Monday, December 11, 2023

Republicans Must not fix the Democrat’s Biden Problem

As more damaging information is uncovered, it’s becoming increasingly clear the Biden family has engaged in activities that should disqualify every one of them from ever holding public office or interacting with anyone in government.

Besides the oily slime this kind of dark corruption coats an already corrupted political process, it’s becoming increasingly likely there were a multitude of crimes committed on Joe Biden’s path to his multi-million-dollar fortune. All while he was “serving the people.”

As we learn more about this covert business operation, a portrait emerges of a family so utterly unscrupulous, they appear to have built a financial foundation based on influence peddling, racketeering and bribery. Unlike the Trump brand, which is associated with creating iconic buildings, gold star golf courses, hit TV shows and successful retail products, the Biden’s allegedly sold access, or at least the appearance of access, to the U.S. government for the benefit of foreign companies and foreign governments.

An Unsettling Pattern of Corruption

The list of the Biden family’s suspicious activities is long and continues to grow almost daily:

Tony Bobulinski was a former Hunter Biden business associate who claims he had a meeting in 2017 with Joe Biden, related to a deal Hunter was working on with a Chinese energy company. If true, this assertion would discredit Joe Biden’s claim he was never involved in his son’s business.

At least 20 shell companies have been uncovered that were either directly or indirectly linked to the Biden family. Funds flowed into these companies from at least 20 foreign entities. The money was then distributed in smaller amounts to other family members.

Hunter and James Biden (Joe’s brother) allegedly received $4.8 million through entities connected to CEFC China Energy.

The China Energy deal also included a little over $1 million in payouts to James Gilliar, a former British Special Forces officer. Allegedly, 10% of the proceeds went to the “Big Guy,” which Gilliar and Bobulinski have identified as Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is on record admitting that he leveraged a $1 billion payout to Ukraine-based on the promise Viktor Shokin, who was investigating corruption into Burisma, a Ukraine gas company, was fired. At the time, Hunter Biden was paid  $80,000-a-month by Burisma despite having no experience or expertise in the natural gas business.

Joe Biden received a $200,000 check from James Biden on the same day he (James) received a $200,000 wire transfer from Americore, a failing hospital operator. Americore was led to believe James Biden could provide a conduit for the company to receive a large investment from a Middle East entity based on Biden’s “political connections.”

The list of these kinds of shady, complex under the table dealings is much longer than what I listed, and it’s changing daily. The point is, the noose is tightening around Joe Biden’s neck, and it’s entirely up to the Republicans in the House when it’s an appropriate time to push the box out from under the beleaguered president’s unsteady feet.

Republicans Must not Rescue the Democrats

The relentless pursuit of the truth by Representative James Comer (R-KY), coupled with the recent ascension of staunch conservative Mike Johnson (R-LA) to the House Speaker’s position, paints a bleak picture for Joe Biden as the investigation into his family’s finances moves forward. At this point, there is a sense that impeachment is a matter of when, not if. In the most recent development, the House Oversight Committee issued subpoenas for both James and Hunter Biden. It is unlikely Comer would have played that card if he wasn’t in possession of some very damning evidence that both Biden’s would have difficulty explaining.

The challenge for Republicans isn’t whether Biden should be impeached, but when. This is an opportunity for the party to abandon its self-defeating “civility” and go for the jugular. Any formal impeachment and subsequent trial must be carried out in a way that would be most damaging to leftist Democrats, and that means keeping the Biden campaign intact through the 2024 election.

Political pundits, including David Axelrod, Never Trumper Bill Kristol, and Andrew Yang, join a growing number of Democrats calling for Biden to step aside for the good of the party. At this point, their public concerns relate to low poll numbers, but privately, behind closed doors, they recognize that Biden no longer has the cognitive capacity to serve as president, and worse, the American people know it too.

 A premature impeachment by the Republicans would potentially have more negative than positive outcomes. First, it’s important to remember that even if Fox News released an authenticated video of Biden accepting a bribe, looking into the camera and saying, “I am accepting a bribe,” it wouldn’t be enough to result in a conviction in the Democrat controlled Senate. So, Biden won’t be removed or disqualified from office in that way. Impeachment might also have a galvanizing effect on woke leftists, similar to how Republican voters have rallied around Trump in light of the two fake impeachments. Most importantly, it might give Democrats the excuse they need to push Biden aside and usher in the era of Gavin Newsom.

Republicans simply can’t allow that to happen. That would be a disaster the country doesn’t need right now. Leftist Democrats must be left to twist in the wind, cringing at every public gaffe, fall, historical exaggeration, name butchery and obvious sign of advanced senility that will be in the spotlight throughout 2024.

If they can actually muster a strategy, Republicans would be well-advised to let the damning news keep dribbling out while keeping the impeachment card in their back pocket for later use. Maybe it would be prudent to play the card if Trump falls behind Biden in the polls, but most likely, the best time to fire both barrels would be in the event Biden wins a second term, especially if the Republicans hold the House and the Senate flips red in 2024.

Remember, revenge is a dish best served up cold.