Sunday, April 14, 2024

Invasion Nation: The Plot to Destroy America From Within

America, when will enough be enough?

The southern border crisis is not happening as a friendly reminder of neighborly love. It’s an in-your-face reminder of the dangers of willful ignorance.

 It is astonishing to witness this country so divided in spirit over its own protection and well-being.

Complacency kills. No one can argue with that. It gives the enemy an advantage like no other, allowing adversaries to scheme and plot and execute subversive strategies right in front of our faces.

This is a very dangerous precipice for America to be entertaining.

Those who are sounding the alarm are not doing so out of fear of a cultural shift due to tipping scales of demographics in this country. No. America has been the melting pot of the world for far too long for that. This is recognition of the emergence of patterns that indicate something much larger and more sinister at play.

We’re not talking about merely swinging the vote, although there is plenty indication for it being a component of the oppositions’ plans.

This is about destroying America. It’s happening quietly, yet violently and completely, from the inside out, while scapegoating a failed immigration system and its too many “gotaways.”

That alone should raise the hair on the neck of every citizen in this country.

Let’s look at some facts:

In September ‘23’, the House Committee on Homeland Security released a startling fact sheet for the fiscal year that stated multiple alarming statistics:

  • Since President Biden took office, there have been 7.5 million encounters nationwide and 6.2 million encounters at the Southwest border, in addition to 1.7 million known gotaways who evaded U.S. Border Patrol.
  • CBP has arrested 35,433 aliens with criminal convictions or outstanding warrants nationwide, including 598 known gang members, 178 of those being MS-13 members.
  •  At the SW border in September 2023, CBP encountered 132,017 single adults, 123,815 family unit individuals, and 13,771 unaccompanied children along the Southwest border.
  • In FY2023, 169 individuals whose names appear on the terrorist watchlist were stopped trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border between ports of entry. 18 were apprehended in September alone.
  • FY2023 represents a 72% increase from FY2022 for apprehensions of individuals on the terrorist watchlist and is the most on record.

According to Pew Research Center, 2023 ended with record encounters at the Southern border:

The U.S. Border Patrol had nearly 250,000 encounters with migrants crossing into the United States from Mexico in December 2023, according to government statistics. That was the highest monthly total on record, easily eclipsing the previous peak of about 224,000 encounters in May 2022.

If these statistics were any more obvious, they’d be a slap in the face.

Aside from these unsettling facts, there is another trend emerging through the immigration crisis that demonstrates the fruit of the psychological war games that mainstream narratives play, maximizing the divisive potential of this abhorrent negligence of our nation’s safety: the good old divide and conquer strategy through voluntary subversion.

Why blatantly destroy the citizenry when if the powers that be make the right moves, we’ll do it for them?

Our nation’s citizens are struggling every which way to Sunday under the Biden regime, but the worst part, is that many don’t even see the division they’ve succumbed to.

America, when was the last time you extended the grace of unconditional acceptance, love, support, and willingness to sacrifice for your own vulnerable populations? When was the last time you stepped forward with open generosity for the veteran, for the domestic violence survivor, for the orphan, for the destitute or homeless, or the elderly woman down the street who has no one to check on her?

Yes, these are stressful times for everyone, and we are often so caught up in our own survival that many in need in our own communities, go without.

Yet, here we are, strategically strongarmed into unconditional generosity with America’s resources for the sake of strangers. We are literally denying our own the same while they’re down and in need, only to trample across their broken lives to virtue signal unconditional support for those who would seek to destroy us.

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

I’m all for loving your enemy, it’s what we’re called to do, but we are not called to be stupid.

Has America truly fallen so far from grace that she tramples her own vulnerable to proclaim love for her enemies?

Well then, Biden’s strategy worked. Congratulations.

Our country is in full-swing devolution mode, and far too many are still okay with that.

There are no words for this tragedy. We might as well have our moment of silence for America now, because the largest Trojan horse of treachery in the history of mankind…has entered our kingdom because you opened the gate.

This is not a game. This is the future of our lives, our children’s lives, our grandchildren’s lives, and many generations of American lives to come after that.

This is the most egregious, intentionally orchestrated critical mass moment in the history of our nation, and still, many continue to refuse to acknowledge the gravity of it.

What happens next will determine the course of history.

What will you do, America?

Will you continue down the path of allowing freedom’s destruction by subversion, or will you take a stand with your fellow citizens in solidarity to say, “NO MORE”?

Critical thinking is a gift, but just like a muscle, it must be used to get strong. Not informed. Used. That’s where we slip up. Because of the endless amounts of information that we’re pummeled with daily, we often don’t even realize we aren’t thinking for ourselves.

When was the last time you read 5 different perspectives or articles on the same topic and came to your own conclusions? Or are we too busy watching CNN and Fox News? That explains a lot.

This is the propaganda trap, creating split dichotomies that give the false pretense of choice, at the expense of truth and the benefit of a few. One story has no balance. Two stories start to even the scales. Three stories begin to reveal biases. Four stories give clues about which way an issue is leaning. Five stories? Five stories might be a decent start to a critical-thinking-based opinion.

The interesting thing is, the more stories we read regarding the same topic, the more evident threads of truth become. Then, suddenly, you start connecting dots and you begin seeing a macro view of patterns emerging, which lead to probability theories, and sometimes terrifying realizations.

Funny how that rabbit hole idea works. In the famous words of Sherlock Holmes:

My journey took me somewhat further down the rabbit-hole than I’d intended and, though I dirtied my fluffy white tail, I’ve emerged enlightened.

America, you have millions of truth hounds who have done the research and the work for you, and many of you still refuse to listen.

For this reason, our nation is on the precipice of destruction from within, and your government is mocking your lack of awareness and leveraging it as a weapon formed against you that you cannot see.

If you don’t read enough, start. If you don’t journal, start; because the words you write and the dots you connect about the events that are unfolding, will be the words that build future history books.

Truth matters. Make yours count.

What story will you choose to write? The story of liberty and justice for all, or the story of demise where our freedom is stripped entirely for the benefit of an elite faction that doesn’t care about any of us?

I choose freedom.

What will you choose, America?


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