Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Adventures in Clown World: November 2023 edition

Hello all, and happy November. Welcome to another edition of your favorite RVIVR series: “Adventures in Clown World”. We have a lot to cover this month, so let’s dive right into this month’s edition:

1 The Air Force is anti-patriot, anti-MAGA

Earlier this month, a North Dakota Air Force base went mask off about its political bias. News sites obtained texts from the military base’s leadership in which they servicemembers to avoid a nearby political rally featuring speaker Turning Point Action COO Tyler Bowyer.

Turning Point Action is a pro-America, patriotic organization. I attended TP Action’s AtCon conference over the summer, and what these military leaders stated about TP Action is flat-out dishonest.

Turning Point Action spokesman Andrew Kolvet provided The Post Millennial with the following statement regarding this situation:

“Turning Point has become accustomed to this type of treatment on college campuses, especially in California or New York, but for an unprovoked, unsolicited, unrelated communication this absurd and unhinged to come out of a North Dakota Air Force Base should be treated like a five alarm fire in the US military,”

“America First” patriots have to recognize that military is now infected with Leftist propaganda/views. At this point, Conservatives hold little institutional power anymore, and Right-wingers must work take take over America’s fundamental institutions–from education to the military and everything else in-between.

2 Froot Loops promotes “Woke books”?

The famed cereal brand Froot Loops is not so kid-friendly anymore. This unhealthy breakfast food brand recently started offering Canadian consumers a library of digital books. Now, what are these digital books all about? The answer: “Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity”.

This “DEI” digital library offers different categories of Indoctrination–including Gender empowerment, Diverse abilities, and Cultural Diversity. What’s more, these “books” are targeted towards children when you go explore Froot Loops’s Digital Library.

While Toucan Sam may look friendly, his cereal brand is looking to inculcate Leftist values in your kids. Please avoid purchase Fruit Loops and General Mills products in the future. This company does not share your values and does not have your children’s best interests in mind.

3. The Border is an Unmitigated Disaster.

According to the Gateway Pundit, the US Border Patrol seized over 300 POUNDS of fentanyl last week in the Tuscon area. The tweet below from a US Border patrol head lists some of horrible crimes being committed at the board–from drug smuggling to human trafficking and so much more.

Only in Clown World does the government allow an invasion of its border via illegal immigration. America’s current border crisis is completely fixable, but the Biden Regime will not resolve this issue anytime soon.

American needs a leader who end America’s “Clown world”-level border crisis. At the current time, the only man who can help take America out of “Clown World” is none other than President Donald Trump.