Friday, July 12, 2024
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Yet Another DOD Screw-Up That Could Scare Off New Recruits

The Department of Defense (DOD) cares little for the living conditions of its servicemen and women but cares much about pushing climate change, transgenderism and other woke causes.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a report late last month that said thousands of service members live in military barracks below acceptable living standards.

“We observed barracks in poor condition, including some with safety risks like sewage overflow and inoperable fire systems. And some barracks don’t meet DOD requirements for privacy or amenities,” according to the GAO report.

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“DOD doesn’t have reliable information about barracks conditions, or how these conditions affect troop morale. And while DOD spends billions of dollars annually on its facilities, it’s unable to identify how much funding goes toward barracks.”

GAO officials also said they observed broken windows and inoperable fire systems.

The DOD’s assessments of those same living conditions are unreliable. 

“DOD requested about $15 billion for overall facility sustainment for fiscal year 2024 but could not identify how much of this total would be spent toward barracks,” the GAO report said.

“In addition, DOD did not know how much it spent on housing allowances for service members who would normally be required to live in barracks but did not because of insufficient space or poor living conditions.”

As reported in March, the DOD can’t accurately account for or report on its physical assets or spending.

The DOD is the only major federal agency to not achieve an unmodified (clean) audit opinion—and its business and financial systems are a key impediment to this effort, the GAO said at the time.

One DOD press release from October of last year focused not on foreign adversaries or combat strategies but instead on, of all things, climate change. DOD officials blamed climate change for creating Hurricane Ian the preceding summer.

Also that summer, DOD leadership asserted they needed taxpayer money to pay for $20 million in contingency preparedness for various climate risk scenarios. They also said they needed more than $800 million in science and technology investments. They included hybrid tactical vehicles.

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Last November, U.S. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX-21) and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) documented how President Joe Biden and members of his administration force woke ideology upon the military.

These practices, Roy and Rubio said at the time, threaten U.S. security.

The report, “Woke Warfighters,” revealed how Biden uses the military to promote Critical Race Theory, sex reassignment procedures, and drag queen story hours for children. Biden does this as he protects woke military leaders from accountability. 

“Focusing on what is different among us, rather than that which unites us, only serves to foster division and discontent among service members,” Roy and Rubio’s report said.

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