Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Day After Trump Loses

Among Republican voters, the lack of urgency surrounding the 2024 election is very troubling. There is an air of certainty that is inexplicable based on what we’ve experienced in the last two elections. Part of this overconfidence stems from the belief that Democrats wouldn’t be desperately trying to disqualify President Trump if they weren’t afraid of losing in a landslide. More fundamentally, Republicans, and specifically MAGA supporters, find the Biden presidency to be such a disaster, they simply can’t imagine voters giving him a second term.

Yet, everything seems to be shaping up for that exact result.

There are two aspects of the current campaign cycle that need to be addressed. Namely, what has been done to mitigate the opportunities for election rigging in the three years since Trump lost, and what strategies are being employed to enhance voter turnout?

The short answer is that to the best we can tell, not much on either count.

2020 Déjà vu

In an earlier piece, I outlined the woeful efforts to address the rigged 2020 election in the battleground states. Besides Georgia’s voter ID law, and Arizona’s ballot harvesting initiative, most efforts have failed miserably. In fact, Michigan has made it even easier to cheat. All this while we’re learning more every day about how voting machines and the EMS database can be easily manipulated to change or add votes, as outlined in the Halderman report.

The polls are even more telling. In order to cheat with credibility, the election needs to be close enough for plausible deniability. For example, if the Democrats had rigged the 2020 election in Wyoming, and Merav Ben-David defeated Cynthia Lummis, the credibility of the election would have crumbled. Where Republicans enjoy double digit leads in states that are consistently red, a rigged election would be quickly exposed.

Instead, these nefarious characters focus their efforts on states where the difference in support between the two candidates is within the margin of error. We’re already being set up for a second act in the rigging drama. The latest presidential pools from Quinnipac and Harris have Biden and Trump within 1% of each other. Look at the most recent polls in the six battleground states, where political pundits generally agree the election will be decided:

*Pennsylvania: Franklin & Marshall: Biden +2

*Michigan: EPIC-MRA: Biden +1

*Arizona: Emerson: Trump +1

*Wisconsin: Marquette: Biden +9

*Georgia: Emerson: Biden +1

*Nevada: Nevada Independent: Biden +8

Are you beginning to see the problem?

If the elections in these states were rigged in 2020, what will prevent them from being rigged in 2024? Based on the polls, you have to wonder if Democrat operatives will even need to rig the Wisconsin and Nevada elections.

One would think that a look at the state and national polls would bring out a flood of America First volunteers looking to scrutinize every aspect of elections in their respective states and counties, but in 2022, the number of Democrat poll workers was 18% higher than Republicans nationally.

Republicans who want change must realize that turning out to rallies and chanting “USA” isn’t enough. Driving with Trump flags, bumper stickers and buttons doesn’t cultivate new voters. It’s the dirty work that Democrats are willing to do that wins elections. Volunteering to be a precinct captain works. Manning the phone banks and calling voters on the inactive rolls works. Harvesting ballots works.

In 2022, the Republican National Committee spent $30 million on election integrity initiatives and lawsuits. It’s fair to ask exactly what those expenditures yielded in terms of ensuring the 2024 election will be fair and honest. Questions conveyed to the RNC concerning election integrity efforts remain unanswered.

The Day After Trump Loses

Based on history and current election fraud dynamics, it’s fair to believe there is a better than even chance Joe Biden wins reelection. So, what exactly does that mean for the future?

Expect Biden to claim he has a mandate to fulfill his commitment to completing the woke leftist agenda. That will most certainly include a severe recession/depression as the nation plunges further into the Doom Spiral of ever higher deficits, inflation and interest rates. Meanwhile, expect Biden and his handlers to continue to demand much higher spending to provide more free money to illegal aliens, drug addicts and deadbeats.

A second Biden term would almost assuredly lead to at least two Supreme Court appointments, replacing Thomas and Alito, who are both in their 70s. The firewall to prevent the most radical woke leftist policies would evaporate.

The war on fossil fuels will ramp up into high gear with greater production cuts, significantly higher prices and a tightening noose that will ultimately force you to buy an electric car, pay astronomical prices for gasoline and oil or take public transportation, which is the only form of travel woke environmentalists approve of. Increasing dependence on electricity will lead to blackouts and significantly higher costs because renewable energy is unpredictable and unreliable. Experts contend that renewables will never amount to more than 10% of a developed country’s total energy use before the grid becomes unstable.

The effort to eliminate your conveniences will also intensify. In general, gas appliances cost substantially less to purchase and operate when compared to their electric counterparts. Woke zealots don’t care. They have already demanded that manufacturers discontinue the production of gas appliances, regardless of the financial burden it places on consumers. Biden’s reelection will confirm to his handlers that this is what you want, so expect a squeeze that will force you to install an electric water heater, stove, furnace and dryer.

Perhaps worse, Woke hates air conditioners. They may temporarily agree to massive, expensive units that use an inefficient, flammable refrigerant, but trust me on this, their ultimate goal is to eliminate air conditioning completely. They believe A/C is a bourgeois luxury you don’t deserve. Their solution? Swamp coolers that promote mold growth and leave you sweltering in August.

Foreign policy disasters, open borders, a digital currency, continued weaponization of the justice system… I could go on, but you get the drift. Republicans better get off their lazy derrieres, shake off the fear of the weak-kneed cosmopolitan, or in the immortal words of Al Jolson and Randy Bachman, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Get involved. Hope is not a plan of action.