Friday, April 12, 2024
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Bill Clinton is a Sick Degenerate (and Eight Other Random Thoughts)

Random thoughts about the past seven days: 

• If Bill Clinton had been removed from office 25 years ago for lying under oath, as he rightfully should have been, then perhaps he might have learned a lesson and turned into a better human being. 

• Speaking of Bill Clinton, what’s the under/over that Hillary Clinton threw a lamp at his head this past week? 

• Is there anything liberals want that doesn’t involve raising taxes and/or restricting other people’s freedoms? Anything at all?

• Criminals/violent people/carjackers only come outside in the spring and summer months. Wintertime, however, they hibernate in the malls….and beat the hell out of each other in the food court.

• Disney announced this week that a feminist will direct the next Star Wars film and that she loves to make men uncomfortable. Disney going woke has already cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars. So, this begs the question: for Disney, is this business of losing money a tax thing? Or do leftist politics matter more to Hollywood than box office profits? 

• As it turns out, telemarketers hang up when you ask them if they’re ticklish.

• A new study from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications reveals that 3.4 percent of American journalists are Republicans. I’ve gone into great detailabout my experiences as a former newspaper reporter in corporate media. With that said, I refuse to accept that this study is valid. To say that 3.4 percent of U.S. journalists are politically conservative sounds way too high.

• Argentina’s new president says he will punish protestors by taking away their welfare benefits. In other words, not all heroes wear capes. 

• If you have the MAX app then watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace. This thing is even more weird than Tiger King.

• Whatever you do, don’t get on Tennessee State Rep. Justin Jones’ Twitter feed and (a) remind him of that time he lost his temper and threw hot coffee at three Republican state legislators (b) ask him how long before he loses his sh*t altogether and actually tries to kill somebody and (c) ask him if he has a mental health condition and/or unresolved childhood trauma that makes him behave this way. He’ll block you. All of those corporate media outlets that are trying to build him up as the next big thing and a man of peace conveniently like to overlook this guy’s volatile temper. Read more about him herehere, and here.

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