Sunday, December 03, 2023

Woke Leftists and The Deep State are Terrified of Vivek Ramaswamy

From the beginning of the effort to persecute and silence the opposition, the strategy of leftists, RINOs and woke zealots has centered around the idea of eliminating Donald Trump from the political landscape.

If he’s impeached, they believed, his followers will lose enthusiasm and get back in line.

But that didn’t work. So, they decided a second impeachment would surely put Trump’s followers in their place.


How about rigging the election? That would have to be the end of it.

Yet, that didn’t work either.

Indicting Trump on phony charges would have to send a message to America First to back off.

No again, and then again and again and again… In fact, each time Trump was indicted, his poll numbers rose.

Which leaves the woke leftists with one more card to play: Conviction and disqualification.

Don’t think they’ll be afraid to pull that trigger either. As Tucker Carlson recently pointed out, there is something about Trump that is so appalling and threatening, the Deep State bureaucracy, in conjunction with Never Trumpers and leftist radicals, simply cannot accept the idea of another term with Trump as president. There is literally no bridge too far in their effort to ensure Trump never holds office again.

The Rogue Element They did not Foresee

Unbeknownst to the left’s brain trust, a rogue element stood quietly on the sidelines, carefully evaluating the political landscape. By now, most everyone is aware of the young, brash, rich, intelligent and highly persuasive Republican candidate named Vivek Ramaswamy.

With a brilliant campaign strategy, Ramaswamy has positioned himself in a way where there is no downside to his candidacy. On the one hand, he has been consistent in his effusive praise for Trump, which has shielded him from the former president’s wrath and endeared him to a large segment of Trump’s base. On the other hand, even if he doesn’t win in 2024, Ramaswamy, unlike Ron DeSantis, has set himself up perfectly for 2028.

Still, it’s the scenario where Trump ends up disqualified in 2024 that is the most fascinating. Part of the Deep State’s plan to eliminate Trump includes ensuring their preferred candidate wins the Republican nomination. Essentially, they want George Bush the Fifth—following the original George Bush and the other clones, George Bush Jr., John McCain and Mitt Romney. At present, it seems like their support is coalescing around Nikki Haley and maybe sneaky Mike Pence, but we’ll have to see how that unfolds.

However, despite the left’s carefully crafted sinister plot to rig 2024, Ramaswamy, an unexpected threat, has emerged to take a wrecking ball to the left’s last line of defense. Imagine for a moment the worst-case scenario, where Trump is convicted in any one of the pending criminal cases and is somehow disqualified from running. Most likely, the left will achieve this objective by invoking either Article 14, Section 3 or achieving a simple majority vote for disqualification in the Senate. Upon exhausting all legal and political avenues, Trump reaches the conclusion he will not be on the ballot in 2024.

In response, Trump then endorses Ramaswamy for president, and trust me, all hell will break lose within the inner sanctum of Deep State headquarters.

For the most part, Ramaswamy parrots Trump’s positions on major issues, including immigration, relations with China, trade, fossil fuels, cancel culture, the war in Ukraine and gender issues. However, he does not carry any of Trump’s negative personality baggage. In fact, he’s quite likable, and he has stepped outside the Trump base and reached out to young voters with a message based on hope, effort and meritocracy. At 38, Ramaswamy is a millennial who relates directly to two lost generations, and he represents the type of America First candidate who could hold influence well into the 2030s and beyond.

That prospect has to be terrifying to woke leftists.

So, it’s no surprise that Vivek has found himself at the center of attention since the first GOP debate, where Mike Pence called him a “rookie,” Chris Christie described him as a human “ChatGPT” and Nikki Haley said, “You have no foreign policy experience and it shows.” Within the first few minutes of the debate, it became apparent that Ramaswamy was the primary target for incoming attacks, which was odd considering Ron DeSantis was, and still is, in second place.

The anti-Trump groups perceive the threat and want to take Ramaswamy out before his candidacy goes viral.

If you exclude Trump’s indictment coverage, from the end of the debate until present, Ramaswamy has been the focus of the left’s media assault machine. In fact, besides building up Haley, Ramaswamy is the only Republican candidate receiving any attention in the mainstream media, even if the coverage is overwhelmingly negative. They’ve jumped on him for his positions on the Ukraine war, Taiwan, Israel, affirmative action, certifying the 2020 election, the Jacksonville shooting and even his use of an Eminem song on the campaign trail.

Very strange for a guy that still trails Trump and DeSantis in the latest RealclearPolitics consensus poll, unless the left is seeing the same threat I am. An opinion piece by Rex Huppke in USA Today sounds the alarm. Huppke writes, “Trump, of course, remains the far-and-away front-runner to be the GOP’s presidential candidate. But Ramaswamy’s effortless salesman patter sounds like he could sell cryptocurrency to a caribou. Combine that with his ability to repel facts while spouting right-wing talking points, and he could be the perfect new MAGA mouthpiece.”

The left is slowly waking up to the reality that, unlike the Tea Party, MAGA isn’t going away. If their immoral, Herculean, unethical efforts to disqualify Trump somehow succeed, there is another compelling America First candidate in the wings, just waiting for his opportunity to take center stage.

An endorsement of Ramaswamy by Trump would likely lead to a Biden versus Ramaswamy election contest that would probably end in a landslide victory for the vibrant, youthful persuasive America First candidate. The bottom line is the left better get used to the idea of an endless roster of appealing MAGA candidates continuing to emerge until the United States is returned to the people. Taking out Trump will only exacerbate the left’s problem, not solve it.

In some ways, Vivek Ramaswamy is a greater threat to woke leftists than Donald Trump.

Stew on that for a moment.