Thursday, July 18, 2024

Politics and Potential Theater in Republican Race

White House Resident Go Brandon, for one reason or another, is not the one president-ing America.

This piece will be exploring concepts seemingly outside the box, but when one considers the fact that so many people out there believe Barack Obama is actually running the country behind the scenes, it might not be a stretch at all to consider that the good side stemming the tide against the Obamas and the Deep State in general may be pulling a few tricks out of their own sleeves as well.

Nothing should surprise you anymore, not after this blistering 2024 we have underway, not after the most breaking news today that the Arizona GOP chair tried to bribe Kari Lake from running for the Senate, and then Jeff DeWit’s allusion to being assassinated if this got out. Well, it’s out….

So no, nothing should surprise you anymore about American politics, not even the notion I will explore today that a lot of all this is fake and staged for a reason.

Scott McKay’s book Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obama, a book I have written extensively on, argues that Barack Obama is currently conducting his fourth term as American President, with Go Brandon of course as his contemptible puppet.

Obama is a puppet too, a workhorse to whatever overlords govern him. Such mafia-like complexity and depth of evil is too much to get into here, so for now it is enough to just use Obama governing in the shadows as a simpler point of conversation.

If then it is woefully obvious that Obama is running our government and is using actors to fool unsuspecting Americans, then it also must be within the realm of possibility for Trump and the US Military–the true brass, the true patriots–to be doing the same thing. It is almost certain that there is more theater going on than a first glance might indicate. If true, then the primary objective of this shadow war from the patriots’ point of view is to wake up the people and make them realize what fight and determination we have to bring in order to keep the totalitarian maniacs from ever doing this to us again.


I’m Reviewing McKay’s Book Right Now, And It’s Good

Do Americans Know About the Theory of Devolution? If So, What a Time to Be Alive… (Sept 2023, on the notion of “continuity of government”)

In other words, none of this is about Trump or DeSantis, not in the strictest sense as supporters in both camps sometimes make it. It isn’t about any individual politician for that matter. In the theater theory, individual politicians, not to mention the interactions between them, are caricatures, symbols, of greater truths the American people must learn. This is all about the people of this nation having to stop depending on politicians to save the day for them, to stop ignoring the fact that we spend entirely too much time on our pleasures and circuses, to break the mass psychosis that media and the entertainment industry have put us under for decades.

I don’t believe Obama is running the country completely unhinged and unchecked. If that were the case, America would be gone already. Something or someone is putting a check on that here and there, just enough to stem the onslaught. If you look closely enough, you’ll see those victories adding up ever so steadily.

The whole sixteen-year plan was for Hillary to follow up Obama’s eight years with the final nail in America’s coffin. They never thought she would lose. And they’ve been playing catch up and trying to destroy Trump ever since.

It doesn’t always look like it because of so many (seemingly) lost battles, but I believe we are winning the war.

Look at it this way too: if the Jeffrey Epsteins and Hugh Hefners of the world have been secretly blackmailing politicians and celebrities all these years, is it out of the question that, to combat it, the good guys, or the white hats as they’re called in some circles, are pulling some strings and deploying their own actors as well?

I believe they are. I just don’t know and never will know if the actors are truly good or are only being used to show a point. And that point is the messaging the players bring. Pay attention to the messaging, the clash of narratives, without getting bogged down in the specifics of actual stories that surface, and you’ll see what I mean. There are trends at play and at war that are entirely too coincidental to be, well, coincidence.

Seeming Orchestration

If this is indeed a shadow war, there have to be secrets on both sides. There is a tidal wave of evidence and anomalies for any number of theories that go beyond the surface. And because that exists, I believe there needs to be space carved out for it in respected political discourse. Whether this be wrong-thinking or not, it needs to move out of the chatrooms and into the national conversation where the viability of topics like Epstein and celebrity pedophilia are now acceptable whereas not that long ago they weren’t.

I once wrote a piece saying that Ron DeSantis was not in touch with the voice of the American people, that he didn’t have his finger on the pulse. On the surface according to what he presented to listeners in real life and in real time, I believe that still. It wouldn’t have mattered if he had connected better with Americans, of course, as the people in this country are wanting to see Donald Trump through to whatever finish line he hasn’t gotten to yet. It is something both I and publisher Scott McKay explored in complementary pieces this past Monday; I invite you to read both.

