Sunday, December 03, 2023

Do DEI And ESG Now Rule America’s Corporate World?

Racism and slavery are uncomfortable topics to discuss. Mostly, because of the myths that still surround them. Did they exist? Absolutely, it was a dark time for our country, but it wasn’t solely an American sin. World cultures and societies were different then. When people say it was a different time, it isn’t an exaggeration, and it certainly isn’t a justification. Thought processes and limits on what was acceptable were very different then. The country grew up and thankfully times changed. Is every single thing perfect? The answer is no but talk of things like reparations are fruitless and divisive. It is illogical to expect people that have not only never owned slaves, and would never think about doing so, to pay people that were never slaves. It is also illogical to require corporations to hire an inordinate amount of minorities, when the majority of the workforce is white. That is also exclusion and should be considered illegal. Simply put, any hires made by any corporation should be based on merit and skill set, and not on skin color. What is taking place now in corporate America is unjust.  

The flat-out truth is this, being “woke” is the equivalent of being deliberately naïve, and a denier of reality.  Woke corporations have basically eliminated the hiring of whites. How discriminatory has this practice become? Well, based on statistics from Bloomberg, in 2021 Major companies added more than 320,000 jobs to their U.S. workforces and 94% of those went to people of color.

Another report at Revolver News noted that the results show the companies “have gone alarmingly anti-white and fully racist.”

In their report, Revolver claims that the agenda developed during the riots that were led by BLM. The riots were the result of George Floyd’s death who Revolver reminds everyone was:

“a career criminal and drug addict, who threatened to murder a pregnant woman while his buddies ransacked and robbed her home.”

“Corporate America responded with pledges for sweeping changes. According to this latest report, they’ve certainly made changes by actively marginalizing white people in the workforce in an alarming way. Corporate America vowed to diversify like never before. And guess what? They weren’t just blowing smoke. New data shows that the S&P 100 companies made a whopping 300,000-plus hires over the past year, with a staggering 94 percent going to people of color.”

It’s not unusual for the left to take advantage of every crisis. The expression “Never let a good crises go to waste,” is a motto that they hold close to their hearts. Just as in the case of 9-11, a tragedy that was used to eliminate many of our personal rights and subversively attack our privacy, the left used this chaos to exploit a talking point and advance their agenda.

Bloomberg explained the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires companies with 100 or more workers to report demographics. The statistics for 2020 and 2021 indicated that those companies:

“increased their U.S. workforces by 323,094 people in 2021, the first year after the Black Lives Matter protests and the most recent year for which this data exists. The overall job growth included 20,524 white workers. The other 302,570 jobs, or 94% of the headcount increase went to people of color.”

David Larcker, the director of the Corporate Governance Research Initiative at Stanford University, told Bloomberg … “Those are astounding percentages.”

Yes they are. In fact, I would use another word; frightening. Not because minorities were hired, but because of the reason they were hired. This was obviously done to simply increase the number of minorities, another name for this process is “quotas.” By making these types of hires, the corporations have shown total disregard for merit. Are we really expected to believe that there was truly that large of an increase in qualified minorities while at the same time white applicants were suddenly not qualified by those large percentages?

The report went on to explain that the hires were made at management and executive levels as well, with hires at those platforms rising at 70 companies.

Not only were minorities being ushered in, when staff reductions were made, it was whites that were being shown the door. The report stated that:

“At companies where overall employment shrank in 2021, White workers made up 68.5 percent of the losses, another 16.5 percent were Black, 9.7 percent were Hispanic and 2.3 percent were Asian.”

The Revolver report also stated this unfortunate truth and reminded us of another incident where the messenger was punished instead of those that originated the hate.

“It’s hardly a shock to see this trend unfold when you consider the climate we’re in. The current narrative gives a free pass to anti-white hate. In February, conservative “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams found himself in hot water for discussing a troubling poll. The survey revealed that 26 percent of black respondents disagreed with the statement, “It’s OK to be white.” As a result, numerous outlets severed ties with Adams, branding him as ‘racist’ for merely spotlighting this deeply concerning view held by nearly 30 percent of the black respondents.”

The United States has done more to correct racism and slavery than most countries in the world. However, while many countries around the world have made slavery illegal, there are different forms of enslavement, 167 countries still have some form of modern slavery, which affects an estimated 46 million people worldwide.

The latest Global Slavery Index, produced by human rights group Walk Free, reveals the 10 countries with the highest prevalence of modern slavery are North Korea, Eritrea, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Afghanistan, and Kuwait.

The U.S. has gone through it’s dark period. These changes are supposedly being made to increase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, but in reality they are increasing Division, Resentment and Exclusion.

The Radical left is destroying the country from the inside out by infiltrating our public schools, colleges, and our corporations.

This is an invasion from within and we must recognize it for what it is. Continuing to ignore and facilitate this attack will lead to the downfall of our nation’s future.

We must act in the present and not focus on the missteps of the past or the lies and illusions of the left’s demented agenda.