Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The DeSantis Decision Means More Troops Fighting the Real Enemy

Supporters of DeSantis simply need to take the time to lick their wounds and join the front. It hurts, yes. But there are children to save and a country to fight for.

It’s going to be Trump and was always going to be Trump. People who are concerned that he might be convicted and therefore not be eligible for the presidency are not seeing the point, in my opinion. Part of me believes that a potential aspect of the perfect outcome–or plan, even–is for him to indeed be convicted of crimes he didn’t commit so that the true power in this whole story can once and for all finally fight back together in unison.

If he isn’t convicted, the same globalist ghouls who stole 2020 and 2022 are going to steal 2024 in even more plain sight. And in that case as well, the same true power in this whole story can once and for all finally fight back together in unison.

That true power is the American people. It is happening in Europe right now with the farmers. It is happening and sort of already has happened in Argentina. It is happening in a lot of places across the world.

People are saying no to unchecked globalism.

But those globalists absolutely need America. And they are throwing all their chips in this year to keep it.

In an inevitable decision made even surer after Trump’s domination in Iowa last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that he is suspending his presidential campaign and endorsing Trump for President of the United States.

Whether it will eventually be DeSantis’s time, I don’t know. Remember there was a time when everybody loved Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) as a possible 2024 presidential candidate too. The simple fact of the matter is that it wasn’t DeSantis’s time now, and that is true only because the American public want to see what Donald Trump can do if and when he ever gets a fair shake from the government-media apparatus harassing, impeaching, and arresting him non-stop. Presumably, Trump is the one to get us through this awful stormy season while everything terrible about the system is being broken down and transformed at the same time. I’ve compared him to a wrecking ball before, and wrecking balls can sometimes get ugly. Trump is not the ultimate answer, nor was he ever meant to be. Scott McKay put it well this morning:

As DeSantis said in his post-suspension speech, the public isn’t done with Trump yet.

That’s something he could have seen had he waited on the decision whether to run. No sooner did DeSantis get in but the lawfare campaign against Trump began and that solidified public support behind the former president. And when that happened, DeSantis became the ghoul who was waiting to feed on Trump’s political corpse.

That’s an unpalatable role to have to play. And it’s very off-brand for DeSantis, who if anything is a loyal movement conservative willing to do the real work to advance an America First agenda. His value proposition is that he’s Trump 2.0; that his record in Florida indicates he can be a no-drama version of Trump who can set all of the MAGA agenda into the political firmament and effect permanent change in ways that Trump the trailblazer lacks the skill to do.

That DeSantis is Jesus and Trump is John the Baptist, to use a not-altogether-appropriate analogy.

But to be that guy, you have to wait for Trump to be finished. You can’t be the guy who finishes Trump. The act of finishing Trump, to a Trump supporter, is the act of an enemy. It’s something they’d expect from Chris Christie or Nikki Haley.

DeSantis can’t be that guy. It’s poison for his political future to be that guy.

To that I would only add that the ultimate answer is the American people–a rise in interest and attention to important things and away from the circuses. The people are the true agents of change. Trump is merely the face of it all. He has the platform and the nerve to say the things we can’t say (and more, of course!). I would add also that whether or not DeSantis is the man for 2028 remains to be seen. Who knows, it might really be the living Jesus Christ coming back again, right?

This force of nature is what DeSantis is not ready to be right now. An appealing presidential candidate? Sure, why not. The face of a movement warring against a centuries-old cabal? No, not even close.

A New Delusion in the Republican Party

Some DeSantis diehards don’t understand the nuances of all of this. To be fair, many MAGA folks don’t either. Additionally, the fact that this Bill Mitchell appears to openly hope that Trump would be convicted of any crime he didn’t commit therefore leaving the door open for DeSantis to unsuspend his campaign is disgusting at best. If he is willing to ignore all of the very non-circumstantial evidence that Trump did nothing wrong on January 6, it shows he is not in any way on the side of the American people. Like Trump or not, a conviction of him, or of any innocent citizen for that matter, will only open the floodgates for even more political persecution by the totalitarians. In truth that door is already wide open. The fact that a seemingly intelligible person like Mitchell isn’t being honest with his followers about this is sad but not surprising. We would like to invite Mitchell to join us and his man DeSantis in the world’s war against the Deep State, against child traffickers doing everything they can to destroy the closest thing to innocence and God.

Then again, maybe Bill is a gone pecan in terms of joining this revival and revolution. The following posts should tell you everything you need to know about this guy.

We hope he changes.

You also have this mentality in the DeSantis camp, which is just as narrow-minded as a Trump supporter who doesn’t know the first thing about what Trump is actually warring against–child trafficking for instance. I would shake my head just as much with someone like that, even as a Trump supporter myself, as I would this person who commented under an article of mine titled “Who Else Is Talking About Child Trafficking Like This?”

My response was an invitation to actually read the article instead of basing her comment simply on what I and everyone else already understand is a photoshopped feature photo of Trump and a child. My response was much more measured than what she got from other folks less patient with such a canned, CNN-pejorative laced comment.

“Trump media,” ma’am? Really? Who on Earth thinks the media is in the tank for Trump?

That is another article for another day–the danger of simply switching blind tribal allegiances without developing the true virtue of nuance recognition. I went through a period of this in the past when I started believing everything Newsmax and Gateway Pundit were telling us simply because it was the anti-establishment media. That lasted about a month and it is important every American consider how easy it is to slip into this. We as a critically thinking, free people must go beyond the shallow shifting of our support based on either-or reasoning, or the binary trap as I have explored in some of my work.


How MAGA and Never-Trumpers Can Finally Pull Together…

Trump’s Chilling Ongoing War Against Child Sex Trafficking

It is good that there has been so much diversity of discussion on the Republican side, how we had genuine hope on the Ramaswamy and DeSantis fronts, but it also isn’t good that we have yet to learn to support one candidate while finding the available common ground to get behind another. MAGA supporters, generally speaking, need to get this through their skulls too. The political discourse is loosening up, sure, and the American public is learning how to talk intelligently about these things, but it all still has a ways to go. Once we all realize that it is the child cash crop we all should be pulling together to stop, we will realize that Trump is the only man for the job right now. He is the only one who has proven tough and stubborn enough to take every hit they’ve sent at him. And, ultimately, that gives people reason to hope, reason to keep fighting.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.