Saturday, December 02, 2023

“So Help Me God” Banned By State

There are some states that really struggle to get out of their own way. We all know the prime suspects, California, New York, Wisconsin, recently, Virginia and Ohio have also thrown their hats into the ring. Yet, New Jersey never falls far behind when it comes to bad decisions.

Their most recent bad one involves appeasing one person, while giving the finger to millions. Another case of bending over to a small percentage of the population while disparaging what the majority believes.

The so called “leaders” in New Jersey now have decreed that they are dropping its requirement that candidates for office sign an oath that includes the words “so help me God” in filing paperwork for their candidacy. reported that the state Division of Elections is no longer requiring candidates to sign that oath, allowing them to make “a solemn affirmation or declaration” instead.

The reason for this change will not instill confidence in the majority of Americans. James Tosone, a 70-year-old heathen who said he plans to run for Congress in 2024 as a libertarian/snowflake, got his feelings hurt. Tosone who claims to be a nontheist, a person who does not believe that there is a god or gods, said he cannot sign part of the petition including a religious oath.

Well, isn’t that too bad. Most Americans don’t trust someone that doesn’t believe in God anyway. So, you’re asking them to trust in whatever it is you’re going to make a solemn affirmation in? Like what, you’re no-belief in anything sacred?

Naturally, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), is involved. I can’t even count the number of columns that I have written where this group of anti-religion blasphemers have been involved. These people believe in nothing, except destroying other people’s beliefs.

So, understanding that, why did the division of elections fold like a cheap suit when they sued the state? There is absolutely no reason to disappoint the majority of your constituents unless you have a deep soulless need to show you are gutless.

Answer me this New Jersey, if these atheists, nontheists and whatever, have to say the words “so help me God” and it means nothing to them, why do they care about saying them? Then answer this, if Christians believe strong enough to swear in honor of something they do care about, why would you eliminate your support of that group, in favor of those that value nothing?

Every courtroom in the United States requires witnesses to swear this oath. Also, every representative of Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court, too bad some libertarian’s threat were enough to send New Jersy scurrying off to snowflake land.

Bottom line, you disgust me New Jersey. More importantly, you disgust the majority of America. Bathe in your wokeness, while the newest level of filth overtakes your ignorant state leaders.