Friday, April 12, 2024

Who Else Is Talking About Child Trafficking Like This?

Pretty much no one, is the answer. Maybe a few legislators here and there. Maybe a little lip service to appease those crazy conspiracy theorists. But nothing to the degree it should be talked about.

Except Donald Trump. And he’s been doing it for years and years and years, even back to when no one was listening.

An enormous tell was provided a couple of weeks ago when the Jeffrey Epstein story came back into focus, if only for a little while. It was a tell because of how vicious the establishment’s attacks on Trump have been for almost nine years now, and how very un-vicious the establishment’s attacks were on anyone discussed in those court documents–including Trump for a brief second before his name was recanted, brought back up, recanted, eh…I couldn’t keep track.

That little peek the Epstein narrative made in early January would be a tell at a poker table. It was the latest exposure of an eternally important story that has seen the light of day before through quick punches like Sound of Freedom, Balenciaga, Target, Disney, Ghislaine Maxwell (when it wasn’t covered up by the all-important Depp-Heard case!), Out of Shadows, and of course the initial wave of Epstein knowledge that broke to varying degrees in 2019 and 2020.


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If Trump were truly associated with Epstein in a nefarious way, we all would know it, and we all know who would be letting us know about it. But with this one, they won’t even try to lie. And the reason they only flirted with Trump’s name being linked to Epstein is because any attention on Trump with this one, like they’re trying to do with all of these other concocted assaults on him, would also bring attention to the very people they’ve been protecting all these years, the true child torturers–and that includes themselves.

The following screenshot illustrates the general spirit of the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media. They weren’t defending the children, notice. They were slinging yet more insults at “far-right conspiracy theorists.”

These people are sick. More evil than you can imagine.

If you go back to some similar articles from a few or even several years ago, you’ll see that it’s the same message over and over again. Deflection from the true problem. But the tell is that they’ve had to adjust their talking points ever so slightly over the years to account for the new influx of information dribbling to the general public. The Overton Window (a great concept to understand) is shifting in the good guys’ favor. There was once upon a time when Mockingbird media would have told you it was out of the question for any of this stuff to be real. You are seeing them admit, ever so slowly, the truth. This is what pathological liars do, my friends. More of us must take the time and make the investment to see it. If we recognize it in our exes, then we must be sharp enough to recognize it in government, media, and the entertainment industry.

On the other hand, you have Trump, who, as empirical evidence shows, has been fighting child trafficking since even before his presidency. He was not asked a single question by Fox News’ Brett Baier (think early call in the 2020 election) and Martha MacCallum at the town hall in Iowa a couple of weeks ago. That town hall took place right in the middle of the Epstein court documents story.

Not a single question?

Now contrast that and the above establishment media headlines with this video from New Hampshire where he spoke earlier this week.

Why would you hate so viciously a man who fights child trafficking more than any other president ever has? Think about that.

Unless he’s taking the whole evil cabal down on top of himself as well, Donald Trump is fighting the war of all wars–child trafficking is the cabal’s product of choice to keep their globalist, Satanic system in place. Too many people still don’t understand that what happens to those children is a spiritual thing as much as it is a political thing that, through mass blackmail, keeps only certain people in power, and raises only certain people to celebrity status.

We are slaves to that system. Small timers like me and much bigger ones are trying to get more people not to just wake up, but to actually make an investment in the most vulnerable among us. Imagine if it were your child, your toddler, your baby.

God so often speaks to us, teaches us, in contrasts, and if you pay attention you can learn a lot about what exactly is going on behind the scenes, not by knowing every little detail about a story, but by monitoring the intensity placed on certain people and topics and seeing how long it takes for a story to come and go in the establishment media’s (and therefore American people’s, historically) consciousness. If you’re running a powerful blackmail operation using child-torture trafficking, wouldn’t the first people you’d aim to control be the very outlets who have control over the public court of opinion? Wouldn’t you compromise as many media players as you could so that the people never hear a single damning word about compromised politicians and celebrities?

So that all the people ever see is the sick propaganda I presented above?

Think logically. Connect the children to Covid and the death jab. All the dots connect. All the nefarious players are compromised and parrot the same talking points over and over again.

And they keep attacking one single man above all the others.

One fascinating thing about this tragedy is that there were two entities talking about this long before it even came close to the national consciousness. Take a look at this Google Trends graphic showing how ahead of the curve Trump and Q were on this ever-emerging reality.

One of the biggest differences between 2024 and 2020 is that a huge swath of Americans have noticed it. They’ve latched on to the pattern after seeing it enough over the last four years and are now realizing that this is proof of what they’ve always know in and of itself.

Americans are becoming poker players.

This is one thing I mean when I say we as a people and government must go past typical politics, at least for now. The war is different. It goes beyond the actual cards. It’s an information war of narratives, and the patterns and tells associated with the absence of information is just as important as the little peeks the information makes themselves.

Follow the cards but follow the tells even more. Specific actuals and general narratives.

It’s why you have people being called conspiracy theorists–it’s to shame them and shut them up. This is why people love Donald Trump. He isn’t just a regular candidate. He is the face of a movement that has long been tired of having its voice silenced by those in power. He is the voice of a movement that could never speak up for itself. And it is why We the People must get behind him as this trial and election season looms. Like his personality or not, he is fighting for the most vulnerable and innocent among us, the ones closest to God’s own heart. And no one else is.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.