Saturday, December 09, 2023

HANSON: “Trump Revenge”

As Joe Biden’s polls plunge, his public bewilderment becomes chronic, and his exposed corruption can no longer be defended, pundits are writing furiously about the specter of “Trump revenge”. What is that, and why is it coming up now?

The Republican primary polls alarm them, but the general election polls favoring Trump over Biden utterly terrify them.

They privately concede that the crude-sounding Trump nevertheless did not weaponize the FBI, CIA, or DOJ.

The Trump-hating Pentagon, retired generals, CIA and FBI directors, the Washington FBI hierarchy—all of them knew that the fiery and bombastic Trump nevertheless did not hound out his enemies and turn these agencies and institutions into West Wing political operatives, in the way that Biden has destroyed the reputations of the DOJ and FBI.

So why the new mantra of “Trump revenge”?

Most likely, the Left is afraid because they know that if they were Trump and had suffered such weaponized lawfare from their opponents and in-house apostates, and yet had finally regained power, then they would most certainly go after their enemies with mass firings, weaponized indictments, and fake news stories.

In other words, they are scared that Trump thinks and acts like they do, and thus would do what they most certainly would do if in his place.

But for all of Trump’s loud banter, invective, and over-the-top tweets, he never sicced the bureaucracies on his political and personal enemies, and in that regard was never quite like the Left.