Wednesday, July 24, 2024

What if the 2024 Presidential Election is Rigged?

How will America First patriots respond if the 2024 election is rigged?

The 2024 presidential election is a little more than a year away, but the question lingers in the air like the acrid stench of an electric fire. Everyone involved politically knows it, but few are willing to talk about it publicly. Still, the longer the issue remains closeted, the less prepared we will be should it become a reality.

Weak attempts at Improving Election Integrity

It is widely agreed that six states will decide the 2024 election: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In 2020, all of these states had issues that raised serious questions about the integrity of their election process. Notably, disruptions in ballot tabulation, that in every instance, saw the lead swing from Trump to Biden when the counting resumed. Additionally, ballot stuffing, data dumps, erased EMS databases and other questionable practices plagued the 2020 election.

So, in the three years since the last cycle, what has been done to ensure 2024 will be a fair and honest election?

Not a lot…

Georgia passed a voter ID law that requires identification for absentee ballots and limits the use of drop boxes, and Arizona passed a law designed to prohibit ballot harvesting. While there was a lot of hoopla surrounding bills introduced in the various battleground state legislatures, very few ever saw the light of day.

Arizona is a perfect example. While Governor Doug Ducey touted 13 “election integrity” bills signed during the 2021 session, where Republicans controlled both the legislature and the governor’s office, most of them were superficial and process related. None of them, except for the ballot harvesting bill, actually addressed the most likely paths for voter fraud.

Instead, in that same legislative session, 13 bills that would have substantially impacted election integrity never made it out of committee. Legislation requiring inspection and certification of tabulation equipment, establishment of paper ballot standards, creation of more stringent citizenship verification standards, drop box prohibition and the mandating of forensic audits for voting and tabulation equipment never made it to the governor’s desk…

…Until 2023, when 26 voter integrity bills were passed by the Republican legislature and subsequently vetoed by woke Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs. Many of these bills were almost identical to the 2021 versions that never got out of committee.


A skeptic might wonder if the 2021 Republican legislature stonewalled those bills to avoid passage, and then sent them to the governor in 2023 knowing with certainty she would veto them. If you think about it, it’s a kind of win – win. The Republicans get to go back to their districts and tout their toughness on election integrity bills, while vilifying Hobbs for vetoing them. All of which should help raise a lot of campaign cash.

Worse, one of the battleground states, Michigan, passed legislation to make voter fraud even easier. The state codified early voting into its constitution in 2022, and that same year, voters passed an initiative that guarantees nine early voting days and mandates access to dropboxes across the state.

What Would Stop a Repeat of 2020?

The 1000-pound gorilla in the room wants to know exactly what would prevent a repeat of the type of activities that led to accusations of a rigged election in 2020? So far, answers have been far from satisfactory. If nefarious characters in the various jurisdictions with the most unusual results in the last presidential election are still manning those posts in 2024, what would stop them from tampering with ballots, initiating data dumps, erasing EMS databases, harvesting ballots and registering non-voters as they were accused of in 2024? Besides supposed “chain of custody,” I have yet to hear a viable explanation of how a sinister woke zealot couldn’t simply print up a bunch of ballots, forge signatures that will never be verified and enter them into the system. The Halderman report verifies the vulnerability of Dominion voting machines to vote switching and hacking, and if Democrat election officials can enter the tabulating system, dump votes and then leave without a forensic trail, it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t do it.

And if It Does Happen Again?

All of this leads to the point of the article. It’s hard to discern the strategy Republicans are using to address election integrity. Repeated requests for clarification from the Republican National Committee went unanswered.

Are we hoping Democrats won’t cheat in this election cycle? Do we believe pro MAGA people are covertly working on this critical issue, and it will be magically fixed in the swing states by election day? Since a lot of the alleged rigging was exposed, maybe we think Democrats won’t have the nerve to try it again? I can only speak marginally for other states, but in Arizona, nothing meaningful has been put in place to prevent another election steal, as evidenced by the debacle in the 2022 midterm.

If the Republican presidential nominee loses, but there are widespread reports of election irregularities and the same kind of head scratching voting patterns, what is Plan B? In light of the left’s very public prosecutorial persecution of anyone in a position of influence who questioned the 2020 election, who will have the courage to challenge the results in 2024? As woke leftists scream at the top of their lungs that 2024 was once again the most “secure” election in history, who will come forward and risk their life and livelihood to question the pronouncement, even as the 2020 election trials are playing out in real time?

If the 2024 election is rigged, what then?