Sunday, April 21, 2024

Mass layoffs from the Regime Media

If you haven’t heard, the news industry is in complete disarray. Last month, many of the large Mainstream (“Fake news”) media companies have started laying off large portions of their newsrooms.

Notable pro-Regime outlets such as New York Times, CNN, NPR, NBC, Vox, and others laid off many of their news reporters. Hundreds of journalists lost their jobs.

These layoffs did not come out of nowhere. Notable leftwing news companies were already struggling in 2023. Vice media filed for bankruptcy, and Buzzfeed News completely shut down–laying off the entire staff.

Before the recent lay-offs, journalism was already a low-growth industry in recent year. We all know that newspapers have gone the way of the dinosaur. Once prominent left-wing newspapers no longer dominate the media landscape as they once did 30, 40 years ago. Now, independent journalists, bloggers, and social media users/aggregators have replaced the predominantly left-wing news reporting industry. The emergence of Twitter/X and Substack are two specific platforms who have aided the rise of independent journalism.

Now, I am not a journalist by trade. Writing is just a passion project of mine, so I do not have an inside scoop on the decline of journalism and the newspaper industry.

If you do want a first-hand account of the long-term issues that plagued the newspaper industry, then check our RVIVR writer Warhammer’s recent article in The Hayride. Writing is not my primary occupation, so I think it’s useful to hear from someone like Warhammer who has first-hand experience in the industry.

Politics-wise, political commentator Scott Greer made some useful observations about the political implications of the journalism layoffs in a recent Substack article. Greer commented that fewer Left-wing journalists will likely help President Trump’s odds of winning the 2024 presidential election–mainly because it will be harder to whip up “Trump Derangement Syndrome” among the voting electorate.

Overall, the recent layoffs in the “Fake News” journalist industry are a promising development for the “America First” movement.