Friday, April 12, 2024

Biden Is Lying To Us About How The Russia-Ukraine Conflict Is Going

Mark Twain once famously said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”  

No two events are ever exactly the same, but patterns of behavior and tendencies are easily seen throughout much history. Often the best way to understand historical tensions, is too look at the recent behavior of leaders and countries in similar conflicts.

The Biden administration and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky are no longer getting multibillion-dollar blank checks since the Republicans took control of the House in January of 2023. The previous Democratic leadership approved any and all requests from the current administration without basic oversight; the new Republican leadership has correctly demanded that the enormous requests for aid by the current administration, the latest of which totals nearly $60 billion, be accounted for.

A key factor in that accountability is an accurate scorecard for what our money is producing. Unfortunately, the political and corporate media establishment in the US has not been telling the truth to the American public about Zelensky and the current state of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine for some time.

The story being spun on networks such as MSNBC and CNN is very different than the reality on the ground. Ukraine’s recent counter offensive failed badly, the country was unable to recapture any major or important territory. Russia has now recently taken control of the strategic city of Avdiivka just last week. This recent development fits firmly within the backdrop of the current reality.

Russia is firing three times as many shells per day as Ukraine is, according to US Defense officials, and while both sides are thought to have suffered losses of over a hundred thousand, Russia has a population of 143.1 million, while the population of Ukraine is nearly 44 million. Putin has proven himself to be violent and ruthless – the best example of that is how Putin’s Russian military acquitted itself against breakaway Republics such as Chechnya in the 1990s – but there are also credible reports of malfeasance at the highest levels of the Ukrainian government.

Seymour Hersh, who has won multiple Pulitzer prizes, has reported massive corruption by Zelensky and other Ukrainian elites. Hersh said that some CIA analysts put the amount of likely embezzled funds at around $400 million.  A recent Estonian Defense official also stated Russia is producing seven times as much ammunition as the West.

The fact is that Ukraine cannot win this year, and the only reason why the US and European establishment want Congress to approve another massive aid package to the struggling nation is because the West wants to try to remove Putin from power. Putin has already given up on trying to replace Zelensky, but the West has kept Zelensky from negotiating a peace agreement with Putin, and now Biden wants to give more money to what is clearly a failed cause.

The same leaders in the Biden administration who now proclaim their dedication to Ukraine’s cause said and did nothing when they were in power in 2014. That was when Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed the strategically important Crimean peninsula. Current Secretary of State Antony Blinken was an assistant Secretary of State in the Obama administration, and Biden was obviously Vice President then, and neither said or did anything when Russia invaded its neighbor less than a decade ago. Biden was also playing a key role in the US’s foreign policy at that time; what he did other than leverage that role to funnel graft through his son is an interesting question.

This is why Republicans are right to side with the American people, the majority of whom now oppose further aid to Zelensky and Ukraine. Zelensky is not in danger of being overthrown anymore, and there is no evidence that the $60 billion the current administration is asking for would have any significant impact in change the tide of the current conflict.

The prudent course of action would be to negotiate a settlement of the war. It’s been the prudent course of action for two years. Why isn’t it happening?

The most obvious explanation, outside of the theory that Ukraine is a colossal money laundry for the military-industrial complex and the swamp of non-profits and “aid organizations” connected to various American and European politicians, is that the West is simply using Zelensky and Ukraine to try to get rid of Putin. By now it’s obvious that won’t be happening; what isn’t at all obvious is if that dream should ever be realized, what would follow Putin would be any better. The odds are that the Russians, who blame America for more than a hundred thousand of their sons dead, would choose someone even more hard-line and ruthless than their current leader.

China remains the biggest threat to US national security, and American resources would be better spent focusing more pressing challenges, such as securing the border at home as well. It’s time we got the truth from the Biden administration and that the Ukraine war be brought to the most honorable end possible.