Saturday, May 25, 2024

Not Hard to See: Israel Defense Forces Stood Down for Hours on October 7th

More truths are coming out of Israel.

A lot of us were warning about this from the jump. There’s so much more to this Israeli-Palestinian conflict than just a squabble between Tribe A and Tribe B. Tucker Carlson was one key figure warning Americans of this type of maniacal bloodlust:

The tribal mindset, the binary trap, the false dilemma. It’s what will bring World War III to the globe. We have to be more nuanced in our critical analysis of information. One beautiful reality we are realizing is that millions upon millions of Americans in fact did see right through the trap back in October. They weren’t fooled, largely because of what had just transpired and is still transpiring with Ukraine.

That said, we still have work to do in this global awakening process. The fact that General Michael Flynn is talking about Israel Defense Forces inexplicably standing down for seven hours on October 7 should not come as a surprise. We very well could have seen this coming. More on Flynn later.

This unidentified gentleman discusses the type of pattern recognition and anticipation I frequently mention in my work:

A Look Back

Rewind to October. The Israel-Gaza border has always been known as one of the most secure of its kind. The West, namely Israel and the US, boasts the best intelligence capabilities on the planet. Israel gets bombed. Israel is “stunningly” ready not just to exact vengeance on Hamas, but to displace the entire Palestinian population from Gaza as well.

No, you won’t find people like me protesting for Hamas in the streets. We are not “terrorist sympathizers” (great way to teach the word “pejorative,” though!). One can, at the same time, condemn terrorism and investigate a mountain of circumstantial evidence surrounding an attack such as this one.

Ruling our emotions is precisely what these globalist maniacs wanted in October and want every time something like this happens. They have done it for decades through Operation Mockingbird, and yet too many Americans fall for it every single time. We as a collective must learn not to allow our emotions to run us in the completely opposite direction of the truth when these types of catastrophic events occur. I’m not the smartest dude around, but at some point more Americans have to learn how to recognize the same pattern occurring over and over again and not be ruled by our primal instincts and lust for blood. Yes, we are trending upwards with our collective understanding, but the court of public opinion still needs attention if these criminals are to be brought to justice when the right time comes.

Hypersensitive reaction is precisely what our deepest enemy wants. They want world war. Read this article from October 10, just three days after the Hamas attack, if you find the time:

To the American Government: Get Out of Israel’s Way

Here is one small piece of it:

If Israel is going to retaliate the right way and not drag its citizens through years of war, lies, and money-laundering, they need to do the opposite of what the US did after 9/11. Only then will this not seem like just another false flag attack allowed in order to serve some other purpose.

Has that happened? Has Israel moved decisively and smartly?

No, we are nearing the three-month mark of the affair, and the goalpost just keeps moving on Israel’s side. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has begun plans for the relocation of Palestinians to, among other places, the United States.

I know, I know, the term being used is “voluntary migration.” I know.

“Our problem is the countries that are willing to absorb (them), and we are working on it,” Netanyahu reportedly said.

Absorb them! Sort of like the Democrats want us to absorb every immigrant from the Southern border?

Here is a second article from two days later on October 12, and a snippet of it that follows:

The Lie Is Happening Now. Let’s Not Wait (Yet Again) to Look Back to See It

This is why “I Stand with Ukraine” and “I Stand with Israel” is so very dangerous. It is artificially polarized, binary-trap thinking that practically forces someone to “pick a side,” and pick a side quickly, unless they want to be treated as a terrorist sympathizer. If such tribalism is left unmitigated by logic and reason, we might be lured into a situation where we are supporting the decisions of policymakers who have only their own benefits in mind.

Did that happen, that knee-jerk reaction to a situation the Deep State was actually controlling from both sides–both Tribe A and Tribe B?

Yes, yes it did.

Pathos dominated logos in a lot of Americans’ minds.

Yet again.

From the start of the October 7 Hamas terrorist bombing of Israel, this seemed like an inside-job, at least in terms of indirect complicity. This smelled like a rat, a dead one, smelled just like a false flag, a move by the Deep State forces inside Israel to create a casus belli–an act provoking or justifying war. In this case, it appears to be both.

They were even calling it their very own 9-11. Like they were joining some club.

