Saturday, September 30, 2023

Save Your State, Save Your Country

In less than two months, my home state of Louisiana is having its October primary election for Governor, the State Legislature, and many local municipal positions. Not to mention, Louisiana also has elections for the State Board of Education (BESE), Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Treasurer. Quite a busy time for the Bayou State!

With so much going on in Louisiana, I have been fairly involved in my state and local political scene. Louisiana Conservatives have a massive opportunity this Fall to elect a Conservative Governor after eight lackluster years under our current Democrat Governor.

If one is personally involved with state/local politics, it is easy to forget that most people know little about what is going on in their backyard. Most people cannot name their own School Board member or State Senator, but they know whatever cable news or their social media feed is telling them about national politics. National politics is what drives political news coverage and brings in viewership/clicks.

Think of it another way, the average American likely has strong opinions about President Trump or Joe Biden (I know I do). However, that same person is likely unaware of what his City Council  or State Legislature is doing right now. We all know this is the case.

Now, no one should deny the importance of national politics. Local politics is often downstream of national politics. Take immigration policy, for instance. America’s porous border and catastrophic immigration policy under the Biden administration is having a real, negative impact on Border States–especially when it comes to demographics, crime, and the economy. So, I am not overlooking the importance of national politics.

That being said, I think that Conservatives need to take a strong look at focusing on State and local government in Conservative states. If President Trump were unable to win the 2024 Presidential election, then Conservatives will struggle to take back the Federal government for the foreseeable future. Mass immigration, the weaponization of the Federal government against Conservatives, and the Left-wing drift of America’s youth are some of the key factors that will make GOP victories harder to come by on the national level after 2024.

Despite the tough situation at hand, America First conservatives/nationalists should not give up. If you check out one of my article from earlier this year, you will know that Conservatives do have a demographic advantage in terms of birth rates—which will lead to a more Conservative future in coming decades. Unfortunately, it will take some time before a more “Right-wing” future arrives.

In the mean time, I firmly believe that America First patriots need to focus on taking back Conservative States in the Deep South and Midwest. Most solidly conservative states are run by Establishment, RINO politicians. Certainly, a wide gap between the Conservative voters of states like Louisiana, Alabama, Missouri, etc. and the elected officials who represent them. So, there’s

If you want to save our nation, then focus on your backyard! If we can’t control what goes in Washington DC, then let’s make sure that America First patriots are running our state and local governments first.