Friday, May 24, 2024

Right on Cue, the Establishment Shows What Maui Was All About

It was all about your push for policy just as it always is, and enough Americans know it now.

It was all about your evil schemes.

We see you.

The recent fires in Maui and the expansive assortment of evidences surrounding its cause do not at all line up with the trumped up stories the establishment is feeding us and always feeds us. Whether it be school shootings, foreign wars, 9/11, the Covid soap opera, Ukraine, or many of the “natural disasters” raging across the planet, there is a clear and ever-present pattern that goes something like this:

Create a problem.

Elicit an emotional response to that problem.

Swoop in with the solution (which was already pre-packaged before the synthetic problem and response even took place).

It is called the Hegelian Dialectic, and it is part of the establishment playbook. There was even a climate change propaganda publication released on the Maui story on August 10, 2023, right as the fires themselves were still raging. Somebody or something was busy adding gasoline to the emotional fire.

Climate change! It’s destroying the planet! Let us rescue you from yourselves!

On Monday, Yahoo News ran an article titled “Development, tourism and climate change: How humans made Maui’s catastrophic wildfires worse.”

Once again, note how nonchalantly “climate change” is written in, in a context suggesting that it is a no-brainer, a fact, something not even to be argued:

The severity of the fires was caused by a number of factors, including strong winds from Hurricane Dora and dried-out vegetation that provided the fuel. Climate change and the importation of invasive, fire-prone trees and grasses played a part as well. But the fires and the devastation they wrought raise questions about whether Hawaii’s largest industry, the lifeblood of its economy, could also have contributed to the catastrophe by draining wetlands and drawing down the state’s water supply.

The truth is an enormous number of people, perhaps a majority, including many scientists, say it’s all one big dramatic hoax in order to push policy and sometimes, to achieve personal fame.

Scientist admits the ‘overwhelming consensus’ on the climate change crisis is ‘manufactured’

This same exact thing happened and is happening with Covid and its aftermath. Trust the science, right?

The Yahoo article I quoted above actually isn’t the worst I’ve seen. Perhaps the worst example of the cLiMaTE cHaNGe whisper in a megaphone is Pedo Podesta (Senior Advisor to the President for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation) pontificating from the White House podium.

John Podesta. That’s another article for another day. Boy oh boy. If you know, you know.

Point is, they’re all in on it together. The branches of government. The three-letter agencies. Mockingbird. Most celebrities. All of them. Same playbook. Same ol’ song and dance.

It’s the establishment. It’s the globalists who want to eliminate national sovereignty and…


Solution [in theory].



Solution [in practice].

(And have your megaphones like Google and celebrities and media and TV shows and and and and just parrot it all off one after another after another).

Another example of the propaganda… I typed in this simple search on Google: “2023 maui smart city conference.” Clearly nothing to do with anything conspiratorial. But what popped up was a list of articles sounding the alarm against circulating conspiracies. Strange. Here is as much as I could screenshot, but trust me when I say the rest of the page was just more of the same.

Any wonder why they are trying to crucify the conspiracy theorist hearing all of this, seeing the same pattern over and over, and connecting it to ongoing WEF talks about depopulation, smart cities, and human tracking, just to name a few?

What do they have to worry about? Why the damning pejoratives against citizens asking natural questions based on the facts?

Why the censorship? Why this list of articles?

This entire Maui tragedy, rife with a whole lot more pieces than the establishment even wants to investigate, is just the latest in a long series of stories that continue to reveal the same Deep State playbook over and over again. If the globalists were cool, calm, and collected about their place in this information war, their mistakes wouldn’t be so obvious. They would be as quiet and cunning as they have been for decades, at least back to the JFK assassination and maybe further, so that they could continue to suppress the American people under their thumb.

The Trump fake indictment(s) is just another one, by the way.

The Deep State has made many mistakes since Go Brandon became (p)resident. They have seemed to panic more than they have in previous decades when they were able to move slowly and out of sight from the American thinker. Even the most conservative and non-conspiratorial among my brethren might have a hard time arguing against the seeming-reality that there are millions more people awake to the government-media apparatus’s propaganda now than they ever have been in the past.

In some circles, this is being called the Great Awakening.

In some circles, folks are as comfy as can be in the coming victory.

Still, the enemy fights, and so we must fight. That enemy will continue to fight to its very pathetic end, and it may get very ugly before America’s–and God’s–final victory is attained.

That is my hope.

If justice is served, and obviously we hope it is, all of these nefarious moves and countermoves are going to boomerang right back at the true villains in this story. Of course, we keep praying and praying as deeply as we can. We fast from meals, a lost piece of the sacred personal journey. The establishment and its mass propaganda campaign are not mere men who aim to destroy us. These are forces. These are powers and the rulers of darkness we battle (Mt 17:21, Eph 6:12). Thus the weapons we wield must be weapons of light and truth.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.