Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Four Ways the Coast Guard Got Mismanaged and Wokeified

Would you join the U.S. Coast Guard in its current woke and mismanaged condition?

According to separate findings, both published last week, the U.S. Coast Guard operates well over budget. Compared to recent years, members do their duties with slightly fewer recruits …as they chase down twice as many illegal aliens. 

As if that wasn’t burdensome enough, Washington, D.C. now lectures leaders within this military agency for not accommodating transgendered people. 

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Members of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) said in the first report that the U.S. Coast Guard’s newest cutters — the offshore Patrol Cutter and the Polar Security Cutter —cost billions of dollars over initial estimates. They have also fallen more than two years behind schedule. 

Consequently, this military branch relies on older equipment, at a cost. 

“Since 2010, the U.S. Coast Guard has invested at least $850 million to maintain the aging Medium Endurance Cutters and the Polar Star icebreaker,” the GAO said.

“The Coast Guard is investing an additional $250 million to extend the service life for six cutters and $75 million to extend the service life of the almost 50-year-old Polar Star until the delayed Offshore Patrol Cutters and Polar Security Cutters, respectively, are operational.” 

The agency has a workforce shortfall of approximately 3,500 enlisted members. In recent years, the service missed its recruiting targets, the GAO said. 

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Then there are the migrants headed to the United States not by land but by sea. This military branch interdicted more than 12,000 such migrants in 2022 and 2023. That is more than double the number they interdicted in 2021, the GAO said.

In another report released this week, the GAO faulted the agency for not reviewing and approving military service members’ gender transition requests within 90 days.

President Joe Biden, upon taking office in January 2021, issued an executive order that said the Armed Forces must accept people who are confused about their gender, the GAO said.

“As of July 2023, seven of 16 approved gender transition requests submitted from September 2021 through June 2023 surpassed the 90-day timeframe,” the GAO said.

“Approval times that surpassed 90 days ranged from 147 to 353 days.” 

The U.S. Coast Guard currently has more than 55,000 personnel. 

However many members this organization will have this time next year is, quite frankly, anybody’s guess.

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