Sunday, April 21, 2024

As Opposition to the Latest Ukraine Aid Package Grows, the Russian Boogeyman Strikes Again

While the dramatic Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin logged 200+ million views on X, it still feels like there should be a lot more people talking about it. Naturally, the leftist media has done its best to downplay Putin’s explosive claims, which badly damaged the neocon’s portrayal of the Russian president as some terminally ill madman looking to attack France and Great Britain.

In a recent piece, I highlighted the most compelling claims Putin made during Carlson’s interview, including his request for NATO membership, an initiative to develop a multinational missile defense network, and the CIA’s destabilizing activities in Georgia and Ukraine. To date, none of the assertions have been addressed. Maybe if Special Prosecutor Robert Hurr hadn’t released his damning report on senile Joe Biden on the same day as Carlson’s interview, there might be some media pressure applied to Bill Clinton, George Bush, Condoleezza Rice and others to explain why they pushed Russia away at a time when it was at its most vulnerable and malleable.

Imagine a world where Russia joined NATO in 2000 and the EU shortly thereafter. What did isolating Putin and shunning his overtures accomplish besides a lot of weapons contracts for Raytheon and Boeing? You think we’re better off with this mess?

Perhaps most interesting is Carlson’s continuation of the Russia story after the original interview. For example, he posted a stunning video of the Kiyevskaya Metro subway station in Moscow. While the station is over 70 years old; it is in remarkable condition. I personally have never witnessed such elegance in a train station. Tile frescos adorn the wall, polished to a shine. Elegant chandeliers hang over the platform, which is free of debris, vermin and decrepit bums. The people entering and leaving the trains look healthy, happy, and their clothing is modern, stylish and new.

Carlson asks a provocative question: How can a country that we are told is on the doorstep of economic ruin operate a transportation system that is cleaner, safer and significantly more attractive than any station in a major city in the United States?

Carlson continues his brutal destruction of the U.S. media narrative on Russia by posting another video of himself shopping in a Moscow supermarket. The store appears to be clean, modern and well-stocked. I imagine many older Americans watching the vid will recall images from Soviet era Russia where grocery store shelves were barren, and the Russian people went hungry.

Moy anymore. In fact, Carlson bought about $400 worth of groceries for $104 in Russia…

The Russian Boogeyman Returns

Despite the effort to dampen Carlson’s revelations, enough of his stuff is getting through to the American people that voices opposing the Ukraine war are growing louder. This is most evident in the difficulty that neocon Democrats and Republicans are having in the effort to pass a $95 billion aid bill to give more borrowed money to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Apparently, $60 billion is earmarked for the quagmire in Ukraine, while the rest is divvied up between Taiwan and Israel.

The aid package passed the Senate on a vote of 70-29, with 22 Republicans supporting the bill. However, its future is much murkier in the House, where Speaker Mike Johnson has insisted that the bill must also address border security.

At a critical juncture, the bill has stalled, so…. as luck would have it, a chilling statement from the Chairman of the House intelligence committee was released Wednesday that warned of a “serious national security threat.” The document did not reveal what country was behind the threat.

But… Raise your hand if you immediately knew that whoever it was, they would speak Russian.

As the story evolved, we learned that the threat centered around a supposed Russian effort to put nuclear weapons into space. The resulting hysteria continued to boil until it was clarified that these nukes were anti-satellite weapons, not bombs that would be raining down on Los Angeles and Chicago. Later, the threat was further downgraded to “serious” but not an “immediate crisis.”

Still, the damage was done. A lot of people walked away with the impression that Putin was intent on putting nukes in space. Obviously, a madman looking to weaponize space must be stopped at all costs, right?

As expected, Russia dismissed the U.S. warning and characterized it as a “malicious fabrication.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed the accusation was a ruse designed to pressure reluctant House members to pass the Ukraine aid bill.

It is obvious that the White House is trying, by hook or by crook, to encourage Congress to vote on a bill to allocate money; this is obvious. We’ll see what tricks the White House will use.

When asked about nuclear weapons space deployment, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said this:

 We have seen these reports. This is part of a trend that has been there for a decade, with the Americans making up malicious stories and ascribing to us some actions and intentions that they don’t like.

In working with them, we keep telling them that groundless allegations of any kind will get no reaction from us. If they make some claims, they should at least provide evidence. So we’ll see how things will unfold in this regard. So far, we are just monitoring what is being said there on the matter, that is, the official versions.

What do you think? Does Ryabkov’s request sound unreasonable? If there is evidence, let the House Intelligence Committee declassify it so we can all see the proof.

Neocons are Losing the PR War

The Carlson interview with Putin, and his subsequent reports from Moscow, continue to poke more holes in an already leaky dam. On the one hand, we have leftist neocons (no, it’s no longer an oxymoron) telling us that the reason we need to keep pissing borrowed money away on Ukraine is because Putin is a madman who will invade Poland next if he wins in Ukraine.

On the other hand, we have mass corruption in Ukraine, while the United States continues to spend money it doesn’t have on a war Ukraine Is destined to lose because they’re running our of people capable of fighting.

American boots on the ground anyone?

After watching Putin’s detailed description of the historical origins of nationalities and ethnicities in Eurasia, the framing of “good versus evil” as it relates to Ukraine becomes murkier. Why did the U.S. government continue to prod the bear until it lashed out instead of cultivating a workable relationship with a country that has the largest nuclear stockpile?

Are we to believe a government that repeatedly told us how Donald J. Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election when they knew it was false? How do they answer for the foreign policy disaster they created when Trump was unable to do business with Putin because of a fake narrative?

But this time they’re telling us the truth?

Everything related to the Ukraine war stinks to high heaven. It appears to be a largely avoidable conflict that was welcomed in some quarters of the U.S. for reasons that require deep and thorough investigation. Who in the United States has made money from the war? We need to know.

In the meantime, watch Carlson’s videos on life in Russia and compare that to what Slow Joe Biden told you would happen when he imposed “crushing sanctions,” which have only succeeded in dethroning the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

I get the sinking feeling we’ve been had yet again.