Friday, July 19, 2024

Gaslighting Giggle: A Must-See Manipulation Attempt by CBS

I would have written “Guffaw” instead of “Giggle,” a word I know my friend and RVIVR publisher Scott McKay likes, but it just didn’t sound quite right. It would certainly have been more accurate. It would take a belly laugh to make some sense of what a CBS Morning Show aired yesterday concerning the blockbuster movie Sound of Freedom.

And they ran it with a straight face, despite posting this as the caption below the video:

$200 million. $200 million. FOR A MOVIE ABOUT SAVING CHILDREN. And yet they still have to inject that poisonous doubt (or attempt to) at the end about “criticisms and conspiracy theories.”

What? Only a person turned embarrassing full-fledged sheep wouldn’t believe that the child trafficking issue in this world has become the pandemic of our times. Millions of us knew it was the pandemic during the Covid farce.

This is why this information war is so very important to actually engage in. If you know about this stuff, great, but we need you more than that. Get involved.

As a pause of sorts, I want to say that yes, I understand that many readers know about the popularity of Sound of Freedom and the inane dishonesty of the Mockingbird media like CBS. But never underestimate the patience of this enemy against us in waiting out their blunders until we the American public simply forget. It has gone that way for decades, and I continue to write on these issues and I ask you to continue to share these stories far and wide–that is the way We the People don’t forget and that is the way we fight and win this information war we are embroiled in.

Share share share. Across all social media platforms.

(And just in case you’re skeptical, I get a flat fee on every article. I don’t make one dime more if there are 100 hits or 1000. Just share everything you see, whether it be written by me or someone else. RVIVR and publisher Scott McKay is a good place to start. This crusade is about freedom, not about clicks. Please don’t be cynical like some unfortunately can be).

Now back to CBS and the belly laughs.

It was difficult to listen to the video because the panelists’ voices and sheer audacity are so grating to the ears. Here is the insufferable anchor’s opening remarks, starting at the 1:08 mark:

“The intensity doesn’t stop in this movie either. In the works for years, Sound of Freedom has become a lightning rod for controversy and conspiracy theories. The movie is embraced by supporters of the fringe conspiracy theory QAnon. They falsely believe in the existence in widespread human trafficking rings run by Hollywood and so called ‘liberal political elites.’ The film’s star, Jim Caviezel, has shown support for some QAnon beliefs, but no Q-related conspiracy theories are included in this movie.”

If you know things, you can read this just one time and see the litany of lies, gaslighting, and flat-out revealing contradictions in just this brief opening. But let’s break it down anyway:

1. “In the works for years…”: The CBS anchor fails to mention that this movie was completed several years ago and was sat on by Disney. Just consider Netflix and Amazon Prime’s recent rejection of the movie–a $200 million one. There is a connection here that, admittedly, may not be evident immediately. But that’s an article for another day (hint…birds of a feather…)

2. “…lightning rod for controversy and conspiracy theories”: The only controversies, madam, are the ones stirred up by your media overlords who feed you what lies to parrot to the American people. And anyone with a pulse knows that the term “conspiracy theorist” is thrown at opponents like “racist” and “homophobe”–they are pejoratives, purposely inflammatory and baseless in substance, meant to silence the opposition. This is a crucial part of Information War 101, and we see you CBS. We see what you are doing when you sling that term around.

3. “They falsely believe…”: Just read the rest of that sentence and go back to word “falsely” and tell me this isn’t gaslighting.

4. “…so-called liberal elites.”: Guffaw much? If I didn’t call you out on the gaslighting I’d call you out on the hysterical redundancy in thinking Americans don’t grasp the concept of “liberal elites.” So-called, madam? Yes, so-called and so-called by a whole lot more people than just “fringe conspiracy theorists.”

5. “…some QAnon beliefs…”: I skipped the first ridiculous “QAnon” reference to illustrate that the repetition of this terminology is a tactic of Mockingbird. Yet another pejorative. If you didn’t know, “QAnon” is not even a real thing. This was a purposeful pejorative injected into the national discourse a few years ago to make it all seem like a cult. The truth is that there is “Q” who has helped millions wake up to government corruption and evil by introducing Americans everywhere to the Socratic method, and there are “anons,” researchers who take Q’s questions and bytes and attempt to decode them. Admittedly, they are often wrong in their decoding, but such is the nature of information war. The overall trajectory of Q’s influence has been a mass awakening across the planet, something even conservatives (and respected friends of mine) have been resistant in acknowledging.

And maybe my favorite…

6. “…but no Q-related conspiracy theories are included in this movie.”: I’m going to keep this little analysis simple. CBS, you just said this–Sound of Freedom has become a lightning rod for controversy and conspiracy theories. The movie is embraced by supporters of the fringe conspiracy theory QAnon. They falsely believe in the existence in widespread human trafficking rings run by Hollywood and so-called ‘liberal political elites.’ And then you said this: Jim Caviezel, has shown support for some QAnon beliefs, but no Q-related conspiracy theories are included in this movie.”

Yes, CBS will say the “falsely believe” part is attached to the “Hollywood and so-called liberal elites” part, and grammatically speaking, they would be correct. But there are two problems here–1) the unnecessary doubt about human trafficking rings in general placed in the viewer’s mind (a topic the CBS panel point-blank admits to mere seconds in to the director’s part); and 2) Jeffrey Epstein, Epstein Island, and the mysterious missing client list–and that’s all I’ll say on that.

We see you, CBS.

We see the spin. We smell the bullshit. And we are rejecting everything you have to tell us, because, simply put, you have become a clown show that only the very dimmest of thinkers would even consider trusting.

Here is the full video. The movie’s director actually has some fine things to say, if you can get to that point.

“But but how are you dealing with this Alejandro (the director), because the movie has made so much money in part because it’s fueled by many people who believe the QAnon theories. Uh, Jim, the main star of the movie, also has been talking about this. How are you…are you trying to distance yourself from that, are you asking people to ‘look stay focused on what this movie is about’? How are you handling this because it’s a very serious and complicated thing.”

Very serious, indeed, my yellow friend trying to pull the wool over our eyes. But also funny, indeed. It has long gotten to the point where most of us simply don’t know whether to giggle, guffaw, or go raging lunatic mad on sick and evil people like you who would even remotely put doubt in Americans’ minds when millions of children’s of lives are at stake.

And immediately after and immediately before and sometimes even at the same time you are admitting that this is a frightening issue.

Gaslighting. Manipulation.


We see you, CBS. We hear you, Mockingbird.

Q said it best once upon a time–yes, I said the dreaded conspiratorial letter, Q. “These people are evil.”

It is a reality not even a conservative can disagree with.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.