Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Mike Johnson Wrote The Foreword To My Book. CNN Absolutely Hates It.

There’s a guy by the name of Andrew Kaczynski. He operates something on CNN’s website called the K-File. Essentially, it’s Democrat opposition research dumped out onto the internet under the guise of news reporting, but it’s all superficial and stupid.

Kaczynski got his start as a staffer for a Republican congressman, but then he turned his coat and started doing what he’s doing now. Before CNN hired him, he worked at BuzzFeed. That should tell you just how intelligent and credible he is.

When you hear us mention “NPC” as a description for somebody, particularly in the media, Kaczynski should come to mind. NPC stands for “non-player character,” and it’s a meme taken from video gaming to describe people who are essentially drones incapable of real thought. That’s Kaczynski. All of his stuff is “So and so once wrote/said a thing that our cancel mob has decided is bad, and so so and so is a poopy head.”

What happens next is his “work” makes its way to Twitter and Facebook, and then a horde of fellow NPC’s show up to harass the target as a poopy head.

They don’t say poopy head. They say things like racist, homophobe, transphobe, bigot, blah blah blah. Everybody’s tired of hearing this trash, but since they don’t have anything else it’s all they do.

All of which is the pretext to what dropped this morning, to my intense personal glee, though tinged with some sympathetic regret for Mike Johnson and his staff…

As hit pieces go, this is incredibly weak sauce. Mike Johnson and I have been friends for more than a decade, we’re well aligned ideologically and we talk about a lot of the same things where it comes to what the Republican Party needs to become in the 21st century. It is entirely appropriate and unsurprising that he would have written the foreword to The Revivalist Manifesto: How Patriots Can Win The Next American Era.

I made sure to include the Amazon link, because Kaczynski neglected to.

Despite the fact that I asked him to include that link. I also asked him to include a Stripe link folks can use if you’d like to have a copy signed and shipped to you. He forgot to include that for some reason.

He also forgot to put down the proper name of the book for some reason, simply referring to it as “The Revivalist Manifesto,” which seems a little bit mean-spirited and more than a little bit unprofessional. Book titles are italicized, not put in quotations. Perhaps CNN’s budget for editors is on the wane, and/or perhaps Kaczynski isn’t all that literate.

Kaczynski also refers to me as “a local Louisiana politics blogger,” neglecting to note the fact that I’ve written a column for more than a decade at The American Spectator and I’m a twice-published author (as our readers know, given that Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obama is now out and selling quite well, thank you). That’s pretty unprofessional as well, though also unsurprising.

As for the piece, it does absolutely nothing to describe the book it incompletely names. It doesn’t discuss the main theme, which is that America is ending its third major political era and what the fourth one will look like is a wide open question. It doesn’t discuss the book’s focus on Revivalism, which is a progression from conservatism owing to the failures of 20th century conservatism.

If I were going to write an effective hit piece on Johnson based on his foreword of the book, I’d focus on the fact that The Revivalist Manifesto is a full-throated rejection of Bush Republicanism which accuses the Bush family and other “mainstream” Republicans of, among other things, being shills and traitors for China. That’s something which would have some meat on its bones.

Or I’d focus on some of the criticisms of Donald Trump in the book. There are some; the sharpest one involved Trump’s management of the COVID-19 outbreak and the endorsement of those vaccines. Given Johnson’s close relationship with Trump, that could be something of a headache were CNN to expose it – though I would argue it would be a public service if the Right were to have a real open discussion about the COVID experience and how never to repeat it.

But it doesn’t appear Kaczynski is smart enough or attentive enough to pick up on any of that stuff. Instead we get the typical superficial and stupid buzzwords you’d expect from a Buzzfeed bozo alumnus.

Like this…

…“The Revivalist Manifesto,” gives credence to unfounded conspiracy theories often embraced by the far-right – including the “Pizzagate” hoax, which falsely claimed top Democratic officials were involved in a pedophile ring, among other conspiracies.

The book also propagates baseless and inaccurate claims, implying that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was subjected to blackmail and connected to the disgraced underage sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Other sections of the book defend podcaster Joe Rogan from racism charges after it was revealed he used the N-word, which Rogan later apologized for. The book also disparages poor voters as “unsophisticated and susceptible to government dependency” and easy to manipulate with “Black Lives Matter ‘defund the police’ pandering.”

It’s a bit peculiar that Kaczynski would want to lead with Pizzagate given that John Podesta’s old buddy Slade Sohmer, editor-in-chief at The Recount, was arrested last month for raping multiple toddlers and babies. You would think that because Kaczynski’s pals at BuzzFeed had feted Sohmer for discussing his sexuality with kids, that’s a topic Kaczynski would want to leave alone. Instead he dives right in, which seems really dumb.

Then there’s this…

In his book, McKay insinuates that hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman John Podesta contained coded references hinting involvement in “child sex trafficking” because of “unexplained references” to “hot dogs and pizza,” resembling alleged code words used by pedophiles.

“The Pizzagate scandal was born, and though some of the most outlandish allegations made in it were clearly disproven, other elements were not; the whole thing just seemed to be dismissed as debunked, and no explanation was ever given,” he writes.

While McKay remains ambiguous in his book regarding the elements he asserts weren’t disproven, he explicitly writes on his public Facebook page that the conspiracy related to code words was not debunked and goes as far as labeling Podesta as a pedophile.

Despite framing conspiracy theories as inquiries in his book, McKay often openly endorses these claims on his public social media platforms.

It’s uncommonly stupid, because the book isn’t about Pizzagate. There isn’t even a chapter about Pizzagate. There’s a chapter about the 2016 election and why Trump, who nobody thought had a chance to beat Hillary Clinton, managed to win. The discussion of Pizzagate was part of a recitation of things showing how noxious Hillary Clinton was to average Americans – the Clinton emails scandal, Uranium One, the DNC email scandal, Podesta’s emails and Pizzagate and other things were also included.

CNN and BuzzFeed might not have liked the fact that lots of Americans were tuned in to those things and affected by them, but they were – and that’s why Trump found so many votes nobody thought he’d get.

The book talks about those things in the context of what the average American thought of Hillary. Not to focus on them. I’d say Kaczynski’s too stupid to understand this, but that isn’t what’s going on here. He thinks his readers are that stupid, and he thinks he can get away with lying to them.

I could go through the whole thing and show how idiotic the piece is. I might do that at The American Spectator, because this is great for book sales. But I’ll leave it at that for now.

Speaking of book sales…

AMAZON: The Revivalist Manifesto: How Patriots Can Win The Next American Era

STRIPE: The Revivalist Manifesto: How Patriots Can Win The Next American Era (for a signed copy)

And for the new book…

Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obama