Sunday, May 19, 2024
Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

To the American Government: Get Out of Israel’s Way

If American revivalists and truth-seekers should have learned anything over the last several years, it’s that nothing is ever as it initially appears.

The narrative will absolutely go through its share of twists and turns, some organic, some manipulated, in the immediate and future aftermath.

Another thing we should have learned is that the government and media both lie.

It is why I have waited a few days to write my first article on the Israel-Hamas War. I have a lot to say, and it will take discipline to stick to a single thesis today with still so many articles to be explored. So, reader, understand that this article is not nearly an exhaustive one.

Knowing that this story will continue to unfold, I venture inside delicately. My first thought about this war is that innocent civilians being killed is abominable, sinful, and worthy of the condemnation of man and God himself.

My second thought is another I believe everyone can share: Somehow someway, something went wrong with the ultra-sophisticated United States and Israeli intelligence and Israeli defense that allowed such a terrible terrorist attack to happen over the weekend. How is that even possible? It reminds me of 2001 when I thought the same thing about a bunch of Taliban terrorists who, apparently, were remarkably cunning enough to outwit some of the smartest people on the planet in our intelligence agencies.

That is another article for another time as well.

A third thing I know is that Joe Biden, just a few weeks ago, released six billion dollars to Iran, who funds the terrorist group Hamas, which of course attacked Israel. I also know of Obama’s Iran Deal from years ago.

One final thing I know is that the neocon warmongers have already been at it on the Mockingbird media airwaves, claiming a war against Israel is a war against the United States, which is giving Washington reason to send direct military aid and weaponry to Gaza to help destroy it, which also is giving Washington reason to introduce a “bipartisan bill” that would give two billion dollars in aid to Israel.

–Which is sliding right under so many well-meaning Americans’ noses because too many, including America-loving conservatives like I was raised to be, are still unaware of how this Mockingbird manipulation machine works, how this tug on the collective heart of the world is the emotional appeal the wolves make to rob us blind and keep us embroiled in wars that never end.

I am not a liberal nor do I align myself with the Left. These thoughts today are all about critical thinking and avoiding the blind allegiance to a “tribe,” which is how these warmongers have so often duped well-meaning conservatives–like myself years ago.

The Dangerous and Deadly Binary Trap

This tug on the world’s heart that government and media unleash can be difficult to turn away from. It’s the same manipulation, the same emotion-driven appeal that occurs when they unleash the death of their sweet grandmother on you when pushing their nefarious mask mandates and lockdowns. It’s called an appeal to pathos, an ancient Greek conception.

Pathos, or the appeal to emotion, means to persuade an audience by purposely evoking certain emotions to make them feel the way the author wants them to feel. Authors make deliberate word choices, use meaningful language, and use examples and stories that evoke emotion.

It’s a key component of Operation Mockingbird. Understanding Mockingbird and what actually happened to the Nazis after World War II will help make so much sense of all of this.

The war against Hamas is going to have public support because people simply refuse to see the pattern that has long been established, a pattern that is a long and complex appeal to logos. Unlike pathos, logos does not depend on catchy phrases and sound-bytes. It relies on factual dot-connecting, explanations, and logic–all of which take time to unpack–time many Americans simply don’t take.

We just watched billions and billions of dollars go to Ukraine over a war laced with lies and manipulation from the government-media apparatus, lies and manipulation often dripping with pathos. We just witnessed twenty years of the 9/11 aftermath where we were lingering in a forever-war in Afghanistan much longer than we needed to.

Understand I am not equating these two conflicts with the Israel-Hamas War. I am simply pointing out similar nuances that must be considered as America moves forward. After all, the government and media should not at all have our trust, and we should be watching how said nuances play out here. If they earn our trust, great.

But if those nuances play out similarly to how the two aforementioned conflicts played out, the alarm bells need to go off. It will mean Mockingbird is singing again.

If Israel is going to retaliate the right way and not drag its citizens through years of war, lies, and money-laundering, they need to do the opposite of what the US did after 9/11. Only then will this not seem like just another false flag attack allowed in order to serve some other purpose.

Only then will the nuances differ.

