Sunday, December 03, 2023

Fingers Crossed That This Doesn’t Turn Into “Someone Should Have Seen This Coming”

How many times have we read or heard about stories where someone was injured, or worse murdered, and when looking back on the circumstances it seems obvious that something bad was going to happen. Yes, I know that hindsight is 20/20, but foresight is more important always, especially in the current social climate of semi-lawlessness. In these circumstances you almost hate to verbalize these ideas, but by making people aware of the situation, prayer and positive thoughts can block anything negative from happening.

Malika Andrews and two of her ESPN colleagues Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith have all been harassed by the same individual over the past year. The individual in question is a scum bag by the name of Ahmed Abubakar a 41-year-old that lives in New Jersy.  

Last week, Andrews took out a restraining order against this deviant. Over the summer he harassed Andrews over the phone by somehow getting her unlisted, private phone number. Then in September, Abubakar was arrested after he showed up at Qerim’s house, which is in Connecticut, he has also recently shown up at ESPN’s facility in Los Angeles and sent a threatening, vile message to Andrews.

The restraining order that a judge granted to Andrews also “protects” her fiancé (and colleague) Dave McMenamin, Stephen A. Smith, and some others. The restraining order prohibits Abubakar from being within 100 yards of anyone named in the order.

I’m certainly no expert on these things, but I do consider myself a crime buff. I have researched all types of crimes, from murders, disappearances, kidnappings, as well as unique and extreme robberies. While no expert, I can also tell you that I have seen enough cases to know that restraining orders are useless if someone really intends harm. Lets face it, a restraining order is a legal document, but it is still only a piece of paper. It only offers protection if the offender fears the legal system. If they don’t, it may as well be written on toilet paper.

In this particular case, there are several aspects of it that are particularly dangerous. One, Abubakar is obviously delusional. If you read his message to Andrews, he’s troubled in a major way. Second, he can obviously travel to anywhere he wants to. He has already been in both Connecticut and California, so movement doesn’t seem to be an issue. Lastly, He appears to have access to some amount of privileged information. He was able to obtain phone numbers and addresses which makes his profile not only dangerous, but smart and obsessive.

The worst thing that anyone can do at this point is to write Abubakar off as simply a nut case that isn’t a threat. While I pray that he isn’t dangerous, he needs to be closely monitored and all of those involved need to be on peak alert.

I don’t want this to become a “Someone should have seen this coming story.” I want this to be a story where prayer and positivity combine with diligent care and no-one is hurt and Abubakar receives the help he needs.