To take this story in a bit more of a conspiratorial direction–and I do it because of how unbelievably orchestrated this entire plot is playing out, whether it be the Epstein saga or the presidential race or the January 6th evidence or everything in between–I don’t think it is out of the question to wonder if DeSantis has been a pawn on the chessboard this entire time, being used by either white hats or black hats in this shadow war for their own purposes.

Much of everything we are witnessing may very well be staged. Why, you ask? In order to show–not just tell–the American people how degenerate its government, media, and entertainment industry are and have been for so long. Why is this important? Because as I have asserted many times in my work, as Trump himself alluded to at his inauguration, in order for this country to truly change, the people have to fight for it. It won’t be just one man in the White House. And the only way we can decide to truly change is if we live this nightmare for ourselves. Any parent knows the simple psychology of this: sometimes you can’t tell your child anything; they have to experience the lesson for themselves.

That this nightmare may very well get much worse in 2024 is likely, and we have 2020 as proof of how loony things can get. Despite the fact that so many more millions of Americans are more awake than they were four years ago, still not enough are where the country needs them to be in terms of the court of public opinion. Even in the face of so much criminality, deception, and mind-manipulation from an enemy that clearly wants to destroy us and the soul of this nation, there are still people who have no idea who Jeffrey Epstein is.

There are some nice people who choose to keep their head in the sand because they are too far behind or because it all is too overwhelming for them. This is information warfare, after all. It is a nuclear collision of lies, delusions, half-truths, full truths, deceptions, and everything in between. It is hard seeing the forest from the trees most of the time.

Perspective from on high is what I believe some of these theories I’m tossing around today offer best. It helps us understand fake public squabbles between Trump and Elon Musk and may help us note that the public squabble between Trump and DeSantis may have been theater as well.

DeSantis’s public challenge of Trump, real or concocted, had RINOs and Democrats alike doing somersaults thinking someone might, just might, eliminate the Deep State’s most formidable enemy in Orange Man Bad.

But for the world the whole time it felt like Trump-Musk Part Deux. There is a certain outrageousness to some of this stuff that indicates it’s not real, that indeed, it is a part of the show attempting to wake the American people up to something.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what the specifics are. All that matters is that DeSantis just spent months siphoning RINO finances into a doomed campaign that could have been someone else’s to spend. They dropped untold sums of money into a campaign and a faux-Trump cause that was never, never, going to work. The American people still believe Trump 1.0 never got a fair shake; they certainly were not going to trust the swamp with Trump 2.0, as he was called in some circles. All of that money, all of those resources, just plummeted into the abyss, poof gone, with DeSantis’s announcement on Sunday.

Those out simply to destroy Trump were fools. They were desperate fools. They overplayed their hand with DeSantis, and now all of America has seen it. So many of them supported DeSantis less out of support for him and more out of vicious hate for Trump–a repeat exhibit of how Democrats have treated him and his supporters since 2015. This small piece of the plot revealed a layer of evil the American people needed to see and not just be told, the type of small piece that has been surfacing more and more if you’ll just find the faith to notice it. It is why so many people are recognizing the decades-long pattern and multifaceted nature of evil in this country. Desperation breeds mistakes, and they have been making them increasingly obvious.

The Republican Race As Theater

It was always always always going to be Trump. He is not just any candidate. He was and is the face of a movement. No one else was going to suffice for the American people pissed off now for decades about government and media and finally able to stake their claim to who they feel is a representative of their angst. That is why his rough edges on social media worked and still work–they speak directly to the rebel spirit, to the jilted soul, of a people who don’t know they are enslaved but feel it somehow every time they’re lied to on a screen and every time they look at all their hard-earned money going all over the planet to fund never-ending and never-successful wars.

Or when they see the Supreme Court rule in favor of a corrupt federal government over the state of Texas just trying to guard itself against foreign invasion.

And as I explored in a more traditional Monday article on DeSantis and Trump, if that face of a movement is convicted of a crime the people know he didn’t commit, or if they steal yet another election when the people are watching more in earnest this time, there will be more than a revival. There will be a revolution that not even Antifa or BLM or the goons in the establishment media can stop. That doesn’t have to mean bloodshed. But it will mean the court of public opinion will finally tip enough to say enough is enough. Enough Americans will finally realize who and what the true enemy is:

All of these people are trafficking children. That is why they must take Trump out one way or another. That is why they must convince you that child trafficking is nothing more than far-right conspiracy theory.

