Monday, December 11, 2023

Debate “Moderators?” Were Hillary Clinton And Mitt Romney Busy?

I have no desire to watch any debates this election cycle. Essentially because so far there are no candidates worth listening to, and also because the Republicans always do what they just did this week. The Republicans are a party that can’t get out of their own way. If they were in a comedy act, their shoestrings would be tied together.

On Wednesday, NBC News announced that RNC had chosen the two moderators for the November 8th debate which will be held at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami. The outcry was palpable, and it should have been, yet most were not shocked.

RNC Chairwoman Rona McDaniel issued the statement:

“I am eager to announce that the RNC has selected NBC News, Salem Radio Network, the Republican Jewish Coalition, and Rumble as our partners for the third Republican primary debate in Miami. The partners for our third debate will offer our candidates an excellent opportunity to meet the moment and contrast their plans and vision with the failures of the Biden White House.”

Or will they?

The reason that question is valid is because of the moderators that were chosen are Lester Holt and Kirsten Welker. That’s right, six head (not a forehead) Lester Holt, and renowned Trump hater Kirsten Welker, who will probably not allow any candidate to complete a sentence, far less a thought.

This is so typical of Republicans. For some unknown reason they think they must be contrite with Democrats. They believe that they show the American public that they are the bigger party by allowing Democrats to infiltrate their debates. Trust me, it doesn’t. What the American public goes away with from these leftist moderated debates is disgust. The moderators interrupt the candidates, argue with them, talk over them, and because they are so biased, no clear thoughts come across. Honestly, when I heard that they went back to the well with these two, I assumed that Hillary and Mitt Romney were busy, it was that blatantly stupid.

The five GOP candidates that have qualified for the debate stage on November 8th are former President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.

Trump will wisely once again skip this debacle, instead holding a rally in nearby Hialeah, Florida. Any other candidates that want to join the charade have until November 6th, to qualify.

Someone needs to explain to the RNC that these are the Republican debates. The idea here is to highlight and discuss topics that are relevant to their voting base. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to expand that base, which doesn’t happen when die hard leftists get to choose the topics that they want to discuss.

It shouldn’t be this hard for the GOP to learn this simple fact. The left hates everything about conservative values, so why allow the opposition to ridicule you before the election?

This is not the time to play pattycake with the left. They despise America. The Republican party needs to wake up to that very real fact and to start playing hard to win instead of playing not to lose.

Decisions like this don’t breed confidence in the RNC. It’s time to start being the windshield instead of always being the bug.