Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Penalty Flag Thrown On School District Over Flag Discrimination

Before I even get into this story, let me say this, there Should be only one flag in the classrooms of American students and that is the American Flag. The idea that every group that dreams up a flag needs to be represented is a moronic idea.

Over the last several years, radical liberals have weaseled the gay pride flags into classrooms. The only reason this has happened is because the left has a warped belief system that thinks every fringe group needs to be represented. I say fringe because the actual percentage of gays, lesbians and transgenders is approximately seven percent of the U.S. population, and that may be an overstatement. This after non-stop brainwashing of the American public, specifically the youth in our schools.

Of course, the main steam media would have you believe otherwise, but it just isn’t true. The lefts biggest gains have been in forcing a larger portion of the American people to acknowledge this nonsense or be labeled as transphobic. In other words, … try to force guilt on everyone even if they rightly don’t agree with you.

A perfect example of the liberal left’s insistence that their perversions must be tolerated, or they will raise hell to get their way, is taking place in a Denver school district.

The Slaven’s School District is denying the right to have a straight pride flag displayed where a gay pride flag is already being exhibited. A Denver Public School parent is suing the district, claiming the district’s policy allowing pride flags to be displayed discriminates against students who are heterosexual and cis-gendered.  

The parent in question is Nathan Feldman. He argues that his two elementary school children who attend the K-8 Slavens School are being prohibited from exercising their freedom of speech among other allegations after failed attempts to have a “straight pride flag” displayed at school.  

The lawsuit was filed back in November of 2022. It states that in October 2022, Feldman started emailing the school questioning why pride flags were displayed beside the doors of his children’s classrooms. Feldman allegedly told his student’s teachers those flags are “not inclusive of all Slavens School students and only represent one viewpoint on the topic of sex.”  

He questioned if an identically sized flag, representing his children’s views on the same topic, could be put up on display as well. He provided an example of a “straight pride” flag, which was shown in the lawsuit.  

However, not surprisingly, according to the suit, the teachers did not respond to his request to put the flag up. This is another typical leftist response, …. Do nothing and let the problem go away. It’s a classic stall technique that they use often and in the interim they do everything they can to cement their position.

That said, Feldman, After voicing additional concerns throughout the month, the Slavens School principal allegedly issued an email to Feldman citing a district policy that supports:

 “the right of its employees to put rainbow flags or other signs of support for LGBTQIA+ students and staff.” They also informed Feldman that the displays are consistent with the district’s “equity-based curriculum.” The lawsuit alleges the principal also told Feldman that “DPS doesn’t allow for other flags.” 

The suit also names the school board, Superintendent Alex Marrero, Slavens School principal Kurt Siebold and other faculty and teachers as defendants.  

CBS News Colorado has monitored the story for weeks. They have attempted to reach Feldman and his attorneys and have yet to receive a response.

Feldman is looking for $3 million dollars in damages, claiming his children have suffered irreparable harm being deprived of their “First and 14th Amendment rights, as well as Mr. Feldman and/or his children’s federal statutory right to be free from discrimination on the basis of her viewpoint and his membership in one of more protected classes, including the protected class of sex.” 

A DPS spokesperson sent the following statement to CBS News Colorado: 

“Denver Public Schools has not been served with a lawsuit on this topic. Since we haven’t seen the lawsuit and because our practice is to not comment on possible or pending litigation, we are not able to speak about the topic.” 

Former DPS school board member Auon’tai Anderson also issued a statement in response to the lawsuit: 

“As the outgoing Vice President of the Denver School Board, I stand firm in our unwavering support for our LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and community members. The recent federal lawsuit challenging the display of Pride flags in our classrooms is not only a departure from the values we hold dear in Denver Public Schools but also appears to be a disheartening deviation from the real issues at hand. 

For years, Denver Public Schools has been a leader in inclusivity, striving to create an environment where every student, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, feels safe, respected, and valued. The display of Pride flags is a visual and symbolic representation of this commitment. It is a message to our LGBTQIA+ students that they are not alone, that their school is a place where they can be themselves without fear of discrimination or exclusion. 

It’s troubling to see this commitment being challenged in a manner that seems less about genuine concern for equitable treatment and more about a potential financial gain. This lawsuit, demanding punitive damages, suggests motivations that diverge from the interests of our student body. Moreover, the issue raised has never been a significant concern within our community until now. This sudden escalation, revolving around a symbol of inclusion and support, indicates a misunderstanding of what these flags represent. 

Pride flags do not diminish the rights or presence of other students; rather, they elevate our collective commitment to a school culture that embraces diversity and fosters empathy and understanding among all students. The suggestion that their display is equivalent to divisive or hateful symbols is a false equivalence and undermines the ongoing efforts to support marginalized communities within our schools. 

In conclusion, it is my hope that Denver Public Schools remains steadfast in its mission to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for all students. This lawsuit is a distraction from our core values and our dedication to the well-being of every member of our school community. Denver Public Schools focus must always be on creating a safe, welcoming, and affirming space for all our students, and I will continue to support our LGBTQIA+ students in every way I can.”

The thing that is soooooo leftist about this response, is all Feldman is asking for is equal representation. Even though the gay flag has NO PLACE IN ANY SCHOOL, he was only asking for the Straight Pride Flag to be displayed in addition to the gay flag since the school insists on embarrassing itself by hanging it.

The narrow minded one tract mind, of these perverted zealots is disgusting. They have no right to display their religion on the walls of schools while their preachers/social justice warriors indoctrinate our children’s minds.

Yet, they do.

This isn’t about flags, it’s about ending a social injustice that is so obviously wrong that one day soon we will be embarrassed that it ever got this far. Take down all flags except the American flag and hire actual teachers that teach real subjects, instead of interfering in the God given sexual orientation of our kids that is none of their business.