Saturday, May 25, 2024

Is There a Trump Operative Inside the Deep State-Leftist Movement?

As I read the news of Colorado’s Supreme Court effectively banning President Trump from the ballot, I couldn’t help but wonder where Trump’s polling numbers would be if woke leftists hadn’t embraced the ill-advised effort to prohibit him from running for President in 2024.

In the past, the radical leftists and the Deep State were mostly characterized by patience and stealth. The strategy to infiltrate and ultimately control the media, government, and academia unfolded slowly over decades. They knew that none of their ideologies and plans for authoritarian control would appeal to the American public, so they worked in the shadows, and like frogs in a pot of water set to boil, we didn’t realize what they were up to until it was nearly too late. Let’s face up: it was a brilliant plan, and for the most part, it’s been working.

That’s what makes this brazen, very public attempt to skirt the law and the Constitution so unusual and out of character. How the same people who so carefully calculated every move could play their cards so badly over the past year is almost inexplicable.

The left’s primary and most successful tactic is to hide their authoritarian ambitions behind issues with at least some degree of credibility with moderate voters. Controlling how you travel and use energy is presented as an unfortunate but necessary consequence of climate change. If you don’t give up your freedom and follow the left’s rules, the planet will die. Control over elections and sanctioned rigging is hidden behind the façade of voter rights and voter participation. The effort to control your children and turn them against each other based on melanin content is sold as racial equity. Failing to allow illegal aliens to enter the country with impunity is heartless and racist.

You get the idea.

Emboldened by their impressive string of successes, the leftists in charge apparently believed that if they hid the obvious political persecution of the leading opposition candidate behind the banner of “he’s a threat to our democracy,” apathetic Americans would shrug, nod and march in lockstep like they usually do. After all, most people are more interested in Taylor Swift’s love life than the disastrous future Joe Biden is cooking up for them.

So, in a move that would have made Hugo Chavez proud, leftists decided that if Trump wouldn’t voluntarily fade into the background, they would use strong-arm tactics to make him go away. This effort manifested itself in a series of phony lawsuits that were designed to erode Trump’s support in the polls. They reasoned that the lemmings would see Trump’s falling poll numbers and jump ship to the Republican establishment George Bush clone candidate, which in this cycle turned out to be Nikki Haley.

Yet, a funny thing happened to Trump on his way to the federal penitentiary: Every time they indicted him, his popularity went up.

The first truly relevant polls started appearing in January 2023, and according to RealClear Politics, consensus polling showed Trump with around a 14-point lead for the Republican nomination, which remained consistent through early March. However, on March 23rd, felony charges were brought against Trump in Manhattan by District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who, instead of pursuing the murderers and rapists that infest New York, decided to spend his time and resources on a hush money case involving a porn star.

Leftists imagined that this case alone would be enough to crater Trump’s support, but something unexpected happened. By April 26th, Trump’s lead had swelled from 15.1% to 26.2%

Incensed that voters had the audacity to do the opposite of what they were told, another fake lawsuit was filed by rogue prosecutor Jack Smith in June. This was the Mar-a-Lago documents case that included a midnight raid by FBI commandos just to make sure people understood how serious Trump’s “crimes” really were. Forget that Joe Biden had accumulated boxes of classified documents in his garage over decades. Of course, nothing came of that investigation. This was Trump, so naturally, it was different and far more serious. Smith filed the charges on June 9th, when Trump’s lead over his rivals stood at 30.2%. On July 28th, Smith added three new felony charges to the indictment.

On August 14th, figuring they would unload the heavy artillery to make sure Trump was buried for good, leftist Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis piled on by filing racketeering charges against Trump and 18 others for attempting to steal the 2020 election in Georgia. Apparently, Willis did not like people poking into the numerous election irregularities reported in Fulton County. Concurrently, in a second case authored by Jack Smith, a grand jury in Washington D.C. indicted Trump in early August on four charges related to the January 6th “insurrection,” claiming Trump tried to remain in power after losing the election.

The egotists at the helm of the leftist movement must have thought that stacking all these lawsuits would finally topple Trump’s candidacy. Once and for all, they reasoned, voters weighed the serious charges brought by people representing our most respected and trusted institutions…

However, much to their chagrin, the American people saw through the farce, and by August 22nd, Trump’s lead in the polls swelled to 41.1%. Finally, the left had stepped out from the murky shadows of dark politics into the cleansing light of the sun and began to expose themselves for the sinister autocrats they truly are.

Jumping the Shark

In the left’s latest attempt to decide which Republican gets to represent the party in the 2024 presidential election, the Colorado Supreme Court, composed entirely of judges appointed by Democrat governors, ruled that Trump was disqualified from appearing on the ballot because he violated an obscure section of the Fourteenth amendment. Section 3 was intended to prohibit active Confederate insurgents. who served in the civil war, from seeking federal office, but hey, if it can be twisted to use against Trump, why not?

Ultimately, I believe history will point to the Colorado Supreme Court decision as the moment the woke-leftist movement jumped the shark and began to crumble.

The absurdity and tortured logic used to justify this action is so flimsy and transparent, even some on the left are blushing. To anyone with a modicum of impartiality, there is no other explanation for this bizarre ruling except the majority on the Colorado Supreme Court hates Trump with such a passion, they will pervert the law to ensure he will not become president.

As of December 19th, Trump’s lead over his Republican opponents stands at 52.2%. Anyone want to take the under on that number looking ahead to the next batch of polls on January 1st?

Does Trump Have a Mole in the DNC?

While I am certain these lawsuits and indictments have been very stressful for President Trump and his family, frankly, the intense efforts to keep him off the ballot have proved to be extremely beneficial for his campaign. In the ultimate irony, the left’s irrational hate has given Trump the fuel he needed to secure the nomination without much of a fight, and in the process, the left exposed their true nature as immoral authoritarians.

It almost makes you wonder if there is an America First mole inside the DNC egging these people on and encouraging these bad business decisions. As carefully and deliberately as the left planned their multi-faceted attack on America’s most important institutions, it’s all unraveling as their better judgment is consumed by their blind rage.