Friday, April 19, 2024

Google’s AI Descends From An Historical “White Out” To Apocalyptic Misgendering

Google’s newly updated version of their AI technology called Gemini is off to a very auspicious start. Before it was unceremoniously shut down just days after it’s release, the platform was unwilling to generate any images of white people. Google’s AI tool’s interesting “white out” of history was first reported by the Babylon Bee’s news site, Not the Bee.

Users on social platforms reported that no matter how specific a request was entered, the woke standards built into the system of diversity, equity and inclusion, refused to allow white images to be produced. For instance, one user’s request for a picture of a pope resulted in an Indian woman and an African man in papal garb, while an attempt to retrieve images of an American woman returned only pictures of black women.

Then, after receiving a picture of a group of black women, one user asked Gemini to generate a picture of a group of white women, and was given this unbelievably woke response:

 “I am unable to fulfill requests that are discriminatory or promote the exclusion or marginalization of specific groups of people.”

Jonathon Pageau tried to inform the AI of the historical inaccuracy of generating ancient Roman couples who are white and African, but multiple attempts only resulted in continuing to receive inaccurate kinds of pictures.

One user attempted to defend the system and downplay Pageau’s concerns, writing:

“Hiya Jonathan! Actual AI expert here who has worked with this kind of technology for the last 7 years. I think you are ascribing too much intention to this situation. Models like this are not built to generate material in a historically accurate (or accurate in general) way.”

— Ryan Callihan (@_ryancallihan) February 21, 2024

Well, Ryan actual AI expert, it seems that the programming of this type of AI platform can be discriminatory in very specific ways when a racist bigot is placed in charge of its handling. In this case, Jack Krawczyk, a top Google executive is responsible for the “absurdly woke” AI chatbot Gemini, and has come under fire after allegedly declaring in past tweets that:

“white privilege is f*cking real” and America is rife with “egregious racism. Don’t be an a**hole and act guilty about it, do your part in recognizing bias at all levels of egregious.”

By Thursday afternoon, Krawczyk had set his X account to private and scrubbed any mention of Google or his role at the company from his account bio. Fortunately, some were able to be saved and circulated before Krawczyk ran away and hid.

Still, eliminating all whites from history wasn’t the only problem that was exposed in Gemini. It has now been shown to be unable to distinguish between the most basic and even absurd moral equivalents. When asked if the only way to prevent a nuclear holocaust was by the misgendering of Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender who was formerly known as Olympic Gold medalist Bruce Jenner, and starting a devastating nuclear war, Gemini stated that no, misgendering was wrong. So, in Gemini’s rationale, even if the only way to prevent a nuclear war was to misgender one person, the platform remained firmly stuck in woke mode in its reasoning.

A senior Google executive has reached out to Elon Musk on more than one occasion. In a posting on X, Musk indicated that he was alarmed because of the intricacies and intertwining of the AI’s involvement in all of Google’s products and YouTube. He wrote that he doubted that Google’s woke bureaucratic blob would “allow” him to fix it. Unless those who caused this are exited from Google, nothing will change, except to make the bias less obvious and more pernicious.

Musk’s concerns should heighten everyone’s apprehension. At this time, Gemini’s programming is so obviously woke that it has been easily spotted. I mean really, only black, and brown Nazis. Still, going forward its influences will become more subtle, and much more dangerous. It’s always the enemy that you can’t see that does the most damage. Especially when you’re dealing with impressionable minds.

In the future days and months, Google will apologize, grovel, deny, and deflect. All the responses that the left excels at. Their intentions are obvious and the fact that they gave cart blanche to a racist, demented bigot like Krawczyk speaks the truth about what they want to achieve.

When people hear the words suppression and censorship, their immediate reaction is usually negative. That reaction comes from living in a Christian nation where right and wrong, for the most part had hard lines of demarcation.

In today’s world, hardly anything is allowed to be that simply separated. It isn’t that right and wrong are any different, in fact for the most part they are exactly the same. However, when you have Supreme Court Judges testifying before Congress that they can’t define a woman, … things have obviously changed.

When I was growing up there were no cell phones, no internet and therefore no Google, Facebook, Instagram, Etc. I know, I know, to several generations that seems incredibly primitive. Yet, it wasn’t. We talked to people face to face. The things that influenced our opinions were things that we could see and touch. We may have been technologically behind current times, but we were socially way ahead of where we are now.

Has the average American ever realized that they have no control over platforms like Google? That platforms like Google in an era of extreme wokeness, need to be scrutinized for radical leftist ideas that can and will poison the American Public?

Google’s Gemini is a dangerous platform operated by bigoted and dangerous people. The very ground we walk on going forward will only become more treacherous. At all costs, stay vigilant.

One definition of woke, is putting the public to sleep.