Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Discarded Then Needed, A U.S. Military Tale

There are two quotes that apply to this story. First, the U.S. government and the U.S. Military remind us of the “Blind Leading the Blind.” Then, U.S. troops that were cast aside and now are needed are reminiscent of the C.S. Lewis quote of “Am I Lost, or Just Less Found.”

The military blindly reacted to covid, trashing the rights of the men and women that make up their ranks. Fully aware that it was unlawful to mandate any medical procedure on their troops, far less one that was virtually untested, they punished those that refused to be vaccinated.

Now, the military wants those that were unceremoniously discharged to return. However, not because they have realized their mistake and want to make it right, but to try and paint over their own liberal actions.

Since recklessly denying their own members of God given rights, the U.S. military has continued down a sad and disgusting woke path. Trying everything from transgender ads, that did nothing, but turn red blooded Americans off, to what used to be a sure-fire ad “Be All You Can Be.” Still, nothing worked, and the U.S. Army missed their recruiting goal by a whopping twenty five percent.

So, still with an attitude of arrogance, the military wants those that didn’t accept being arbitrarily poisoned to rejoin the team. To me this is the equivalent of a person in an abusive relationship being kicked out of the home and then months later the abuser wants them back. However, not because they’re sorry or want to repent, but because they need you to do something for them. In other words, “come on back, (on my terms) and let me use you again.”

The truth is obvious, the military went woke and it’s not working out. They’re still woke, even more so than they were doing covid, but the careers they ruined and the lives they shattered they now want to use as mortar to build a phony front. It’s a shame they haven’t learned a thing. Not only haven’t they learned anything, they continue to make the same mistakes and even greater mistakes today. For instance, look at the letter that they sent to those that they unceremoniously discharged.

The letter that was sent by the U.S. Department of the Army after Veterans Day, informed former service members they can now request to have their dismissal removed from their records. This would allow one to apply to return to service in the Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard.

“As part of the overall COVID mandate recession process mandated by Congress, the Army mailed the letters following Veterans Day weekend to approximately 1,900 individuals who had previously been separated for refusal to obey the mandatory COVID vaccination order,” a spokesperson from the Army’s Office of the Chief of Public Affairs told The National Desk (TND) Monday. “The letter provides information to former service members on how to request a correction of their military records.”

Well, isn’t that considerate of them? Instead of issuing a blanket correction of their military records, offering immediate reinstatement at rank for any that choose to do so, and compensatory back pay for all time missed, they want you to have to apply to have your record changed. Translation: We’re not admitting to or doing anything to help you until YOU do paperwork YOU shouldn’t have to do. Also, if you want to be reinstated you have to re-apply. Translation: More paperwork that YOU have no reason to have to deal with. Notice there is no mention of back pay in the letter. Translation: We made the mistake, but you are going to jump through OUR hoops to correct OUR mistake, and YOU won’t be compensated for US ruining your life and career.

The American military has weakened under the Biden Administration’s expansion of woke indoctrination techniques. Yet, they still refuse to do the right thing even for those that proudly served until they were discarded like trash for standing up for the rights they are fighting to protect.

Woke is Woke and Stupid is what Stupid does. In this case, the U.S. military is an example of both.