Sunday, December 10, 2023

Why did College Gameday host Satanist Lil Nas X?

College Gameday was once one of my favorite TV programs. As a college student, I used to wake up early on Saturday mornings to catch the latest edition of College Gameday. In fact, I even attended College Gameday twice during my college years.

Unfortunately, College Gameday is a program no longer worth watching. With ESPN bleeding money in recent years, the company decided to lay off a number of its on-air talent–including College Gameday mainstay Dave Pollack. Another longtime member of College Gameday–Chris “the Bear” Fallica left the show last December to start working with rival college football show Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff.

If those departures weren’t bad enough, ESPN keeps trotting out the elderly Lee Corso on College Gameday. I loved watching Coach Corso growing up, but it’s wrong for ESPN to keep using a guy who struggles to read a script.

I honestly stopped watching College Gameday in he Fall of 2020 after listening to Kirk Herbstreit cry on-air during pro-BLM diatribe.

“We have to just be better, man”. Give me a break. Herbstreit should resign from multi-million dollar gig on ESPN in the name of “inclusion”

Last Saturday, College Gameday hosted the openly satanic singer Lil Nas X on the show. Here is a Twitter clip of Lil Nas X on the show:

Why exactly was this clown on the show? Did he play football at Utah? Answer: no. Did he even attend the University of Utah? Answer: No.

College Gameday is clearing grasping for relevance at this point. So, I can’t think of any other reason to why the show would allow this guy on the show.

Back in 2021, Lil Nas X stirred up controversy for a graphic music video in which he performs inappropriate acts with someone dressed as the devil. Around that time, Nas X also sold what were called “Satan shoes”–which contained a drop of human blood.

Fortunately, most social media users criticized College Gameday for Lil Nas X’s guest appearance this past Saturday, so there at least is a silver lining in this ordeal.

While I am sad to see how far College Gameday has fallen, I hope that all Conservative college football fans stop watching this show. We don’t need to support entertainment that platforms people like Lil Nas X who openly mock Traditional Christians.

If still want to watch a college football show on Saturday mornings, then I would recommend people check out Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff show.