Thursday, July 18, 2024

Senator Kennedy Reads Pornographic Books At Judiciary Committee Hearing


It had to be done. I’m glad that Senator Kennedy took the action that he did yesterday. Putting pornographic and sexually explicit books into both school and public libraries should be considered criminal child abuse. However, by just saying those words, or talking about the titles of these books, doesn’t present the true gravity of the situation. A person/parent hearing that there are pornographic books in their child’s library is one thing, actually hearing or reading the filth that the left is pushing on our children exposes the radicals for who they really are.

Yesterday, before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator John Kennedy read graphic, sexual content from two of the books that have been “banned” from school libraries, “All Boys Aren’t Blue” and “Genderqueer.” Both of these books appear in the top ten most challenged books of the year, with “Genderqueer” ranking number one on most, if not all lists.

Illinois Secretary of State, Alexi Giannoulias was present at the hearing to testify about the state’s anti-book ban law. The following is the exchange between Senator Kennedy and Giannoulias.


SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: “I confess I’m a little confused, and I appreciate the argument or discussion that we’ve been having. But for me, it is a little too conceptual, metaphysical, or teleological. I’m going to try to understand what you’re asking us to do. I’m going to read from two books that have been much discussed. The first one is called “All Boys Aren’t Blue” and I will quote from it.”

“I put some lube and got him on his knees and I began to slide into him from behind. I pulled out of him and kissed him while he masturbated. He asked me to turn over while he slipped a condom on himself. This was my ass! And I was struggling to imagine someone inside of me. He got on top and slowly inserted himself into me. It was the worst pain I think I ever felt in my life. Eventually, I felt a mix of pleasure with the pain.”

“The second is another much-discussed book, I’m sure you’re familiar with it, it’s called “Genderqueer.” Let me read an excerpt from that.”

“I got a new strap-on harness today, I can’t wait to put it on you. It will fit my favorite dildo perfectly; you’re going to look so hot. I can’t wait to have your cock in my mouth. I’m going to give you the blowjob of your life then I want you inside of me.”

“Now, Mr. Secretary what are you asking us to do? Are you suggesting that only librarians should decide whether the two books I just referenced should be available to kids? is that what you’re saying? Tell me what you’re saying.”

ILLINOIS SECRETARY OF STATE ALEXEI GIANNOULIAS: “First of all, with all due respect senator, the words you spoke are disturbing, especially coming out of your mouth, is very disturbing. But I will also tell you that we’re not advocating for kids to read porn… We are advocating for parents, random parents, not to have the ability under the guise of keeping kids safe to try and challenge the worldview of every single manner on this issue.”

KENNEDY: “You’re getting conceptual again… Because I want to know what you’re recommending. It sounds to me like some of you are saying the librarians should decide who gets to see that book.”

GIANNOULIAS: “I’m saying when individual parents are allowed to make that decision of where that line is then “To Kill A Mockingbird,” which involves a rape scene, should that book be pulled from our libraries? I think it becomes a slippery slope.”

I think that you will agree that the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” is not anywhere near the level of these books. That book is about injustice and racial prejudice, these two are grooming books, meant to expose young minds to all types of perversion. They have no educational or moral value; their only purpose is radical leftist exposure and confusion.

Hearing that books are sexually explicit is one thing, actually knowing the content is gut wrenching. It’s tough to read or hear as an adult, and books like this have absolutely no reason to be around children.