In other words, yes, the Hamas terrorists are evil and deserve the most sincere of retributions. But red flags should have gone up as to how on Earth they were able to penetrate Israeli forces in the first place. It is a question Vivek Ramaswamy (R) was asking early on as well.

Said Ramaswamy on Tucker: “There’s one element of this that no one is talking about. What the hell went wrong with US and Israeli intelligence and Israeli defense that allowed this to happen? Everybody seems to be punting that as a question for later. I think it’s a question for now. Get to the bottom of what allowed this gaping hole in intelligence and defense that even allowed this to happen before feeding that beast. If a doctor told you his job was to keep you from getting cancer and you got cancer, don’t trust that same doctor to remove your tumor. Those answers have to come now. That’s not a question for later.”

My commentary on Ramaswamy’s words went as follows:

Of course, this is intelligent and valid questioning from–forget presidential candidate–a concerned US citizen. It is a conversation we should all take part in. Given the fact that truth-tellers and question-askers who have been over the target in recent years have typically been witch-hunted and discredited by the insidious government-media apparatus, Vivek’s concern should alert every American patriot to one of many pieces of circumstantial evidence in this case, to the possibility that there is much more to this story (on the Israeli government’s side) than meets the eye. Americans should, at the very least, consider it.

For instance, one cause for concern is this: Egypt alleges a report claiming that Israel ignored its repeated attempts to warn them of something “big” coming from Hamas. FromThe Times of Israel:

Mounting questions over Israel’s massive intelligence failure to anticipate and prepare for a surprise Hamas assault were compounded Monday when an Egyptian intelligence official said that Jerusalem had ignored repeated warnings that the Gaza-based terror group was planning “something big” — which included an apparent direct notice from Cairo’s intelligence minister to the prime minister.

The Egyptian official said Egypt, which often serves as a mediator between Israel and Hamas, had spoken repeatedly with the Israelis about “something big,” without elaborating….

“We have warned them an explosion of the situation is coming, and very soon, and it would be big. But they underestimated such warnings,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the content of sensitive intelligence discussions with the media, told The Associated Press.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied the claim and called it “fake news.” Israel, in opposition to the Egyptian official, claims this, reported by Reuters:

Israel concedes it was caught off guard by an attack timed to coincide with the Jewish Sabbath and a religious holiday. Hamas fighters stormed into Israeli towns, killing 700 Israelis and abducting dozens. Israel has killed more than 400 Palestinians in its retaliation on Gaza since then.

“This is our 9/11,” said Major Nir Dinar, spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Forces. “They got us.”

“They surprised us and they came fast from many spots–both from the air and the ground and the sea.”

If this indeed was Israel’s 9/11, does that include, in addition to the initial “surprise” attack, the propaganda, the lies, the twenty years of a useless traipse through Afghanistan as well? What really is the fake news here–because someone is lying. Vivek Ramaswamy is not the only frontline political figure raising questions about 9/11 (see Trump again), and now he is raising them about 10/7 and Israel as well. If somehow these Egyptian reports could be known for sure, when combined with Ramaswamy’s question, it could strongly suggest what so many of us suspect already, which is likely why Ramaswamy is raising the question in the first place. He probably knows the answer, and maybe so do we.

General Flynn Confirms

Now, General Michael Flynn, he of the seminal book on fifth generation warfare, is asserting that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) did in fact stand down for seven hours–seven hours–on that pivotal night in October. It is an investigation the Viveks and RVIVRs and Shroyers and Clandestines of the world were clamoring for from the very beginning.

“They should all be removed from their positions, pending the outcome of a major, serious investigation to determine what caused the breakdown of security on the seventh of October, because now, fast-forward to…the third month of this thing, it doesn’t look like it has any happy ending and looks like it’s going to go on and on. And we have all kinds of weapons systems being used against US forces now throughout that region. So this thing is getting really bad, and it’s because there was a decision made to have a security stand-down on the seventh of October for seven hours…. I’m telling you, folks, that wasn’t done out of happenstance. That’s not a coincidence. Somebody made that decision…, because there’s no way in the world for the security breakdown the Israelis had on that day.

Watch it and the rest of the “scandal” he warns us about below. Perhaps this latest round of trust in what the Mockingbird government-media machine is feeding us will convince even more millions of Americans of one simple fact–they lie, and they lie about everything.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.