Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Leadership At Its Finest, Mayor Gets Spanked By a Drag Queen

There are currently double standards in two critical areas of society. Morality and justice. A few days ago a man that ran down a teenage boy and killed him last September because he believed he was a Republican extremist, was sentenced

by a state district court judge on Friday to five years in prison with credit for nearly a year served. This is to be followed by three years supervised probation and a yearlong suspension of his driver’s license. The charge’s maximum penalty is 10 years in prison, a $20,000 fine or both.

However, the real story is the ridiculous chain of events concerning how everything about this story was either changed or swept under the rug. After Shannon Brandt literally ran over Cayler Ellingson’s legs and torso mortally injuring him, he left the scene. He then called 911 and reported that he had hit a man and requested an ambulance. Having left the scene, he was later arrested at his home and according to the police was obviously intoxicated. An autopsy determined Ellingson was on the ground when he was fatally injured, according to an affidavit.

So this should have been a clear case of vehicular homicide, right? Well, after stating that he thought Ellington was a political extremist, that was tossed because police could find no evidence of political motivation.

He was charged with criminal vehicular homicide, but that was dropped, … why? He was then charged with murder, and later pleaded guilty to manslaughter, … what happened to murder? He was also charged with leaving the scene, which was dropped, … why? Also, where is the DUI charge?

So, ….. a drunk fool runs down an eighteen-year-old kid. He leaves the scene, is never charged for leaving the scene or being intoxicated and gets ONLY A FIVE-YEAR SENTENCE.   WHY?

Then at a farce demonstration staged by Democrats on January 6th, Americans, guilty of nothing except being herded like cattle by Biden’s DOJ, are receiving as much as twenty-two years in prison.

Now, lets take a look at morality. Democrats are given the freedom to not only be criminally irresponsible, but also to be socially inappropriate without consequence.

Over the weekend, Burbank Mayor, Konstantine Anthony, attended a fundraiser titled, the Santa Clara Valley Democrats Drag Queen Bingo. The title says it all. Why are supposed leaders such as this mayor attending events like this? An even more basic question would be, why are Democrats having events that involve a drag queen?

As if having the event wasn’t bad enough, and Anthony attending the event wasn’t bad enough, while he was there he was spanked with a paddle by a drag queen that calls himself Foxxy Roxywood.

The video of Anthony’s spanking was tweeted out by the Libs of TikTok and as of yesterday was viewed over 7.6 million times. The tweet erupted into a spirited war of words between the mayor and the Libs of TikTok, because the caption with the tweet read that the mayor “received a spanking from a drag queen in front of children.”

The mayor quickly responded, essentially calling the group liars, and stating that no-one under twenty-one attended the event. To which the group responded that the advertisement for the event stated that it was for anyone fifteen years of age and above.

In my humble opinion, if no children attended the event is irrelevant. The fact remains that they could have attended an event sponsored by Democrats that enlisted a drag queen. A drag queen that then spanked the mayor of Burbank as he dutifully bent over a table to allow it.  

Is this leadership? Do responsible leaders stage events that welcome children fifteen years old to watch drag shows? Anthony was a comedian and actor for twenty years before he decided to enter local politics. He won a seat on the Burbank city council in 2020 and was elected mayor in 2022. You have to wonder what the people of Burbank were thinking when they elected this clown as mayor. Was the other candidate a mime or an ax murderer?

At a city council meeting yesterday, Anthony was told essentially to keep his personal life personal. The problem is that this wasn’t his personal life. This was an event orchestrated by Democrats.

Anthony stated that he understands the need to “step back.”

“I come from a very silly performance background. To me, what is goofy and normal to other folks seems inappropriate. That’s not their fault. That’s mine. I need to learn that line.”

Anthony is currently running for Los Angeles County Supervisor. Knowing how Californians vote, he’ll probably win, and the rotting of that city and state will continue.