Sunday, April 21, 2024

VIDEO: The Ron Coleman Podcast

Ron Coleman is a buddy of mine – and he should be. Coleman and I met last month online through mutual acquaintances – namely, that the people who handle the Spectacle Podcast that Melissa Mackenzie and I do each week also run Ron’s podcast. It wasn’t long, particularly given that I was making the circuit promoting Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obama, before they put us together.

Ron is a conservative luminary if ever there was one. He’s a well-known commercial litigator, a law partner of the famous Harmeet Dhillon, and an outspoken figure both on social media and his Coleman Nation Podcast. You might have seen him also somewhere on TV, where he’s a frequent talking head.

As Donald Trump would say, Ron is a hell of a guy. And a few days back he was kind enough to have me on the podcast to talk about Racism, Revenge and Ruin, the Biden-Obama cabal running the country and the effect they’ve had on politics past and present.

It was a great interview, I thought. But check it out for yourself below…