Monday, December 11, 2023

Time To Stop Tolerating The Intolerance of American Patriotism

It becomes more and more obvious evey day that the left cannot be trusted about anything. Everything that they say or do is convoluted and passive aggressive. They hide everything behind a cloak of deceit and lies. However, one thing they can’t hide is their total disdain for American patriotism.

Another thing that is now glaringly obvious is their intent to poison the minds of our children. By doing so they are poisoning our future. For example, an elementary school in Redmond, Washington has now seen fit to supplant Veterans Day, a true-blue American holiday that’s sole purpose is to honor American war veterans with a United Nations sponsored International Day of Tolerance.

This is a disgusting example of how nothing is safe when radical liberals gain control. This is not an “apples to apples” swap, one has nothing to do with the other. What’s despicable is that these leftist communists would even consider taking away this day to honor vets. If the thought even entered their simple minds, they should have been institutionalized. Yet, to just toss the day aside with their revisionist history nonsense is unacceptable.

The left wants everyone to believe that they are unifiers that are constantly promoting peace and inclusion, but we all know that their real goal is the upheaval of society. By doing this they are segregating veterans, ignoring their sacrifices and once again carving a divide in another segment of society.

The Benjamin Rush Elementary School is in the Lake Washington School District. Normally, they would hold a Veteran’s Day assembly which would include the choir sing patriotic songs “This Land Is Your Land,” “It’s a Grand Old Flag” and the National Anthem. This year, they have chosen to ignore the huge debt that these brave men and women have paid with their service and instead will sing songs relating to the theme of “Tolerance, Acceptance and Kindness,” with titles such as “Live in Peace,” “Namaste,” and “Amani Utupe.”

Tolerance is nice, and if you want to celebrate it pick another nondescript day to do so, but don’t replace the day chosen to honor American veterans, especially when it is so obviously being done to influence young minds.

The argument that the school offers to defend this type of nonsense drips with leftist woke ideology. The day of tolerance was the brain child of the United Nations back in 1996. Their mantra is riddled with DEI propaganda.

“Societies are ever more diverse, but intolerance is growing in many places. The biggest crisis of forced displacement since the Second World War has spawned hatred and xenophobia against refugees and others.”

That statement is blatantly ridiculous. To claim that a war which had ended fifty years earlier was responsible for hatred and xenophobia is asinine. Not surprisingly, the cure for this manufactured malady naturally involved money and re-education, which really means brainwashing.

“Tolerance is much more than passively accepting the other. It brings obligations to act, and must be taught, nurtured and defended. Tolerance requires investment by States in people, and in the fulfilment of their full potential through education, inclusion and opportunities. This means building societies founded on respect for human rights, where fear, distrust and marginalization are supplanted by pluralism, participation and respect for differences.”

What the left is essentially trying to do is pretend that World War II didn’t happen by simply not acknowledging anything associated with it. Which means eliminating the day that celebrates those that bravely fought in it. The ignorance here is so thick it’s almost hard to imagine. These woke morons are turning their backs on the men and women that fought for their right to be the self-righteous idiots that they have become.

There’s an old adage that says don’t bite the hand that feeds you, unfortunately, these people are so blinded by wokeness that they simply don’t care who or what they hurt. This is an indignity that can’t be explained away, no matter what weak justification is offered.

Typically, parents reportedly received very little information about the event’s details, apart from announcements of the “Peace Assembly” in late October and early November 2023 newsletters. Just another example of woke radicals keeping parents in the dark until their agenda is in place.

The district spokesperson stated that the school would still teach about Veterans Day and find time to honor the heroes. This would be accomplished by:

“Watching videos about the sacrifices that veterans have made and making cards to thank veterans.”

The cards would then be delivered to the Seattle VA Medical Center to provide a. “more personal connection between students and veterans.”

Close, but no cigar. What about the grandparents of these students that planned on attending the assembly? The event should be about celebrating American heroes, PERIOD! The card idea should be done IN ADDITION to the public display of patriotism. The assembly is a big deal to the kids. It’s there that they get to perform for their families. They will sense the disappointment coming from those in attendance and much to the delight of the left, will put another brick in the wall of their agenda to teach impressionable minds that the United States has nothing to be proud of.