This war is in the shadows, and it is following the tenants of an ancient text called The Art of War. In this type of war, one Americans are not accustomed to because of our penchant for speed, patience and long-suffering are paramount but so often non-existent. All we need is truth and numbers to win–but that takes time because of the mass psychosis we are having to disentangle. Trump, for all his flaws and seeming failures in office, has been the lightning rod both awakening the good guys seeking justice for these criminals and wrecking the criminals themselves with a panic about what is coming.

Last week McKay wrote a piece called “DeSantis Must Stay in the Race,” an apt analysis on why DeSantis, while he could never top Trump, must stick it out in order to destroy Nikki Haley politically. In principle I agreed with him, and because I agreed in principle, I believe even DeSantis’s exit will do exactly what McKay was saying.

To me, this is less about DeSantis and more about the court of public opinion destroying what Haley represents–which is so many things anti-Republic. With Ramaswamy and DeSantis out of the picture, both having provided some measure of historical, political, and psychological understanding to the American public, it is onto the third major nexus of the public’s education.

And presumably after her, the show will start spotlighting the loons on the Left. This is where the discussion about who the Democrats’ nominee is will take place. That should be tons of fun.

For now, though, Americans are still waking up through the process of what they are seeing play out on the Republican side.

Nikki Haley‘s campaign has already been showing everything it needs to show to the American voter. Now it will just be accelerated with DeSantis gone and on Trump’s side. She is erroneously pretending (unless she is an actor as well) that she is in any way on the same level as Trump or that she understands at all what this new American revolution is all about. She has no chance in this race, not if all things are even at the polls. And if they’re not even, you better believe that this time the people will see it, because they will have witnessed Trump’s trial in the spring and the evidence presented there. While we should expect continued foul play from the Deep State, we should also expect it to be obvious enough for enough Americans to recognize it.

That has been the pattern for quite some time now, again, from Epstein to January 6th to this election season and everything in between. Recognition of patterns is the key.

Whether she is an actor in this shadow war or a real representation of a Democrat plant inside the Republican Party (or something else entirely), whether she is with Team Obama or Team US Military (or simply Team Nikki), the bottom line is, like the other candidates who have come and gone, they are all providing, in some way, shape, or form, and whether legitimately or on a stage, a foil to Trump. They are providing a certain contrast to him that people are, either consciously or subconsciously, responding to. We are recognizing the “smooth-talking Obama” America fell in love with through Vivek Ramaswamy. We are recognizing the “Bush Republican good ol’ boy” we fell in love with through Ron DeSantis–and a state governor to boot. And now, through Haley, we will get even more of a glimpse of the “best woman for the job and proponent of American wars” type, which was once supposed to be Hillary Clinton.

We never fell in love with her.

Obviously I am not making equal Ramaswamy and Obama or Bush and DeSantis. Remember, we are talking caricatures, symbols, here. If Ramaswamy and DeSantis are in fact white hats, I think it points to their part on a stage even more. Through Americans’ rejection of them, they are exhibiting the country’s evolution from a time when it fell for the Obamas and Bushes of the world.

Or maybe all the elections were rigged back then too.

Americans had to go through this campaign season and these last nine years overall to see what trash we’ve fawned over in the past, how we’ve been duped, how our country was on the precipice of destruction because of it.

Ultimately, regardless of how long the latest foil to Trump stays in the race, even though she just got trounced in New Hampshire, we are nearing a time when all of us who are fighting for truth and the freedom to worship–whether we agree on the little nuances of the story or not–can devote all of our energy and attention against the Left, against the swamp, against the cabal, against the Deep State, against whatever term is being used to represent the Luciferian enemy warring against this country, against this world, against our souls. There will come a time soon when we all will realize that we must pool our own emotional and spiritual resources, go beyond typical politics, and move into the realm of war against the globalists. They are attacking us with bioweapons, trafficking and torturing our children, waging never-ending fake wars all over the globe with our hard-earned resources, and lying about it all behind a complicit media filled with compromised players. At some point, as this musician so aptly says, we as Americans have to fight for freedom if indeed freedom is what we want:

“Where’s the line in the sand? When is it enough? When will people have had enough?… We’re allowing a very small handful of people to destroy this country without us being behind them at all…. Only We the People can stop what’s happening right now. It’s up to us….”

“Donald Trump is just one man. He’s just the tip of the spear. He’s just the one that’s willing to put everything he’s worked so hard for his whole life on the line for some good things to happen….

“Everybody thinks we’re all just blind Donald Trump supporters. Nah, we’re awake Americans. That’s what we are.”

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.