Saturday, December 02, 2023

Homophobic Newsome Openly Lies About Tennessee Town

It’s well known that the left will do anything to advance their agenda. Lying is nothing new to them, even openly lying. Still, it’s rare when a liberal tells such a whopper that can be so easily fact checked. Little things like “details” and truth weren’t even considered by California Governor Gavin Newsome when he posted this outright falsehood on Twitter/X.

The city of Murfreesboro Tennessee updated and ordinance back in June that banned “indecent behavior.” The change prompted The New Republic, a liberal rag, to claim that the town banned public homosexuality. In fact, the headline of the piece was: “A City in Tennessee Banned Public Homosexuality—and We All Missed It.”

Newsome, then compounded the lie by posting:

“A city in Tennessee has banned being gay in public,”

“This is just the beginning. We have to call this out.”

Apparently, Newsome’s fact checkers were out to lunch, because the ordinance says nothing like that. In fact, the ordinance eliminated the term homosexuality, sighting it as inappropriate.

What the city’s ordinance does ban is “indecent behavior,” which includes “indecent exposure, public indecency, lewd behavior, nudity, or sexual conduct.”

The ordinance intends to “promote public decency, maintain family-friendly environments in public places, and protect against harm to minors from public expressions appealing to prurient interests or that are offensive to prevailing community standards.”

The problem that has all the liberals lying is that they hate civility. The town never outlawed homosexuality or considered it a crime. What the town doesn’t appreciate is when a drag queen festival invades a public park and performs lewd acts in front of children. BoroPride did just that last year, and the town wanted it to be clear that it wasn’t going to be tolerated going forward.

They’re also screaming about book banning, because they know that the ordinance would ban certain books that should not be available to children. It’s a classic case of giving an inch and having a small minority of the population trying to take a mile.

BoroPride volunteer Matt Ferry of Murfreesboro said he’s glad the council took “homosexuality” out of the ordinance.

“Of course, they only did that after the judge slapped them down and said that BoroPride must happen. “The problem is that the mayor and the city manager keep equating LGBTQ+ with actual sex predators, which couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“It’s hurting our LGBTQ+ community,” Ferry said. “It’s intimidating them. They were already afraid to come out in the open in Murfreesboro. This is going to make it worse. This is going to make them not want to live here. If Murfreesboro is truly a welcoming place, we should be embracing these folks and not trying to push them away or criminalize them.”

Please, Ferry just doesn’t like that BoroPride isn’t allowed to push filth down the throats of minors. So, he and panderers like Newsome, jump on social media and lie. The LGBTQ is a sliver of the American population, no-one cares about your distorted lifestyle, UNTIL you try to and force it onto the innocent minds of children, and down the throats of adults.

When will this community learn that they are not being intimidated, just because people find their lifestyle perverse. Our free speech is no less important than theirs, so we DON’T have to accept what you believe. No-one is trying to push a straight, normal lifestyle on you, so stop trying to force your pronouns, and perversions on us.

As far as Newsome is concerned, his tease about running for president is a joke. You ruined an entire state, in fact you made it the laughingstock of the nation. After the debacle of Joe Biden, do the nation a favor, stop wasting money on a phony, attention getting campaign and go sit down. However, while you’re sitting there twiddling your thumbs, don’t post on social media. Your verbal lies are bad enough, we don’t need you embarrassing yourself in writing.

On second thought, at the rate you lie, Liar, Liar Pants On Fire May Be In Play Here, and the thought of your trousers bursting into flames is too much to resist.

Lie on Governor, lie on.