Saturday, May 25, 2024
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How U.S. Postal Service Theft WILL Affect 2024 Election

In the past few months has the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) lost any of your mail?

If the answer is no, then consider yourself lucky.

Right now, this is a nationwide problem. Are incompetent U.S. Postal Service workers to blame? Is this an inside job perhaps? Are third-party criminals somehow stealing the mail? Or are all these things happening at once? 

Nearly a month ago, I renewed my auto tags online. Those tags have yet to arrive in my mailbox. Staff at my local DMV informed me last week that much of their recent outgoing mail never reached its intended destination.

A businessman informed me two weeks ago that members of his staff found thousands of pieces of mail scattered around an empty property nearby. The businessman believes that members of a nearby homeless camp somehow stole that mail. Why? They were apparently looking for checks to wash.

If you don’t know the lingo, then the U.S. Postal Inspection Service’s (USPIS’) website can fill you in.

“Check washing scams involve changing the payee names and often the dollar amounts on checks and fraudulently depositing them. Occasionally, these checks are stolen from mailboxes and washed in chemicals to remove the ink,” according to the USPIS.

“Some scammers will even use copiers or scanners to print fake copies of a check. In fact, Postal Inspectors recover more than $1 billion in counterfeit checks and money orders every year.”

This might explain why that check you mailed to a bill collector never arrived. 

This month, U.S. Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA-07) wrote Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and said more than 1,300 residents in her district have complained about U.S. Postal Service delivery problems.

This week alone, the media reported major U.S. Postal Service thefts in Austin Las VegasTallahassee, and Kent, Ohio.

The Austin-based KXAN reported that criminals in that city stole USPS master keys to unlock multiple mailboxes at once and use them to take other people’s mail. 

All this begs the following question — should the government REALLY allow people to vote by mail?

Many USPS employees overwhelmingly vote Democrat. It’s not a stretch to believe that corrupt USPS employees would steal and/or destroy mailed-in ballots from heavily Republican districts (or pad their mail pouches with fake mailed-in ballots for Democrats). 

How do we know that certain USPS employees are crooked?

As RVIVR reported in October, New Orleans postal worker Dazmon Dyer stole money and gift cards that he was supposed to deliver to someone else.

In June a Maryland USPS clerk used her position to steal thousands of dollars from other people’s mail. 

In April, a USPS worker in Georgia accepted bribes from a drug trafficker. He hand-delivered cocaine and marijuana along his mail route, on taxpayer time. That man, Robert Sheppard, 61, later had to take disability leave from the postal service. He recruited his co-workers to take over for him.

Next year is an election year. Many of us have paid dearly for nearly four years of Joe Biden. Mail-in votes last go round handed Biden the election. Many reasonable people are not altogether convinced those mail-in votes were legitimate.

Do we really want a rerun of these events in 2024?

Fix this problem and fix it fast. 

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