Saturday, July 20, 2024

Nikki Haley and the Attack of the Bush Clones

It’s only a matter of time before the unholy alliance of Deep State bureaucrats, never Trumpers and woke leftists collectively decide who they’ll back for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. As we approach the one-year mark until the election, it’s starting to become clear who is emerging as this cycle’s Jeb Bush.

And the winner is… Nikki Haley.

Haley checks all the boxes to become George Bush VI. The George Bush clones, Bob Dole, Bush Jr., John McCain and Mitt Romney, were essentially the same guy with a different face. You know the profile; a neocon who supports forever wars, tax cuts, amnesty for illegal aliens, the investment banking industry, the donor class and capitulation to leftist demands. Even though the Kemp Republicans rejected the original George Bush when he raised taxes, they have been supporting the same fundamental qualities in a candidate ever since.

That’s where Nikki Haley comes in.

You see, these hate groups truly believe that one way or another, Trump is not going to be the president of the United States ever again. In a best-case scenario, he loses support and a more moderate candidate emerges in the primaries. In fact, that’s what the whole indictment exercise is about. It’s the same playbook leftists used to rid themselves of America’s Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, when they sued him into irrelevance. However, the base didn’t respond the way they were supposed to this time, and Trump’s poll numbers skyrocketed.

However, that isn’t going to stop the hate groups. If it means they have to keep Trump off the ballot, so be it. This is currently manifesting itself through disqualification efforts in a number of states, including Arizona, New Hampshire and Michigan, where a lawsuit was filed. As absurd as it sounds, the justification for these actions hinges on a section in the 14th amendment that prohibits candidates from running for president if they staged an “insurrection.”

Are you beginning to understand why Democrats consistently called the January 6th semi-riot an insurrection? They saw an opportunity to stockpile ammunition in case Trump ran again, and they’re wheeling this political howitzer out because the indictments didn’t work.

Still, the slightly conservative leaning Supreme Court might reject such efforts, which would leave the anti-Trump forces with only one card to play if they want to keep the former president off the November ballot, and that requires finding and promoting a suitable alternative.

Anti-Trump Forces Line Up Behind Haley

Nikki Haley fits the Bush profile perfectly. Her credentials are impressive: South Carolina House of Representatives, Governor of South Carolina and United Nations Ambassador. She opposes abortion, but believes women who choose to have one should be protected. Like most neocons, Haley is a strong supporter of the war in Ukraine and uses the tired 1980s argument that if we don’t stop Putin in Ukraine today, he’ll be attacking Poland tomorrow. Her stance on immigration is classic RINO, emphasizing the importance of “fixing our broken immigration system.” This is code for amnesty for illegal aliens. She’s opposed to open borders, but so were the other Bush clones, and neither Bush 1 nor Bush 2 did much to stop it.

Naturally, Haley is in line with Kemp conservatives in their obsession with tax cuts. She favors eliminating corporate income taxes and reducing the deficit, although that’s just the same lip service the other Bush replicas gave us.

Praise for Haley

The first sign that the anti-Trump groups were lining up behind Haley came immediately after the first GOP debate, where she received high marks from all quarters. Kevin Madden, a senior advisor to the failed Romney campaign, said, “Nikki Haley had the strongest debate. She has a really strong, natural political talent with audiences, and the debate stage allowed her to showcase that.”

The Washington Post ran a headline that read, “Nikki Haley Won the GOP Debate on Brains and Experience.”

The praise from the media helped Haley raise $1 million in donations in the first 72 hours after the debate. It also resulted in a noticeable bump in popularity, with Haley moving into third place behind Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis in a late August Wall Street Journal Poll.

And the good news just keeps coming. Recent headlines are touting a new CNN poll that claims Haley is the only Republican candidate that can decisively beat Joe Biden in 2024. While the poll shows Trump beating Biden 47%-46%, and several others beating Biden by a couple points, all are within the margin of error. However, Haley trounces Biden in a head-to-head matchup, 49%-43%, well outside the margin of error.

How They Expect You’ll React

The plan is pretty obvious if you think about it. You are supposed to look at these poll results and think, “Hmmm… Even if the Democrats rig the election in key battleground states, Haley will have a big enough cushion to still win.”

That’s the single best argument the RINO-Bush clone wing of the party has, so expect to see a lot of “conservative” pundits on Fox news, CNN and MSNBC trying their best to convince you that Haley is the only one who can beat Biden. In order to avoid Defcon 1, which for the Deep State is convicting Trump of a crime and sending the general election into utter chaos, they must somehow erode Trump’s support in the polls before the primaries and hope the effect begins to snowball.

It’s looking more and more like the forces that brought you the current wonderful state of affairs in our country may have decided who our presidential candidate will be.

Four more years of George Bush? Can’t wait…