Sunday, December 03, 2023

Never Again …. Until Now

“Never Again” is a phrase or slogan that is associated with the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides. In the context of genocide, the slogan was used by liberated prisoners at Buchenwald concentration camp to express anti-fascist sentiment. It was popularized by far-right Rabbi Meir Kahane in his 1971 eponymous book.

 There are two sayings that everyone knows concerning the word never. Oddly enough, they mean the exact opposite of each other. The expression, “Never means Never,” is self-explanatory. It’s usually said emphatically to clarify that there is no way something is ever going to happen again. The second saying “Never say Never,” means the exact opposite. It points out that nothing is absolute, so saying never is dismissing the possibility of something occurring again.

The phrase “Never Again,” to the Jewish population means something resolute. They had no hesitation using it because they had faith in humankind. They believed that the memory of the holocaust was so horrific, that in today’s educated society it couldn’t possibly happen again. They were right, until the confused stigma of radical wokeism grew into the disease that it has become.

In Los Angeles, a transgender teacher Claire Stringer, decided that instead of teaching math, she would first segregate the Jewish students, and then teach genocide.

Conservative writer and speaker, Dave Rubin, was notified by one of his fans of the incident that took place at the East Valley campus of the Citizen of the World Charter Schools.

“The teacher asked the class of first graders to identify who was Jewish and who was Palestinian,” the concerned fan told Rubin. Then the class was given a lesson on genocide, instead of the math class they were supposed to receive.  

The group Parents Defending Education is a national grassroots organization working to reclaim our schools from activists imposing harmful agendas. They discovered Stringer’s pro-Palestinian position. On her Instagram account Stringer posted this:

“I started by telling them that we weren’t gonna do math at the usual time because sometimes there are big things in the world that need our attention and we need to interrupt our usual routines to make space to learn and talk about what’s happening. Then I asked them this to prompt conversation about human needs and ‘rights. Then I asked them what they already knew about what’s happening (they knew a lot and had questions) and I drew a little map of the occupied territories of Palestine, then they organically started coming up with ideas for what could happen (my fav was a kid who was like “what if they just give the land back to Palestine and find somewhere else to live?”).

The fact that this teacher identified the Jewish children and then drew a map of what she labeled occupied territories, was a deliberate attempt to portray the Jewish children and their heritage as the evil ones. This type of indoctrination cannot be tolerated. Stringer needs to be removed and removed now. Antisemitism is rapidly rising and does not need people like Stringer breeding hatred in first grade students.

“Never Again” needs to apply to the future genocide of any group of people. It also needs to apply to Stringer’s future as a teacher of innocent minds.