears those Chinese purple lasers in January are what caused this horrific tragedy.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.