That “other purpose” could very well involve the pockets of US politicians, which is why it is so very important that we pay attention to where all of this money is going when they say they’re sending billions to Israel, or, more accurately–pay attention to who is refusing to tell us where this money is going. Because that’s what happened with Afghanistan and that’s what happened with Ukraine and that is what happens seemingly every time these tragedy-turned-wars occur. The American government convinces its citizenry that we have no choice but to fight the good fight, and we fall right into the trap. We thus are too easily moved by appeals to our emotions, we are sucked into a war with no real purpose, and they promise a quick end to things. At some point people just quit following somewhere early in the drama and move on to the next distraction, handing the villains victory on a platter of gold. Billions and billions of dollars later, nothing has improved in the situation or the region.

It’s been rinse and repeat for decades and decades. We absolutely have to recognize that as American patriots, no matter how angry we are with the terrorists.

Back in 2001, my lack of discipline and dearth in critical thinking positioned me to hand over my trust to the Bush war machine simply because I was raised conservative, because Bush was Republican and counter to the Gores and Clintons of the world, and, well, because somebody’s got to be the winner in this little binary trap I’ve set for myself.

I was a slave to the tribe and a lot of Americans still are. I even have to fight it. Hence my delay in writing this piece.

So I trusted Bush. And twenty years later Afghanistan was still a money-making machine for crooks in Washington before the Biden debacle in leaving the country in 2021. When something like the Hamas bombing happens, our instincts practically force us to one of two camps, an arbitrary binary that has proven incredibly manipulative and dangerous to the American people. In other words, patriots who want justice are quick to automatically think that we’re “the good guys” and the other side is “the bad guys.” It is incredibly wrong thinking, and one need only consider how he or she feels about the administrations of Obama and Biden to realize that America isn’t always on the noble path. Why would it be so if these politicians we so distrust and despise are in charge? How can we separate them from the notion of “America” when these suspicious events continue to take place?

–When it is the Obamas and Bidens of the world who are the ones who keep these terrorist organizations strong in the first place?

The Deep State is inside America. It is the component of our beloved country that has been hijacked, and it is a globalist power subverting our patriotic efforts at national sovereignty. It is the termites to the wood. It does not give one damn about where the money comes from, as long as it keeps flowing into its pockets. Public support for the Ukraine war is over. Gone is the Speaker of the House. This tragedy in Israel is just the latest event–whether the Deep State knew about it or not–that it will set its sights on to capitalize on advancing both their wallets and their nefarious New World Order schemes.

Follow the money. Go back to the Iran Deal (Obama). Go back to 9/11 (Bush). Keep watching Ukraine and see if they start covertly packaging aid to it again under the cover of Israel.

Do you see the trap? This isn’t about Republican vs Democrat. This isn’t about America/Israel vs the world. Americans–especially ones who love their country–are caught in the unenviable position of wanting to side against the Hamas terrorists but of also having to admit that both the US and Israeli governments and intelligence agencies stink to high heaven and have stunk for a long time.

Mossad is potentially linked to Epstein and Maxwell, for instance.

This is why much of the world disrespects and even hates us. “We” as a collective want to go policing the globe, but we’re not even willing to look in the mirror and police ourselves. We’re not even willing to condemn in a legal, public sphere the crimes of war and crimes against children committed by the Obamas and Bushes of our very own backyard.

We have to understand that in the eyes of the world, it is Obama and Bush that are “America” too. It isn’t just Trump and America First, and that is what so many citizens, especially well-meaning patriots, don’t think about. They fall for the binary trap of “America, good guys” vs “Anyone else that goes against us, bad guys” when a tragedy like this takes place while just two days ago they were b*tching about America going down the tubes under Biden for the thousandth time.

It is a tribalism and a conditioning we must break if we are to escape the prison we’re in.

Honesty Will Be Put to the Test

What happened in the twenty years after 9/11 should be the deterrent, not the example, for any honest country to follow. And that honesty will be put to the test for both Israel and the United States in the coming days and months. The wandering, largely unmonitored-by-the-American-public traipse through Afghanistan from 2001 to 2021 was an abomination that cost trillions of dollars and was a mass murder of thousands of American lives in what was not the decisive, swift victory Bush promised.

“The Taliban regime is coming to an end,” announced President George W. Bush at the National Museum of Women in the Arts on December 12, 2001 — almost twenty years ago today. Five months later, Bush vowed: “In the United States of America, the terrorists have chosen a foe unlike they have faced before. . . . We will stay until the mission is done.” Four years after that, in August of 2006, Bush announced: “Al Qaeda and the Taliban lost a coveted base in Afghanistan and they know they will never reclaim it when democracy succeeds.  . . . The days of the Taliban are over. The future of Afghanistan belongs to the people of Afghanistan.”

For two decades, the message Americans heard from their political and military leaders about the country’s longest war was the same. America is winning. The Taliban is on the verge of permanent obliteration. The U.S. is fortifying the Afghan security forces, which are close to being able to stand on their own and defend the government and the country.

The goalpost just kept shifting, even into the Obama administration, even into the Biden debacle of September 2021. Trump had set the whole thing up for us to exit Afghanistan (could he have exited sooner?), and blundering Joe blundered it up once and for all. Somehow (oh, we know how) the twenty-year war ended with the enemy in charge–just as it began.

One disturbing reality to admit in all of this? That the justice so many American patriots sought for those killed in the 9/11 attack never took place.

Those are the same American patriots seeking justice now.

The slow-play of the 9/11 aftermath was simply evil on a number of levels. The obvious one is the number of lives and limbs lost, but one that shockingly not as many Americans care about, and should, is the amount of money laundered to and through these forever-wars that end up right back in Washington policymakers’ pockets. All of it should make more than a conspiracy theorist wonder if that whole thing wasn’t a false flag allowed or planned by our own government to stoke fear and win public support for a money-making war machine that never ends and simply had its pitstop land in Afghanistan for twenty years.

So yes, we want justice to win the day. But if we really want that justice, we had better pay attention to how the nuances play out. Or it could be 2043 and we’ll still be dealing with this problem.

Yes, we stand with Israel. Yes, we condemn the deaths of innocent civilians and believe Israel has every right to defend the motherland. But it must do so quickly and decisively–and without interference from the US. Otherwise, if this thing plays out in a crockpot and US policymakers continue to rob Americans of its hard-earned tax dollars to support yet another never-ending war, you can rest assured that somehow someway, the Hamas attacks were just the latest round of false flags either allowed or triggered by the infiltrated component of Israel itself.

And if that is indeed the case, you better believe America was right there, “Standing with Israel” then too.

So, our government should be under a microscope. It already funds Israel and Iran (see Biden’s recent six-billion-dollar release), only to need still more money when violence breaks out. And while I don’t know if it’s true necessarily, would you be surprised if the research I’ve come across stating that the weapons left in Afghanistan and the weapons sent to Ukraine are now in–you guessed it–Hamas’ hands? It is a possibility I would not argue one bit if I found it out to be true. The pattern has always been the same.

No matter how you look at it, you and I fund world terrorism around the globe. Isn’t that a frightening and humbling thought? What’s even more frightening is that it sometimes seems we have no control over it. We work our tails off all day, only for the crooks in Washington to bleed us dry and launder it all to countries who fight and make messes. Then they rob us even more just to go clean the mess up.

The cycle is vicious. And it never. freaking. ends.

It is long past time for the American government to do things differently, to show hard-working tax payers that it means to serve them and not their own bank accounts. Yes, we stand with Israel in diplomacy, in prayer, in soft military aid, all sincere help that doesn’t break the American bank any more than Ukraine already has, that doesn’t break the American spirit any more than all of this endless war already has.

For America, America must be first. It must not get involved in an unjust war just because Israel’s retaliation may be just. That cannot be what “Stand with Israel” means. Israel can take care of itself.

The world is watching, Washington, DC. So get the hell out of the way and let Israel handle its enemy in whatever way it sees fit. If you don’t, and the coming months see billions and billions more tax dollars going to Israel without any end in sight to a war that should have ended with swift decisiveness, even more American citizens will wake up to what nefarious games you’ve been playing all these decades. And just like with 9/11, they’ll see that justice for the victims never came, and in the process, perhaps even incur God himself’s condemnation on us instead.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.